Advertisement Assignment #2

For this paper reviewed. The New York Times, El Diario and The Daily News. Advertisement is a very important part of a newspaper because it has the capacity to get to millions of people within just a couple of hours. Newspapers usually have sections that advertises certain products and services. There are cooperate sections that usually include big business such as cellphone provider companies, automobile companies and big fast food restaurants. The New York Times is a big example of this. The New York Times usually advertises big corporations. On the other hand El Diario advertises things such as small business, jobs, hand reading, and product related to the Hispanic community, the advertisement are in Spanish in order to target a certain ethic group, while The New York Times is more broad and targets a larger group of people but it most likely targets “wealthy” Americans. The New York Times presents corporate advertisements such as expensive automobiles such as BMW, Range Rovers, Mercedes ect, it also has telecommunication companies such as Verizon,Sprint, T-mobile advertising their cellphones, as well as fancy restaurants in New York City. The New York Time also advertises new movies as well as Broadway shows such as “The Lion King”. The advertisements seem to target not only for people who live in New York but also tourist because it advertises places such as central park, and local attractions that tourist are more likely to visit. I also noticed that when they advertise a product they usually write it as news, for example they advertised the “Apple Watch” but wrote an article about how this product is revolutionary and how is going to change the way we use watches “How Will Apple’s ‘Smart Watch’ Affect the Industry?” is an example of the articles The New York Times uses to advertise products. The New York Times also advertises tourism outside the United States “Culebra, a Quiet Corner of the Caribbean”. This shows that the New York Times is mostly targeted to wealthy Americans who can afford a vacation, luxury cars and restaurants ect. Moreover The New York Times advertisements are not translated to another language they are in English. Usually in the classified section people do not sell goods and the jobs being offered are mostly for college graduates.

El Diario targets Hispanics living in New York City, the newspaper and advertisements are in Spanish. El Diario advertises local car dealers, small business, local jobs, hand reading, and product related to the Hispanic community such as Goya. The newspaper advertises things such as horoscopes and people who know how to read the future, hands, cars ect. They are a lot of advertisements of people who perform jobs such as repairing houses, painting and gardening. Moreover El Diario has advertisements of people who want to rent a room or are renting rooms. Just like The New York Times,El Diario also has advertisements about telecommunications companies such as T-Mobile,Sprint,Verizon and MetroPCS. In addition El Diario also advertises traveling to different countries such as, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Panama ect. Unlike the New York Times, El Diario does has people selling goods locally. Both The New York Times and El Diario promote tourism to other countries and promote companies such as T-Mobile and Verizon but El Diario targets Hispanics of the working class while The New York Times targets wealthy Americans.


The Daily News is very similar to El Diario with the difference that the advertisements are in English. The Daily News targets people who live in New York City with things such as real state, car dealers, local jobs, hand reading, local supermarkets ect. The Daily News just like The New York Times and El Diario also advertises telecommunication companies but The Daily News is more local. It offers jobs such as, barbers, cooks, cleaning ect. The Daily News just like El Diario has a lot of car dealers and real state advertisements and people selling goods. El Diario and The Daily News are very similar they have more local advertisements and seems to target Hispanics living in the community. The Daily news also has horoscopes and hand reading. One could argue that The Daily News and El Diario have a lot of things in common but the only difference is that The Daily News is not translated.

Overall the three newspapers try to get to as many people as they can, some like The New York Times targets people who are in a better socio-economic position and advertises more luxuries products and their job offers are more likely for college graduates. The New York Times is not as local as El Diario and The Daily News but it does offer some options for people who live in New York but it is broader and less bias than the other two newspapers. Moreover El Diario targets Hispanics and the newspaper is in Spanish in order to get to more people within the Hispanic community. the classifies usually offer lower paying jobs compare to The New York Times and are more local. We can see people buying and selling goods, as well as small business offering their services, the cars being advertise are not as expensive as the ones in the New York Times. El Diario and The Daily News usually advertise their products or services in a very direct way, for example Goya uses pictures of their products and T-Mobile can have a page of their phones and prices and they use this pictures as their advertisement technique, but The New York Times usually writes and articles and explains the offers that T-Mobile has and how it is better than the rest of the companies. I think that The New York Times does a better job at advertising products and services because they do not only put a picture of the product but they actually describe the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the product, giving the customer the opportunity to see what people are actually saying about the product and see if it is worth it. The New York Times is also broader many people can relate to it, while El Diario only targets the Hispanic Community.,El Diario and The Daily News seem to advertise similar products and services event though The Daily News is in English they both offer the same type of jobs, services and products to people that live in NYC. Overall in my opinion even though The New York Times targets people that are in a better socio-economic status I feel like more people can relate to it and is more informative and less bias than the other newspapers.

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  1. Hey Sarina,

    I agree that the New York Times often has luxury brands advertising with them. It says a lot of about the status of the New York Times.

    Simone Burton

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