Abstract #3

Through the past assignments I have done in this class, I have had a better opportunity of deeply analyze what newspapers offer the community aside from their advertisements. My assignments were based on mainstream and Hispanic newspapers, which are definitely different in so many ways and I am not referring to the language they are written in, but in sections such as the type of information/news, job opportunities in their classified section and others. I definitely would like to develop a plan for my own weekly Spanish written newspaper for the Hispanic communities that reside here in New York City.  People in New York City can easily obtain free, cheap and very expensive newspapers from everywhere, but not all of these are worth the time since I have noticed that, in between these two, Spanish written newspapers are mostly full of gossips and irrelevant news. My newspaper would be informative and overall would provide the Hispanic communities with information of free and inexpensive training and educational opportunities in our surrounding areas. It will be divided into eight sections; local news, immigration, New York events, education, classifieds, weather, health and humor. This will be offered to my audience every Saturday in a printed and/or online version for more accessibility. I am not sure yet as of what I would like to advertise in my newspaper, but definitely not outfit stores. I want these to be more of educational institutions. Depending on the ads I will decide the price of it, but it could range from 50 to 75 cents which I think is an affordable price.


  1. Hola Laura. I love your abstract, very detailed and specific. Be aware of pages an sessions distribution, as I read in your abstract you want to be very demographic ( educational and informative), and you want to choose your advertising carefully as well. Therefore, in your newspaper pages and sessions are determinative for such interesting newspaper. I am excited to read your newspaper proposal.

  2. Jassiel whats your email?

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