Part II – Compare and contrasting Mainstream and Ethnic Newspapers

Sarina Landron


I reviewed the newspapers, El Diario La Prensa, The New York Times, and Irish Echo. El Diario La Prensa is a Hispanic newspaper published in New York, El Diario La Prensa focuses more on Hispanics news and how they are affecting the Hispanic community. Their main topics are “eleciones NY, Reforma MIgratoria ,caso Rubenstein, crime,nuestros barrios, ISIS,Beisbol Playoffs, Ebola and”. In the English language the topics are, New York elections, the case of Rubenstein, crime, our communities, ISIS, baseball playoffs, Ebola and immigration reform. El Diario La Prensa covers how Hispanics are an essensial part of the election and how they can make a difference if they vote. With headlines such as “Elecciones primarias determinarán influencia latina en Albany” and” Dan empujón final para registrar votantes hispanos en NYC”. Shows that El Diario La Prensa is encouraging Hispanics to vote on the upcoming elections and how they are working towards making Hispanics vote in order to make a difference in their communities. El Diario La prensa also has an entire section of their newspaper dedicated to immigration. Most of the information is about the immigration reform and how Latinos are do not believe president Obama can help the dreamers to successfully get an immigration reform. El Diario focuses more on local news even though they do have a section of international news but is mostly based on international news about Mexico. Also their sport section is mostly about baseball and the playoffs, they do talk about soccer and other sports but they do not really write as much information as they do about baseball. El Diario La Prensa also has entertainment news that are usually about Hispanics artist and musicians, furthermore it puts emphasis on ISIS and their threats to the United States, there is a whole section of the newspaper just dedicated to ISIS.

El Diario La Prensa has more empathis on local news,sports,entreteiment, and immigration. El Diario has some bias opinion about immigration, their articles are usually about immigration reforms and how this situation is affecting the Hispanic community, and how president Obama is not helping the Hispanic community. I was not able to find one article against immigration reform therefore I think that El Diario La Prensa is bias when it comes to immigration. They also have a section that talks about Ebola, In that section they inform the reader about recent cases of Ebola in the United States and the precautions that the country and specially new York city are taking in order to prevent this disease from speeding. “LAX no implementará medidas de seguridad para detección del ébola”, “Nueva York está preparada para el ébola”. These two article are an example on what was mention above. Despite the fact that  this newspaper focuses more on local news than international news, the international news are usually about Mexico which can make people from other countries feel untreatable to this newspaper because it is supposed to be for Hispanics in general not for an specific group of people. Therefore El Diario La Prena does a good job at informing about local news but when it comes to international news I think they should write not only about what is happening in Mexico but also around the world.


Moreover The New York Times focuses on international news as well as local news. They have different sections which include World, U.S,  Politics,  New York,  Business,  Opinion, Technology,  Science, Health,  Sports,  Arts,  Style,  Dining,  Home,  Travel,  Magazine, and  Real Estate. The New York Times does not only talks about local crimes but also international crime and how they affecting New York City and other parts of the world. Also comparing the sport section of the New York Times to the sport section in El Diario we can see a big difference. In the New York Times we can find statistics and news from college football to tennis, golf basketball and hockey which gives the opportunity to any reader from any ethnic group to find information about their sport team very easy. Also the local news section are very broad they talk about crimes, entreteiment,politics art, techonology ect. These articles show the diversity in local news that the New York Times has to offer. “Policy Change Could Benefit New York’s Landlords and Tenants”, “Lincoln Center Turns to Solar Power to Provide Some of Its Bright Light”,”A Hip-Swiveling Workout That’s Steamy in Every Way”. The New York Times international section is very rich and diverse, we can find news about any country in the world that we can imagine, unlike El Diario La Prensa The New York times does not focuses on a specific country or ethic group, this newspaper can be read by anyone because it has a wide variety of international news. For example “Turkey Seeks Buffer Against Syria, Worrying Washington”,” U.S. Quietly Fights Chinese Plan for a Rival to World Bank”and “A Rising Tide of Cubans Flees to Florida”. These articles shows that The New York Times does not focuses on one country of ethnic group they inform about what is happening around the world. Despite all this information I was not able to find an article about the immigration reform which is a hot topic in the now a days, also Hispanics are not likely mention in the New York Times. The New York Times empathizes in actual news, international and local as well has sports, science ect, this newspaper is not big on entertainment most of their articles and sections are about politics,science,sport and business. Unlike El Diario La Prensa,  . The New York Times is a more broad newspaper that can be read by anyone from any cultural background.


Lastly I will review that emphases in local Irish news and international news. Just like the New York Times and El Diario La Prensa, has sections such as politics, business, sports world news ect. I will describe as the Iris New York Times because just like the New York Times, does not only target Irish but also people that are trying to look for information on what is happening worldwide. In this newspaper you can find articles just about any country for example. “North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ‘flees after attempted coup by sister”, “Carnage as two suicide bombs kill 70 in Yemen” and “Syrian Kurds on hunger strike over detention by Turkish forces” these articles are an example that just like the New York Times, is very informative when it comes to international news. Also they have a sport section that has soccer, golf horse racing ect, the sport section is different from the one in El Diario La Prensa and The New York Times because the sports information that are available are not sports are as popular in the United States therefore it is kind of difficult for baseball fan to get information about their favorite sport team. This newspaper focuses more on soccer they have the score of every division and the majority of their articles are about soccer. just like El Diario La Prensa entertainment section and both newspapers write about celebrities, musicians ect.

In conclusion El Diario La Prensa, The New York Times and have things in common and things they can improve and learn for each other. For example I think that The New York Times and have a lot in common, they have a section of their newspaper that focuses on local and national news and another section that focuses on international news, they do not focused on one ethnic unlike El Diario La Prensa. Despite the fact that El Diario La Prensa has some international news they are usually related to Mexico, while The New York Times and have a larger target audience from every part of the world. Furthermore I think that The New York Times does a better job in the sport section because it provides the public with statistical information about several sports and has a wide variety of them, also has this but they are more focused on soccer than other sports, while El Diario La Prensa mostly has baseball statistics and news. Furthermore I think The New York Times does not have enough information about Hispanics and the immigration reform in the United States especially in NYC, on the other hand El Diario La Prensa had too much information about this topic and I found their articles to be bias because the majority were about the positive things of the immigration reform and as a reader I would also like to know the negative effects. Overall I think that El Diario La Prensa, The New York Times and emphasizes on local news as well national and international news, sports, entrainment, politics, business ect but I think that The New York Times has more information about several topics and is less bias than other newspapers.



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  1. Hi Sarina,

    Really great concise post! I especially liked how you wanted to see less bias in the newspaper and more of a balanced type of journalism.

    Simone Burton

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