The Bi-Lingual Final Paper

As a Hispanic in New York City that speaks Spanish as well as English I haven’t been able to read a newspaper that provides information for people who consider themselves to be from two cultures. Usually newspapers for Hispanics are in Spanish that only provide news related to the immigration reform and news for specific country such as Mexico. I will designed a newspaper that provides information in English for Hispanics who are bilingual into the city.The reason why I will design a newspaper in English for Hispanics is because I feel that sometimes people who came from another country when they were kids and feel like they are part of the Hispanic culture as well as the American culture do not have the chance to read news in English about the Hispanic community but also know what is going on in the United States. Therefore my newspaper will have information about the Hispanic community such as entertainment, classifies, sports, politics ect but I will not be bias on the immigration reform or favor certain Hispanics cultures more than others. For example in the Hispanic community the most common sports are baseball and soccer, but people like myself have been in the United States since I was a child might be interested in football,golf,tennis and other sports. Also there are Hispanics that do not know how to read or write in Spanish but follow Hispanic community and cares about what is going on. Therefore by writing a newspaper in English for Hispanics with a touch of American culture will be Ideal for people who can identify themselves as multicultural.

The newspaper name will be “The Bi-Lingual”, it will have an average of 42 pages focusing on local news, international news, business/finance, politics, sports, Tourism/travel tips, events/ movies, and Advertising/Classified. The newspaper will be a weekly newspaper highlight the most important news and events of the week. The newspaper will have an online version as well as a print version in order to get to more people.

In the print version “The Bi-Lingual” will have local news about the Hispanic community in NYC as well as the Hispanic community internationally, informing readers about the most important news happening in Hispanic countries, for example: The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia ect.. For this news section I will dedicate 20 pages to international news as well as local news. Moreover for the business/finance section I will dedicate 6 pages in order to inform readers about money exchange, countries financial stability and instability, business relations with other countries ect for example in this section “The Bi-Lingual” will show the money exchange and in order for people to have an idea of the value of the dollar in another country, I think that this information will be valuable by Hispanics because they usually send money to their native country. The politics section will have 4 pages highlighting news about politics in Hispanic countries as well as the most important news in the United States such as political changes and issues. Furthermore the sport section will be 4 pages in which the reader will be able to see baseball scores, soccer scores from the most important teams in the Hispanic community. It will also have football,golf,tennis and other sports scores and well as news related to Hispanic players not only in the United States but also in Hispanic countries. The tourism section will be advertising the beauty of many of our Hispanic countries, it will have articles about beaches and places that people can visit as well as foods, recipes, travel agencies ect.

The events and movies section will inform the reader about the events related to the Hispanic community going on in NYC and promoting movies made in Hispanics countries and were they will be streaming as well as reviews and information about where they can go to see this films. This section will also inform the reader about local art museums related to the Hispanic community and plays. The events/movies will be compose of 3 pages allowing readers to see what artistic events are going on around the in NYC and how they can be part of it. Finally “The Bi-Lingual will have Advertising/Classified section that will be compose of 5 pages. In this section there will be advertisements about Hispanic products such as Goya. It will also include local Hispanic restaurants advertisements as well as other businesses such as Verizon, T-mobile, Apple, Nikes ect. The classified section will have job openings not only for low paying jobs but also jobs for college graduates. In conclusion the print version will be written in English in the front of the newspaper and then in the back it will be written in Spanish. Therefore the weekly newspaper will have 84 pages in total.

The online version will include everything mention above and just like the print version the reader will be able to read the news in both English and Spanish. The online of “The Bi-Lingual” will be updated daily for people who do not want to wait a week to get the highlights. In the online version readers will be able to see the daily highlights of all the sections mention above. For example in the sport section they will be able to see the teams that are playing and their scores the same day they played the game instead of waiting a week. Also in the politics section readers will be able to see information about their countries political ideas and what is going on in their contry. The online version will have country sections, for example there will be a section about the Dominican Republic in which the reader can choose the language first and then see all the international news about that country and local news about the Dominican communities and personalities in NYC. Just like this section about the Dominican Republic “The Bi-Lingual” will have sections about Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Peru ect. Moreover the online version will also have a quick search to look for local restaurants that serve Hispanic foods, also it will have advertisements about travel agencies and a list of the most beautiful places to visit.

Overall “ The Bi-Lingual” is a newspapers that will be written  in both English and Spnish to inform Hispanics in New York City about what is going on in the Hispanic community not only locally but also around the world. The reason for this newspaper to be in English is because there are many Hispanics in NYC that do not know how to read or write in Spanish but still want to know what is going on in the Hispanic community. The print version of “The Bi-Lingual” will give weekly highlight about the most important news not only locally but internationally, the print version will be distributed in NYC allowing newyokers who speak both English and Spanish to have a chance to get inform. On the other hand the online version of “The Bi-Lingual” will be updated daily giving Hispanics the chance to check their countries news by allowing them to pick their country and language, I feel like having this option will help reduce bias because people can go online and see their countries’ news instead reading about other countries. Also it will reduce bias because one countries’ news will not be overpowering the rest of the news. Despite that the fact print version is more likely to be read by newyorkers because of the local news I feel that the online version can be read by any Hispanic because it will give them the chance to explore other cultures and see news from around the world. Therefore “ The Bi-Lingual” is a newspaper for all Hispanics living not only in the United States but also around the world.

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