Final Assignment: Hispanos Siempre Informados

My newspaper´s title is ¨Hispanos siempre informados¨ with a translation of Hispanics always informed. Hispanics need an educated newspaper that not only keep them informed of what famous do or do not, what they do with their lives, what events they are attending, or which are the best products to buy and so on . They need a newspaper that tells them everything or at least a good amount of information of things around them that might concern them or that they may want to know more about. Hispanos siempre informados is a fantastic and full of information newspaper that helps Hispanics to stay informed and on top of everything in their own language. Comfort is what people always expect when migrating to other countries and it is exactly what this newspaper gives them. Relevant information that may affect their lives in this new and unknown country and opportunities available for them to better themselves are found on it.
My own weekly Spanish written newspaper for the Hispanic communities that reside here in New York City is a newspaper with the main purposes of informing the community of free or low cost educational courses or trainings, and also give them an overview of the most recent and relevant news to them to educate them more. Since nowadays most of the people have their electronic devices with access to the internet, this newspaper is available to its audience online, only if subscribed, and the printed version for everyone to buy every Saturday. Depending on the section, subscribers receive updates hourly or at that time when something important happens or as if there is a change in the weather. The price is $1.00, worth of great information and for subscribers there is a fee of $0.49 when register. This newspaper has an average of 21 pages overall, which is divided into eight sections as follows: local news, immigration, New York events, education, classified, weather, health, humor, and advertisement which are spread throughout the entire newspaper.
Local news: this section informs the surrounding Hispanic community in New York of politics, economy, and social related issues of importance. All news related to the Hispanic community or news that may affect New York City, which in this case is the city where they live in. It is the main purpose to keep them informed of all ongoing issues in New York. Hispanic immigrants need a newspaper where details in their own language are written and this is the right one for them. Politics, economy, and social related issues are topics that people are always interested in, therefore this section consists of 4 pages.
Immigration: this section provides the audience with new immigration laws, changes to existing laws, any new proposal for immigrants that may help or somehow positively or negatively affect immigrants living here in the United States. This section consists of 3 pages, which tells them what is being proposed for immigrants, what new reform is about to come out or if any change is being mention to be made. Immigration reforms is a topic of our everyday life, especially nowadays that president Obama is trying to come out with a new reform to help immigrants, especially undocumented. Immigration is an issue of great importance in the United States since everyone wants to be sure of their immigration status and benefits accordingly. This is one of the section from which subscribers receive notification from.
New York events: this section consists of 3 pages which tells the audience of all type of events offered to the public in New York City. New York is a City where there is always something going on which can surely be enjoyable to everyone. Events are great to socialize, know more about all the different cultures, meet new people, network, and explore more about new thing that this country compared to others has. New York City always offers something to the public and for free, which are recommendable to attend to get used to seeing people from everywhere and understand more of our diversity of cultures. Constant updates are offer for the ones subscribed as well, since many times people are off from their responsibilities and want to go somewhere where they can enjoy for free.
Education: This section provides the audience with information of low cost or free educational courses or trainings. Immigrants need to know of courses offered throughout the city, so that if time available they could use their time productively by taking advantages of these educative opportunities. This section is mainly focused on different English as a Second Language courses for people to start learning English, which is necessary to start off on the good track. It is of great importance that immigrants learn or improve their second language, in this case English, skills. By facilitating them with address, phone numbers, and all contact information and costs, the audience can easily inquire these places about courses of their interest and enroll into them. Sometimes finding a convenient place, schedule, and price is hard especially if not familiar with the city. This 3 pages section also facilitates immigrants with information for other type of courses that might train them for other jobs as for example mechanics, cooking, medical, electrician and others. Many times people do not want to attend college but accelerated courses where they can get a certificate and start working on the field.
Classified: This section consists of 2 pages. This is a section where readers find information based on jobs opportunities of interest to the Hispanic community. The jobs are organized by requirements as for example if the applicants must know English, need to be bilingual or if the English language is not required, education level, skills, etc. There is also a section in which job positions offers are for Spanish speaking or bilingual candidates. Jobs descriptions are very specific and short so that people feel confident when calling and inquiring about the different types of job positions. Updates are sent when new positions available. Real State, jobs and education institutions opportunities are found in this section throughout these two pages.
Weather: This is only a 1 page section. This section informs the readers of the weather for the future 10 days so that they can dress up accordingly throughout the days. Constant updates are sent to the ones subscribed online. It is important that our customers stay informed and be ready in case of any weather change or emergency. Traffic is included in this section so that people can plan ahead since New York is a city where traffic is the main for delays. People will know which are the best ways to take when leaving their houses or when coming back from work. Any car accident or incident on main roads are momentarily sent for people to avoid such road and delays as well.
Health: Here in this 3 pages section people can read about more health habits, diet tips, how to avoid certain common diseases or illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., which are diseases commonly seen in Hispanics. Health tips are always well welcome by our community and of great acceptance. Sometimes people do not have the monetary resources to see a doctor for dieting or alimentary advises, but in this newspaper there is always two topics discussed along with recommendations and tips for a healthier life. Private doctors´ and nutritionists information are provided to the public, but surely are professional that offer their services for low cost to people of low income.
Humor: it is never too late, early, old or young to sit, read a joke and laugh to the hardest. Cross puzzles, jokes, funny images and tongue twisters are found in this section which consists of 2 pages.
Advertisement: educational institutions, car dealers, pharmacies, supermarkets, medical and legal services are advertised on my newspaper. No clothing or shoe stores are advertised throughout the Hispanos siempre informados newspaper. Some store coupons are added to the newspaper for people to save some money on primary goods sold by supermarkets and pharmacies. Ads are carefully detailed, designed, and full of colors and of different sizes. Ads are not the main reason why people buy newspapers, therefore this newspaper advertises what mainly people are interested in. Commonly newspaper advertises big companies such as Macys, Bloomingdales, Best Buy, Target, Apple, etc ., which is not what people wants to see. Clothing, shoes and make ups stores most of the times send their magazines to their customers houses and even discount coupons for the stores, so it is not something that readers want to reread about. Ads are spread throughout the newspaper and according to the topics talk in each of the pages.
The Hispanos siempre informados is a newspaper that for its low price provides the customer with a lot of resources that are of great use to them. This type of newspaper is the newspaper that Hispanics need here in New York City. Our audience enjoys and also stays informed of all things happening in New York City that might benefit them and that might help them to use their time effectively.

Final Assignment

The City of New York has been and still is an important center for Art, Music, Film, Theatre, Comedy, Dance, Classical, Opera, and etc. That is why as a New Yorker you come across to a variety of ads on cultural events daily; in subways and newspapers. However, living in a big and busy city like New York, can be really hard to see the details of certain events, and small ads on newspapers are not always too detailed. That is why having a source covering that latest news of entertainment and arts in New York would make readers feel connected and informed. This is what ATNS (Art That Never Sleeps) will offer to those interested in the arts and entertainments.

ATNS is going to be a weekly newspaper that will bring the latest of art and entertainment events occurring in New York City. It will be printed and distributed every Sunday only for those who subscribe. It will be free of course.
I would also provide an online edition of ATNS for those who prefer digital, making it easier to navigate, faster and eco-friendly. Readers will be able to find the latest news and events occurring in the world of art and entertainment. Being a city where art is very popular, filled with many talented individuals and aspiring artists, I want my newspaper to make them feel drawn into the artistic aspects of our city. I also want my newspaper to bring our different ethnic communities closer by informing our readers of events from different cultures. For example, if there is a Broadway or Live music event in Spanish my newspaper will translate that information in English and other languages. ATNS Newspaper will bring to our readers the beauty and the talents that lives in our city. It will consist of 24 pages, and will include of corporate ads and classified section.

The print version of ATNS will consist of 3 sections. Although this is an Art and entertainment newspaper, it is important to also keep the readers informed of the latest news happening in New York City. And because is a huge city, we have people coming in constantly from all five boroughs. This is why I would provide a section on current events from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. It will have a little bit of every borough, so I chose to provide a page (front and back) per borough. This section will vary; from politics, economics, crimes and etc. depending on the high importance it has for our society as a whole. An example of this will be the current protests happening in New York City on the case of Eric Garner. Also currents policies taking place, such as the upcoming municipal identification card that will be available to all New Yorkers and designed to serve undocumented immigrants. This is important because it affects our undocumented community and I want ATNS to capture the attention of readers from different ethnicities and communities. Keeping readers updated and aware of major news events is crucial, it allows for an increase on public knowledge; allowing them to decide where they fall on key issues impacting their city.

On the second section, I chose to provide readers with the latest of art and entertainment events occurring in the city. This will be like the “main dish” of the whole newspaper. I chose to offer this section with 14 pages providing the latest news in fashion, movies, music, art and art museums, dance, theatre, stand-up comedy, Broadway, celebrities and etc. In this section, our readers would have information like the controversy of Sony canceling the screening of the film the “Interview” due to the hacking in Sony Pictures. How about the news regarding our Mayor De Blasio wanting to revamp the art collection at City Hall? This are just some example of what a reader will find in this section. As for our readers from different ethnicities I chose to provide them with the latest of cultural art taking place in the city. For example, artists coming from other countries who are presenting their art, performing or visiting our city.

The third section will work as a mini “guide” with things to do in the city. For instance, if readers are looking forward for a great night during the holidays but do not know what to do, this section will provide information of events, activities and great places to go to. For example, karaoke bars, museum events, fashion shows, Christmas carols, and concerts. However, the best part of this is that it will provide information of castings and internship in the city for different talents. As we know New York City is filled of dreamers and talented individuals. Which why I want my newspapers to not only inform but to be a source of motivation and offer opportunities for those dreamers. This section will be more visual; more graphics and much more colorful.

In the recent years technology has become important and made it easier for conveying the news. It has become essential in this world especially in a city like New York, which is famous for its diversity. Therefore, news can be read, seen and heard in any language everywhere you go; through the internet, television and radio. This is why newspapers has also been developing more in the web, by delivering news much quicker. According to my research, Pew survey states that the inevitable dominance of online media is quickly becoming a reality. I found this to be very true. For instance, anyone with a smartphone can download The New York Times application, subscribe and Bam! You get the latest news. Which is why I chose to do an online version of ATNS, it will consist of a similar format like I will provide our web surfers the ability to change the language they prefer. Unlike the print version that will only translate in English, Spanish and Chinese, ATNS online will consist of at least 10 different languages (Spanish, English, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Russian). This being an online version I chose to make daily updates.

In addition, because my newspaper will be free and distributed to homes, I chose to provide a good amount of advertisements. Newspaper is the largest advertising medium, bigger than broadcast TV, radio, the Internet, direct mail and outdoor ads. In order for my newspaper to grow and be free for my readers I need to add advertisements that will capture the reader’s attention to gain profit. For classified ads, I chose to be designed for related art and entertainment businesses. It will be displayed on every other 6 page on the Right side column. As for Corporate advertising because they are bigger I chose to display them on the back of the newspaper, front and every other fourth page. Some of the corporate ads will be of Sony, Warner Bros., Marvel, Apple, Clothing stores and Performing art Companies like The Joyce Theatre and BAM.

Overall, ATNS will be a unique newspaper, that will not only keep the audience informed, but will provide them with opportunities and activities to look into in our city. I believe that a good newspaper should not only be a good source of information but should be a source of motivation of keeping our audience happy and active in our city, bringing us closer to one another and learning of different cultures through the arts. I want my newspaper to reach out to anyone of different age, social class and ethnicity. I believe that the arts is powerful and is able to teach us something from one another and that’s what I want ATNS to accomplish.

Assigment #3

Ariel Landron

Final – Assignment #3

In today’s society technology has become part of our daily routine. Most of us have smart devices such as cellphones, or tablets which in way had become a mayor must have tool in everyday life. However, as useful as they might be, they has some downsides from which antisocial behaviors had evolve, bringing our society to the point of making us addicts to the “touch screen”, “Facebook”, “Candy Crush”, etc., making us forget about the face-to-face interaction with another human being. On The “NYC Technology Newspaper”, the main concern will be educating our local English/Spanish speaking readers on how to use technology, and learn how it affects our politics, economy, and sports; while providing a different point of view on the subject and a taste of the latest improvements, and developments within the technology field. This newspaper will provide our readers with 24 pages of new developments on renewable clean energy technologies, computer and mobile improvements, information about tools and software, as well as article from real people who once were technology addicts. NYC Technology Newspaper will offer a variety of topics in business, history, and sports.

Headlines related to progress on new technologies in medicine such as the, 40 year old male who was able to control 2 prosthetic arms with the use of patterns to recognize the individual algorithms with which muscles contract; Articles and setbacks associated politics and the laws that restrict the improvement or used of certain technologies, and new discoveries about the many scientific enhancements on old technologies that will allow for a more accurate approaches to issues such as wind power electricity, communication, and transportation of goods, will feature on the first page of our daily report.

As of now many developments have taken place within the field clean energy, from which one of the most noticeable and promising is the solar sphere, it brings in energy from the sun and concentrates it onto a small surface of tiny solar panels. The structure of this device will still get light from the sun even with bad weather, while the lens on the sphere is able to concentrate and diffuse light on one small focal point, making it more sustainable and more efficient. Another of field of interest on renewable technologies, will be fossil fuel developing technologies, which will focus on alternative fuel sources, like the use of fuel cell which allow for the production of clean electricity by converting the chemical energy of natural gas. This section will be extended in a detailed article on how the technology being describe has been developed and improved through time, a long side articles about the pros and cons in relation to economics will be publish to go over the probably effects. This and many other developments will be follow closely on pages 2-7 on our daily prints, as a way to give the reader a different approach of technology and how it can improve our economy by allow us to become independent from other countries resources, while educating them and developing their knowledge on these improvements found in our “Renewable Technologies and Our Economy” section.

Now let us move on to what many of our readers might actually call their favorite section of our paper, the “Computer and Mobile Technologies”. On pages 8-12 of our daily reports we will be dedicated to just technology itself and its improvements within the computer and mobile devices fields. Articles about hardware, will be review in full detail; Items such as hard-drives, RAM, video-cards, motherboard, will be evaluated and tested against each other by manufacture, their specifications will be compare and review to provide the winner of our contest “Best Manufacturer of the week”. In addition, our beginners will enjoy brief definitions of the functions of each hardware piece as well as a sense of how they work to bring a computer together. Another topic of interest within this section will be the “most have upcoming phones of the year”, will go over the latest phones, their features, pros and cons as well as to which might be suitable for different kinds of users. Advertisements from companies such as AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint, will be on the middle page and last page of this section as a way as well as advertisement for Computer specials from companies like, Newegg, BestBuy, and Walmart. The good part about this section is that it will be pure, since there will be no politics involve, just plain a pure technology talks and reviews.

Another section that might be of interest to our geek community, would be “Tools and Software”. This will focus on the security software in relation to politics. News such as hacks on big companies such as, Sony, Walmart, JP Morgan Chase, will be explain in details, as a way for the public to be aware on how to use some apps, or banking technologies might be a danger to your personal information. Our paper will give the chance to anonymous hackers talk about their experience on articles or interviews and explain what drives other hackers to attack big the like the ones mentioned above. We will go over how our government is taking actions against cyber-attacks and how politics and laws are being develop when it comes to national as well as international treats. All the material related to politics will be included on pages 13-15. However, advertisements on software such as Rosetta Stone, Online Courses on how to get certified as an CompTIA A+ technician, Malwarebytes, Avast, Skype, Microsoft Office Suite will be posted on pages 16-18, as well as a detail feedback on foreign languages learning programs, and information about Spanish speaking schools providing the CompTIA A+ services, dedicated to our Spanish speaking community.

These two pages will also include a small Classifieds section, on which openings such as Desktop Support Technician, Help Desk Support, and Service Desk Analyst will be posted under “entry level jobs”. Another high level of positions like Technology Team lead, Network Administrator, Network Security Administrator will be posted under the “required experience section” of Classifieds. Refurnished or used computers, phones, as well as use tablets and any other type of smart device will part part of the “items on sale section” under classifieds. The last section will be call “certifications and information section”, which will help readers to find out which schools and intuitions offer the cheapest and best programs out there to become a Certified computer, network, server, or security administrator/technician.

The “Technology Addicts section”, will be the in fact the most important on our newspaper. Page 19 will always be dedicated only to this unit since it will be presented as a blog base chat between our readers and us. It will be composed of 3 to 5 articles from people that were addicts to the social network, games, as well as to their computers and phones. This will allow us to familiarize more with our users and in a way help our community to understand better, how serious it can be to be addicted to social network, since it ends up evolving to antisocial behavior. Through this articles our readers will always keep in mind that technology is just there to make our life easier and that not take control over who we are. It will help the readers to forget for while about politics, the economy, or technology itself, since it will give a sense of human emotion to our paper.

From pages 20-21, our newspaper host the section of “Business” which will go over views on the latest developments on companies such as Apple, which release their new iPhones 6 and 6 plus causing sales over 42.2 billion in revenue as well as the deployment of their latest OS 8, and Google who released the nexus 4, 5, and 6 as an strategy to develop products within the mobile environment, who also acquired the ownership of Motorola one of the biggest and oldest brand of cellphones. It this section we will analyzed how Apple and Google strategies might bring more customers to their side, and how throughout the year their sense of technology has improve their revenues as well as their products. We will also talk about grown businesses with in the technological field and how their grown and development improves our economy as a whole.

Furthermore, our “History” section on pages 22-23 will, focus on the history of many experimental technologies that are nowadays fully developed. It will go over the inventor(s) behind it, in the “segment inventor of the week” under the History section; a little bibliography of to whom they are will be summarized and posted with answers to questions like, what type of process is involved with the technology? How was it develop? And how long did it take to become fully develop? This will allow our readers to learn more about invertors like Aristotle, and Di Vinci, which in a way will bring knowledge to the person who reads about the basics of the inventions that make our daily life so comfortable, and how some are optimize variations from ancient inventions like aqueducts.

In addition, the history of companies such as IBM, Apple, and Microsoft how they achieved their gigantic status as lead members of computer hardware and software development, and how each of these companies related by the way they helped our society achieve a higher level of understanding on subjects such as programing computer languages, and now smart devices such as cellphones. Moreover, one of the points that will be publish in this segment will be an analytical point of view issues such as why the internet was developed as a military strategy then failed, as well as how computers played a big role in war, our industrial revolution history, and how NASA was able to reach the moon thanks to the people behind the screen.

The last section of the “NYC Technology News Paper”, will be sports on page 24, it will have a brief unit with articles describing the best plays of the previous day, teams matches and points achieved, as well as future games. This section will also have advertisements from Macy’s, H&M, and JC Penny. A fragment for the weather broadcast for that specific date and the rest of week will feature in this page. A piece for comics and crosswords, as a way to provide the reader a little bit of fun will also be included as well as horoscope. As an attempt to deviate a little from the basics of our subject so make our daily reports as fresh as possible.

To conclude, the “NYC Technology News Paper”, will also have an online version, after all it is a newspaper base on topics within the technology field. We will have all the sections included in the physical version of the newspaper, however it will include one more section call “Religion and Technology”, which will talk about the different approaches and on various medical developmental technologies from a scientific point of view and a religious point of view. It will be presented in English which will be the default language of the site and in Spanish as the secondary language, unlike the physical version which will be publish only in English. This newspaper will be directed to each and every New Yorker who wants to develop knowledge in technology or just wants to further their knowledge within this field. It will also serve as a way teach some technology addicts to use technology in a moderate sense by learning about other topics and be able to have a face-to-face interaction base what they learned without having to check on your phone every 5 minutes.

The NY Hot Spot

As a person who enjoys reading about the latest entertainment, sports, technology, cooking and fashion news, the newspaper I will create will cover such topics.  I will name the newspaper “The NY Hot Spot”.  The reason for the name is because as a New Yorker, I live in a city that is very diverse and rich in culture.   Because New York is known for its theatres, cinemas, shopping centers, sports and electronic billboards, it is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps.  There’s so much to do like go see a sports game, go to the Apple Store and so forth. Hence, there is a variety of local fun spots to go to and just have a great time.  Therefore, my newspaper will keep New Yorkers up to date with what’s hot and what’s trending.  Thus, my aim audience will range from the ages of 18-35 and focus on both genders likes and wants.  This newspaper will be weekly, summarizing the latest events and news that have/will occur.  I would seek advertisements from local small businesses as well as name brand businesses. The advertisements that will be featured on the newspaper should be a nice blend of the small as well as big businesses.

The city that we know as New York City is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. New York is known for its district of finance, entertainment, museums, sports, blend of culture and much more.  The reason for its attraction is because of its mixture of rich culture and historical sites.  New York’s population consists of people from all over the world.  Because New York City is called “the city that never sleeps” it is one of the world’s main tourist attraction’s to visit.  Therefore people who live or visit New York will discover that there is a variety of activities and places to go to whilst in New York.   New York has many iconic landmarks, including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, just to name a few.  The famous and best baseball teams can be found here in New York.  We have the New York Yankees and the New York Mets, which I am a fan of.  Want to see a game? We have the reigning super bowl champs the NY Giants, the NY Jets, the NY Knicks and NJ Nets, the NY Rangers and Islanders.  Want to tour New York? There are places to visit such as the Freedom tower memorial, New York Stock Exchange or the Bronx Zoo.

This type of information will be informed to our readers.  We will write columns for sports stats and articles for local events occurring in New York.  As a reader, I prefer to read articles on the latest trends and happenings.  However, I prefer if the columnist/writer isn’t biased on certain topics.  NY Hot Spot will only be responsible for reporting on what is occurring.  Thus we will try to deviate from being a biased newspaper, and only report in on the facts, for the most part.  We want our reader’s to trust the information we publish and report on the newspaper.  We don’t want them to feel as though we are falsifying our information, like some newspapers or magazines for that matter.

Now the newspaper I will create will start off 20pages.   The pages will be in color.   The reason I prefer color instead of black and white is that color has a tendency to pop out and catch the attention of the intended reader.  Black and white pages, I feel, can be bland at times.  Purchasing color print pages can be quite expensive, however the funds that will be used to cover the expenditures will come from advertisement, which will be discussed later on.  The newspaper will be published weekly and will discuss events that will occur and is occurring at the moment.   The cover of the newspaper will also have an appealing photo or drawing.  Our writers will consist of individuals who have a good understanding about a specific subject in their background.   For instance, one of the writers loves to go to the hottest clubs in New York.  I myself don’t really know which clubs are popular and nice. So this is when our expert party person comes in and dishes out where the hot spots are.

The newspaper will be directed mostly towards New Yorkers, female and male ages 18-35.  The reason for this particular audience is because there is a lot of activity going on in New York and many young people are eager to go and have a great time in New York.  Despite the other age groups, example 35-60 who also like to go out and have a great time, young people tend to blow off more cash on anything really.  Young people have a tendency to want to be in with the crowd and know what the new trends are.  NY Hot Spot will keep them up to date with the latest trends and events.  Now the featured content will have articles that will give feedback or reviews on broadways shows to go see, such as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show or Spiderman for example

There will be a section for gamers on the latest games coming out as well as reviews on different Anime.  Games and Anime are huge hits for males as well as for some females too.  Since the NY Hot Spot is for both genders, there will be a nice blend of topics for our readers to view.  We will also show listings of newly released movies and music that have been released.  Included in the newspaper will be a page for a delicious recipe for our audience to try at home.  There will also be 4-5 pages covering celebrity news.   There will be a section covering an interview, conducted by one of our writers, regarding selected business owners or community public relations spokesperson.  This interview will highlight the business and events that is/will take place.

Now the shopping in New York City is one of the best places in the world.  There’s also tons of stores to go to such as Century 21 or the Apple store.   There are tons of flea markets to fifth avenue boutiques.  There’s so many stores fitted for every style and budget.  There’s antique shops, mobile stores, furniture stores, there’s just so much stores you can go to, just to get a specific item.  For example, there’s comic stores and spas to go to.  Paris is the home for fashion, but New York also brings in top designer labels from all around the world.  For instance, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Micheal Kors, Armani Exchange and etc.  Thus, the NY Hot Spot will also relay the latest fashion and trends for both genders.

There will be a section included for freebies or coupons for some of these stores.  People like free stuff and try to look for bargain deals, so that’s why I feel this section will be appealing to the readers.  Doing research, making calls and asking what’s happening in the community will be the key point in finding out about bargain deals and freebies. We will make it easier to get these deals or sales for our readers.  Who wouldn’t be happy if somebody else found all the great deals and sales?

A two page comic, games and puzzle section will be added to the newspaper.  Entertainment such as reading jokes or playing games is always fun, in my opinion.  There will also be a page that will include our reader’s questions with answers on life, beauty and etc.  We will have a section that will be posted which will include funny or serious stories that have occurred to individuals.   We want to make a newspaper that will for the people, by the people.  We want to relate to our audience well.

The New York Hot Spot will advertise the many places to go and grab a bite.  Because New York has a population made up of many people from around the world, there is a variety of rich cultural foods found here in New York.  We will list places to go eat that will include all types of foods, such as Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, soul food and etc.  There will be options with everything from fine dining to street vendors that will be sure to indulge the reader’s taste buds with modern and traditional food.  We will also list a few spots of some of New York’s amazing bars to stop at.

The expenditure’s for this newspaper will be pricey, hence that is where advertisements come in to play.   The New York Hot Spot will have about 9 pages of advertisements.  This should help raise the needed funds by the selling ads of different companies. The newspaper will have to either raise the ad prices or add more pages to the publication to compensate for a much higher distribution. Both of these factors will be considered when the publication of the newspaper begins. Because newsprint can be quite expensive a few ads can literally pay for an additional pages, which in return will offer more advertising and content space.  The first few issues will run a few pages. which will be the starting in observing how well the newspaper sells for the first couple of weeks.  It’s better to start with a smaller newspaper and see if it turns out successful.  If so then a larger issue will then come about.

Selling advertisements is the best way to get funds. Newspapers are paid for by the advertisers.  Hence, newspapers make money on each issue from the advertising.  Different companies/advertisers will be contacted and explained that by purchasing an ad for the newspaper they are contributing to the community by helping us reach the community, and they in return are reaching out to the community.  It is a win/win situation; we are advertising their ads, they in return are getting the marketing and publicity for their business or services through our newspaper.

By collaborating with these businesses we will build more solid relationships with the business and its owners by partnering with them.  Also newspapers and other magazines have ads in them, so we should also have ads in our newspaper as well.  People expect ads in newspapers and so we will provide them with different ads.

By having these ads from these businesses this will increases our paper’s credibility and circulation potential. Most businesses who decide to advertise for our newspaper might also carry our newspaper.  Therefore, the more marketing we do for our newspaper, the more popular we can get when people remember who we are.  We might even get referrals from the owners of business when they see how great our strategic marketing skills are.

Finally, in closing the NY Hot Spot’s goal is to try to reach out to as many young adults as possible.  The main reason the newspaper will be formatted this way, is because as a business major, I understand how the market and how marketing works. I choose to name a few of my interest as topics, just because I am the newspapers creator and also I know what most people like.  Moreover, things will probably change, especially if new ideas are brought to the table. The design for the logo would have a nice color and font, which will make it recognizable to our customers.  I also understand it’s important to speak with others in our society, in order to learn how our society operates. Getting information will dictate on what subjects to cover, then relaying this information to our society.  We should understand what it is our society likes and wants to hear; people like to be kept up-to-date.  Because we live in a consumer society, I feel people would especially like to know what is the latest gadgets, items, shows, businesses, services and etc.  This will enable our newspaper to get the information and inform our readers on what is occurring here in New York.  If people want to know what is hot, then they can come and read the NY Hot Spot to get all the valuable information we offer.

Final – Jhelsy Paula

For over decades, newspapers have been the best medium of communication around the world. Thanks to this great creation many know what is going on around their community, city, state, country, world and even the universe, by just reading a couple of paragraph and be well informed. And even now, in the 21st century, with all the technology and new inventions, newspaper is still the “preferable” medium for many to receive their news. Newspapers popularity has decent in the past couple of years but is still standing strong and making its way in to fit in this techological-world. But is their popularity desending because of technology or because newspapers have lost the ability to capture the audience or delivered the information that they need to be delivered? In the following essay, I will explain why there might be something else besides technology that is helping its decay, and in what ways this might be possible to avoid.

Although newspaper is one of the oldest forms of communication, it has made it way to manage to survive in a society where almost everything is related to technology, how? Well, adapting to this new ways of delivering news, creating new ways creating newspaper, adding more media and visuals to make it more people-attractive, but has this been enough? Unfortunatly no, and you may ask then what is the real problem? In my opinion, it is just little details that will make a newspaper “perfect” and many companies are forgetting about them. Such as, instead of focusing on 20 topics at once, maybe cut that in half and your quality work will be better, instead of thinking about “what you like” try to get into the community mind, and think what do they like? Which is one of the things that complements best not only a newspaper but any communication medium. This is because it will be appealing to what they like, not only what the creator is interested on.

On our past assignments, I have had the opportunity to explore/study different newspapers, their background, history, their content etc. After analyzing them, I discovered that none of the newspapers I have been studying (which are top on the different communities they serve), fully satisfy the audience needs. They have their “strong” technique but then lack of strength in the other ones and this is where the problem is. The audience is looking for a newspaper that is complete, not only for certain topics but be great on everything they deliver and most importantly they need to fulfill people’s needs. One of the newspapers that I was expecting more from, and actually read on a daily basis before the previous asignments was “El Diario la Prensa.” Before doing any of these asignments I didn’t realize all those little details that would have made the newspaper better, and it made me realize how there is a need for the Hispanic community for a new medium in the Latino print business. Reason why for my final project I have decided to design a Spanish newspaper with what in my opinion will serve the needs of not only Latino community but also those who are interested on learning Spanish.

Reason why I decided to do my newspaper the way I am doing it is because first of all the Spanish newspapers that I frequently read, such as El Diario, Hoy and El Especialito, are missing “something” to become the best, and I will take the best of those and combined into one that will serve the community to the fullest. Also, Spanish is the second most common speaking language in the United States, reason why I think is important to have a newspaper that will serve everyone with everything not only covering certain things. With this newspaper, my main goal will be to satisfy those who, like me, don’t find a Spanish newspaper that fit who we are and our needs.

While researching and studying other newspapers, I learned that organization is key, so I want to make sure that is applied into my newspaper.

The layout of my newspaper will be the following:

– Cover: which I would like to have the name of the newspaper on the bottom (to differentiate my product form others) and then a cover picture with a headline. Keep it clean and simple. The picture I will like it to be the main news of the day, so if there is anything happening in Washignton D.C have a cover that will illustrate that.

– After the cover page, I will like to include an index page indicating where each section will be locate at and also what type of news are included in some of the sections. I will like to see this myself on others newspapers because although it is mostly used in magazines, I think it will help the reader to find their topic of interest.

– News Section: This section will be divided into three, top Regional, National and International news. By including all three, everyone will find enough information for my audience to be well informed. Each one will have 3 pages to display their news. Only the most important news will be shown on these sections. On this part of my newspaper, I will also like to incorporate other ethnicities group news because I think is important that we get to know not only about our community/ ethnicity group but also what is happening in other neighborhoods.

– Entertainment Section: This section will include those top news about celebrities, known personalities etc. Also, maybe some exclusive interviews with the most wanted celebrity. It will consist of 7 pages, of which two will be dedicated to a “Learn Spanish” section which I though will be nice since there are so many people trying to learn Spanish in the US this section will be design to help others learn the language. And I will like to add a “comic” section to give my audience a fun little section that will entertain them.

“Learn Spanish” Section: For this section I will like to divide into three parts:

-Beginners: This will consist of images and words that my reader will have to connect with each other. Such as:

Image: Someone saying hello – Adios

Image: Sad face – Triste

Image: Heart – Corazon

-Intermediate: I will do specific topics such as: “Social Ettique, ” on where I will do something similar to the beginners section but this time without image.

-Advance: I will do crossword puzzles with words that they should know if they have pass the first two sections.

– Opinion Section: I want to give my audience the opportunity to express their opinions through my newspaper. These sections will be monitored to ensure the welfare of my newspaper. On this section I will also include the “human interest” stories that are appealing to my audience.

– Classified: Advertisements, Job haunting, selling etc. But I will like to put as most job opportunities as possible, I think that’s one of the things that should be promoted the most.

– Economy: This section will be for those who are interested on money and economy. Including top news on Finance Industry.

– Sports: This will consist of 5 pages with the top news of sports in a regional, national and international level.

I will try to cover as much as possible and trying to have everything organized, since that’s one of the things that in my opinion make the audience go away. I want to make sure everything is neat and clear enough for everyone to be able to understand my work and the news being delivered by my newspaper. My newspaper will consist of 36 pages long including my cover page. It will have ads that of course target our community, but I will prefer to focus more on medical/Law relate it, and also educational ads.

This newspaper is obviously targeting Latino community and those who have an interest in Latino community/news. As I mention before that it will be written in Spanish and will have a “Learn English” section for those who want to learn the language. Since on my News section I will include a regional section I will start circulating my paper in New York first, and then maybe expand to other cities with a daily run of 4,000 newspapers. I will like to work with both images and letters, because we all know we are sometimes more attract to visuals than to the actual information, so I want to make sure my newspaper have enough of both. I also will ensure that my newspaper has a wide variety of topics instead of focusing in only one thing.

In my opinion, this will be consider the perfect newspaper, because it focus on what people interests are, its diverse and different. And everything is about how much care we take about the details and significant information. If I had the opportunity of making this new upcoming newspaper, I am pretty sure it will be a successful newspaper. A newspaper that will not only deliver news and entertainment, but also a newspaper that will make those feel closer to home because they will be updated on what’s happening in their native countries.

What I have learned throughout the process of doing this and the other assigments is that sometimes, most of the time, is not about who does it better or not, is more who is taking small details into consideration are the things that will make a difference. When referring to newspapers, we all have to be very careful the way its manage due to the position the newspaper is now, having to deal with all the new technology competition, you need to be concise and imaginative to drag those who you might have lost and new audience you want to pull in. My newspaper has been design in a way that I think will not only I will enjoy reading it but many, specially those who are trying to learn the language.

Final Assignment “Tri-State Fashion” Newspaper

I am going to develop a twenty-five-page newspaper that will mostly target young women interested in fashion entertainment. For this weekly newspaper, called “Tristate Fashion” there will be twenty five pages with eleven sections that will consist of makeup, fashion, tutorials, fashion do’s and don’ts, advice columns, current events, makeup courses, and store deal, each of these sections taking up ten percent of the paper. The other ten percent will be divided between cheap finds and health and fitness. “Tristate Fashion” is meant to promote women’s beauty and fitness, as well as keeping women informed of the fashion news occurring in the tri-state region. What makes this newspaper special is that I am going to find away to connect women to one another and create something that they can all enjoy and come together. I also have planned to include once a month a section where women tell little funny stores about dates they have been on or confession stories that are funny, “successful & fails” is what I will call it. I will provide a section in last few pages of the newspaper where women can email us about questions, comments or concerns regarding the newspaper. This section will provide laughs and will be a more funny and entertaining part. It will only consist of two pages once a month. My newspaper will also be very helpful for women who are looking to learn something new and be something that women can strongly rely on. “Tri-State Fashion” will be a news paper that will make women feel great about themselves and not be so self conscious and promote high self esteem.

“Tristate Fashion” will target women who are not only concerned with their bodily images, but also with their health. The makeup section will help to support not only major companies, but also fashion companies trying to begin a kick-start in the tri-state area. Under the makeup section, women can also learn about hair facts, as well as how to be able to pull off simple makeup from a professional’s point of view. In this section details such as what compliments different skin tones, face shapes, as well as seasonal colors will be elaborated and discussed thoroughly to attract women of all nationalities, shapes, and sizes. This s what makes “Tri-State Fashion” such a great newspaper because it will not only target a certain kind of woman but it will target all women with different types of features.

Within the fashion section, the latest trends will be posted from the top designers, showing women what is in at the moment, such as seasonal colors and trends, as well as latest styles. But, as the “Tristate Fashion” newspaper does promote all women, it includes the cheap finds section right afterward to show women that looking good does not mean they must rob their bank accounts. Living in the tri-state area can be pretty expansive and with this newspaper our editors will look for affordable things to display and prove to women that looking good doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars on a simple outfit for something like date night, girls night out, or a family get together. Fashion advisors, as well as professional critics will be quoted within this section to show that these deals aren’t found randomly, but proved to be accepted by fashionistas everywhere. Women’s questions regards to makeup, fashion, as well as products will all be answered in the advice column in the newspaper.

After this section, the fashion do’s and don’ts will be included to advise women on how to spice up their daily makeup, fashion, as well as even including statement jewelry to their wardrobes in order to give them a different look. This section will inform women to be alert on how to make a simple outfit into a great one, as well as when something is going overboard. Examples will be given through celebrity pictures, social media figures, as well as examples from runway inspired models. Women will be informed in this section what is fashionable within the tri-state region, and what they count as fashion mistake. Women something’s think that what they see on television and what some companies portray as being “Beautiful” is a stick figure model wearing something that isn’t for all women. This way we can find a way to determine what goes with what type, examples would be what dresses fit the best body size. There are many different types of body sizes, tall, short, skinny, built, plus size, curvy and more. This way when we prepare our “Fashion do’s & don’ts” we can use photographs in order to show women with different bodies what best suits them. It will be a great advantage for women because we are not all the same this way we can find clothing and dresses that best fit us and look good with out having to spend a lot of money or follow pointless fashion trends that some magazines find to be fashionable but really they aren’t. Looking like a clown isn’t fashionable, and dressing like one isn’t either. This section will provide the best tips ad advice for women.

Opinions and questions will be mentioned in the advice column, answered by knowledgeable writers experienced in health, beauty, and fashion. These writers will answer various questions from a range of topics. Women can ask about health, fitness, diets for different women, as well as tips and valid advice responses written back to them. These questions can also be about sex, makeup, hair, and clothing, as well as what to and not to do regarding problems with men in different situations. The advice column is meant to cover all of the concerns that women have, no matter the topic, and answered legitimately by women who can relate. When women inquire about certain things they want to know it can be sent as anonymous or they can include their name and where they are from. That will be an option that we will give to them in order for women to not feel shy or scared to ask a question. My newspaper will serve as a way to help women and bring the community of women together. Relationship questions and also questions about how to make their men (significant other) happy can be asked in this advice column as well. Women go through many of the same types of issues with men, work life, personal life, friendships, and more this will help women relate to one another and not shy away and be scared. It can also serve as an entertaining section because knowing someone’s story can make some one laugh or teach them a lesson. One women’s story can make a difference to another women’s day.

Advertisements are mostly posted on the makeup course sections that help promote local makeup artists in the tri-state region. These makeup artists will have listed information that can help support their uprising businesses, as well as inform women on how to properly apply makeup while giving them tips. The tutorials section is where these makeup artists debut their skills to help women in their own homes. With the idea to help women, a store deals section will include clothes related to the ones mention in the fashion and the fashion do’s and don’ts section. These deals will include tips on how to achieve celebrity looks through deals found in store and online. Each of these sections, which in total are twenty five percent of the paper, will include at least three ads per section that can help women search for store sales, fashion expertise, makeup advice, as well as linking women to do it yourself makeup artists on YouTube that promote women to extend their own helping hand to themselves when it comes to beauty. Some of these corporate ads will include MAC, Sephora, which are major makeup companies that will mostly be featured in the makeup, makeup course, and tutorial sections, as Zara, H&M, as well as Forever 21 will be posted in the store deals, as well as even the cheap finds section. These are stores that are for women with all looks shapes and sizes. It can benefit because this way the newspaper is not just targeting skinny boney girls. No that is not what we are looking to do. These stores have affordable prices and the clothes they buy wont be cheap looking either.

To not only show women how they can improve their images through beauty, the current events section will include articles and research about fashion, makeup, and public health issues that women should be aware of.  Examples of these articles will consist of effects of birth control, fashion designer news, as well as seasonal makeup line notifications. It’s important for women to be aware of certain health issues and what they should stay away from. Being healthy is very important and in order for women to stay aware we will provide real life articles on real life stories that will teach women on when to have a health scare. Articles will also follow women who are in politics, as well as women leading activist movements around the world to empower women and their strength. This will be a significant part of the newspaper because women can feel empowered and seeing other successful women in politics serving as leaders to our community. In the current events it will be emphasized that even though females are under a great amount of scrutiny to be aware of their bodily images, they should also be aware what women are doing around the world to help each other.

In the health and fitness section, women will be informed on how to keep themselves healthy with personal trainer offers, as well as gym class deals from an all women’s gym, such as Lucille Roberts. As the paper offers information about the latest fashion that is occurring in the tri-state region, they also include healthy and organic affordable dining advertisements in their health and fitness section. These articles will be written by qualified nutritionists, as well as certified personal trainers to show women that it’s not so hard to stay healthy, as well as pointers and tips to help them stay on track. Motivational articles will be included in this section from women who believe in keeping a healthy diet and healthy life in order to inspire it in others as well.

As the tri-state area influences people around the world when it comes to fashion, the section about fashion shows will keep women informed about fashion shows they can attend in order to get an up close and personal opportunity with designers and what inspires daily fashion. Clothing around the world is centered with the tri-state, giving women all over the world ideas on how to dress and carry themselves. Since this region is so popular, the newspaper sets out to give the local women of the area an opportunity to understand to the fullest as to why it has become so, such as through winning tickets to fashion shows, or even VIP pass opportunities to meet models.

The “Tristate Fashion” new papers will try to run as a large print newspaper targeting women from the ages of twenty and older, trying to improve their lives as far as fashion, health, and beauty are concerned. Even though these are superficial qualities, the newspaper will also talk about promotion of women’s rights and movements, as well as female activists to be supported in the current events section. It will serve as a strong supporter to women and make them feel special and good about themselves every day. The many different sections this newspaper will have to offer will provide answers to all questions women may have and if we fail with that our advice column will be a section that’s provided for women to ask us questions they want answers on or opinions. The paper is meant to keep women all around the tri-state area involved, connected, and promoted in order to help one another.

Abstract 3 My newspaper “Tri-State Fashion”

I am going to develop a twenty-five-page newspaper that will mostly target young women interested in fashion entertainment. For this weekly newspaper, called “Tristate Fashion” there will be twenty five pages with eleven sections that will consist of makeup, fashion, tutorials, fashion do’s and don’ts, advice columns, current events, makeup courses, and store deal, each of these sections taking up ten percent of the paper. The other ten percent will be divided between cheap finds and health and fitness. “Tristate Fashion” is meant to promote women’s beauty and fitness, as well as keeping women informed of the fashion news occurring in the tri-state region. What makes this newspaper special is that I am going to find away to connect women to one another and create something that they can all enjoy and come together. I also have planned to include once a month a section where women tell little funny stores about dates they have been on or confession stories that are funny, “successful & fails” is what I will call it. I will provide a section in last few pages of the newspaper where women can email us about questions, comments or concerns regarding the newspaper. This section will provide laughs and will be a more funny and entertaining part. It will only consist of two pages once a month. My newspaper will also be very helpful for women who are looking to learn something new and be something that women can strongly rely on. “Tri-State Fashion” will be a news paper that will make women feel great about themselves and not be so self conscious and promote high self esteem.

Final – The Black Independent Weekly

Newspapers are a wealth of information, ranging from the currents events whether they are national, international or local, to editorials, to political issues, to popular culture, etc. Often these topics are generalized and concentrated to the most popular and relative stories to the majority of people within the newspaper’s readership. The concept of the cultural newspaper emerges to  cover the stories certain ethnic and cultural groups would find interesting but are not covered in the pages of a mainstream newspaper. This paper will discuss the need and demand for a national newspaper for black millennials and younger. To elaborate the newspaper will target Young Black women and men of African, Caribbean, Hispanic and American descent. The newspaper will be a weekly newspaper highlighting events that are most important to the demographic and will feature a long editorial section that will include pieces from a range of different perspectives within the demographic. It will include an Arts and Entertainment page highlighting the best in plays, movies, concerts books, and so on. The ads will come from both corporate industries and small businesses catering to the demographic,  and 30% of the newspaper will be dedicated to advertisements. There will be a strong online presence as millennials and younger are regarded as the most technologically advanced demographic. With daily posts and a very interactive discussion board. The goal is to engage, educate and inspire the youth and continue to inspire the younger generations with each passing year, making news and social issues more interesting and relatable to the intended readership.

Providing adequate news coverage is essential for the development of a culture, and for the development of successful individuals within that culture.  The problem with media portrayal of Black people is that it’s often violent and criminal or slave-based. While it’s necessary to cover these issues, they’re covered at an alarmingly high rate while accomplishments the accomplishments of Black people are reduced to stories of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr.  and Nelson Mandela. For instance, a common misconception is that there are more black males in the prison system than in College. However it’s a statistic that unintentionally harms Black Youth, essentially stating that they are more likely to go to prison than college  When media outlets report on more positive aspects of the black community, it provides encouragement and  motivation. With the state of affairs being what they are, specifically regarding the lack of indictments of police who killed black youth. There needs to be a media outlet that brings hope to the demographic. The goal of the Black Independent Weekly will be to report the news while still uplifting the Black community whether they be of Hispanic,  Caribbean, African, Asian or American descent.  It will highlight the accomplishments of Black people as well as reporting news relevant to them and their situation.   

The Black Independent Weekly will be a 42 page newspaper that will cover briefly National and International events in the most factual way. The paper will be printed in English. will circulate nationally and will run about 20,000 copies weekly. The Editorial Section in-depth articles about current and relevant issues, within the black community. It will concentrate on International and National News and will have sections dedicated to Business,  Politics, Arts and Entertainment, People, Sports, Health, Food, and Technology. Each section will be dedicated around 7% of the paper for a total of 3 pages.   

The opinion-editorial section will cover one story very in-depth such as the back-log of trials in the New York Court System, or the militarization of police. The story will be reported in much the same way as articles in The New Yorker and Vice Magazine. There will also be an online component with a more detailed video and interviews on the website. On the website users will be able to comment on editorials and post opposite opinion pieces. 

The Business section will report stories on the economy and the coming effects, the power of supporting their own economy. As well as highlighting black-owned businesses whether they be  banks, investment companies, real-estate, law-firms etc. It will have a section to celebrate the achievements of individuals who are excelling in their fields, with detailed accounts of what they had to do succeed.

The Politics section will feature articles about upcoming bills and policies that will effect the public as well as election coverage when necessary.  The newspaper will do it’s very best to report facts in the easiest possible way to engage all readers and help them understand the election process and who their candidates are and just exactly what they stand for. This section will also feature black politicians who are doing their very best to change and improve their area.

The Arts And Entertainment section will feature the best in culture, with television and movie reviews of the best in black movies and television. It will have reviews of  books, plays, musicals, ballets and operas from the major cities. It will also include articles for up and coming singers, actors, artists etc. The paper will not focus on celebrity gossip, opting instead to report on facts about their professional life and steering clear of their personal lives.

People and Places section will include information of Black people doing amazing things from celebrities doing volunteer work, to scientists and researchers, students and teachers, and average people doing things to change the world.  There will also be a written piece about a famous black person from the past. It will also include the best vacation places to go within the world each week featuring a new vacation destination and the response to black people within that area.  It will also feature a Crossword based on Black History Trivia.

The Sports section will function like most other sports sections and will include analysis of team trades, team politics, scores, and analysis of games.  These articles will include Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Cricket etc.

The health section will have an advice column from panel of Doctors. Readers can get free  It will include articles about the latest innovations for diseases that tend to plague black people. It will also include healthy renditions of classic meals. As well as herbal remedies for people who choose to opt out of traditional medicines. 

Food will feature a different recipes for a full course meal,  ranging from a variety of cultures and will include an appetizer,  entree, and dessert. It will include all of the hottest restaurants and food truck reviews. It will also sometimes feature a piece on gardening and growing you’re own food. 

Technology will have the best in technology and those Black individuals who are making strides in computer technology etc. It will have articles about the future of technology and will include features on Black-owned tech companies and companies who’s hiring practices reflect diversity.

The paper will also feature 6 page mini-magazine for children.  It will include fairytales, funny stories, games, and coloring scenes meant to educate and engage black children. However the mini-magazine will be formatted much like a newspaper and will introduce children to way newspapers are set up It will also feature Black history snippets for children. This booklet will help engage children in literacy and help them know their history.

Thirty percent of the newspaper will be designated for the Advertising/Classified section which will be equal to 9 pages of the The Black Independent Weekly. There will be a stress of promoting black-owned businesses and other corporate entities with fair pro-ethnic hiring policies. Retailers like Macy’s, Target, Freedom Paper Company, Banks such as OneUnited Bank, First State Bank, Chase, etc. The Classified section would advertise job openings, real estate, concerts, movies.  It will include ads for vocational training and an extensive internship list.

The readership for the paper will be for Black Americans of American, Caribbean, African, South American, European, and Asian descent.  While the paper will be for all ages, The Black Independent Weekly will be aggressively marketed toward Black Millennials (Millennials are defined as anyone born between 1980-1999), a demographic savvy with social media and increasing purchasing power. As more and more Black Millennials are graduating from post-secondary education, their incomes grow as well. As well I want engage the youth and encourage them to enjoy news

The online edition will feature the some main articles from the print edition but will specialize more in online reporting of stories via web video.  It would update weekly as well. There would be an options to write your own articles and after some fact checking would be published to the site. Granting aspiring journalists to write articles for a paper. Advertising on the site would be extensive having banner ads on the side from corporations.  There would also be ads on the web videos.

To conclude, Reporting on the achievements of Black people in all subjects around the world will inspire and uplift a community. There is an alarming need for accurate representation in all forms of media. By creating this paper,  I hope to provide a positive media portrayal of Black people for Black people.  By enriching the community and fostering development within the youth, the community will keep improving. 

Works Cited

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“Las Paginas Que Hablan”

Our world is constantly changing and although today we rely on technology and media, newspapers are still very important in the news business and can’t be replaced by online news, TV or radio. They organize the world each day in a coherent way and present us with stories that we might not otherwise even read. In such a diverse country, where trends and languages are constantly changing, media is a revolving door and newspapers have become a reliable source for informing, impacting and encouraging its readers. Likewise, our mindsets are also constantly changing. Individuals are becoming more skeptical about the things they see and hear. Newspapers are important because they are less biased so they can be relied on to provide information on politics that does not try to change the beliefs of readers. My newspaper will be called “Las Paginas Que Hablan”! It will serve to inform, entertain and inspire its readers.

“Las Paginas Que Hablan”, will be published as a weekly newspaper available every Monday morning. It will give readers insight as they begin a brand new week. It will be reasonably priced at seventy-five cents, but as an incentive to gain readership I will give free copies in different communities each week. The newspaper will circulate initially in the Bronx and lower Westchester County. My paper will focus not only on news stories, but it will also have sections in health and education to tackle important issues facing the local community and make the paper feel personal. I am aiming “Las Paginas Que Hablan” to cater to the diverse Latino community so it will primarily be published in Spanish but will feature some ads and classifieds in English. It will have a vibe that will bring interesting and important realities of our Spanish culture, so all age groups will find it an interesting read.

I begin with the front page, which will feature breaking news stories happening internationally, nationally and locally. It will be pulled from the most impactful new stories that have happened in the recent days and need to be further discussed and dissected. I will dedicate the first four pages to all news stories. This section will feature an index on the second page that will organize the stories by category so the reader can read the stories in the order they find important.

I will have a section with news stories that are happening only in Latin American and the Caribbean countries, because I feel readers will find this a convenient and personal experience. I will also feature news from around the globe so my readers are informed on important news that is happening in other countries. It is important that they also remain educated with things occurring all over the globe opposed to just things relevant here in New York. I will have a National news section with news that is happening in cities all around the country. I will group it into regions to make it user friendly so readers can get a view of what is happening in the southern states, mid-west and west coast. This part will also feature a news section on what is specifically happening in Washington D.C. because it will transition them into the next section of my paper which will feature political and economic news. It will focus on a variety of topics so there is a broad range of news stories involving government, financial and local community concerns. Finally, I will have a local news section that will feature breaking news and events from the New York tri-state area that we will be giving readers more insight than they might have only heard briefly somewhere else.

My second section will be on education. This is one of the sections; I have designed to motivate my readers. It will be three pages filled with extensive topics aimed at the importance of continuing and furthering education. This section will allow individuals to also move ahead in jobs in the United States. I believe, it will be a helpful tool especially for individuals when they arrive to the United States and are faced with so many challenges and don’t know where to turn for guidance. I will provide a list of schools that are currently giving adult classes, as well as teaching English. Instead of featuring ads promoting “how expensive school is”, I will advertise student grants, student loans and financial aid options. I will also feature special courses that individuals can take to better themselves. Such as learning how to use a computer, write an email or even how to use the Internet to apply to a job. It will feature networking events that might be available in their local communities.

There will also be information on programs for children. I feel it is important that both adults and their children have proper incentives right from the start so they can find opportunities that will benefit them long-term. For example: teaching mothers how to nurse, dealing with a mentally ill or sick child and classes to empower women. I would also like to keep non- English speaking people in the loop with their children entering college. Finally, the paper will have a section of success stories that will feature reader stories of their personal successes and thereby provide positive motivation for others. This will be a way to also recognize local businesses, such as childcare locations that are doing a great job and promote their services.

My third section will be on health and will be three full pages. I think it is very important to give the public access to information on the latest health news. Instead of worrying society with the current trending diseases, my newspaper will feature health articles on diseases and conditions, for example: childhood obesity, hypertension, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. It will give readers the guidelines on the importance of oral health, breast cancer awareness and crucial yearly physicals.

There will also be topics of interest such as weight loss therapy, prenatal care and elderly care. The articles will present readers with insightful information that will motivate and guide them to do further investigation into these areas. I will have ads from local hospitals with their special programs and events. I will have ads from local drug stores, such as CVS and Walgreens with their schedules of flu shots and special promotions for seniors. It will also have ads and information on insurance plan options. As we know, in the United States, many children and adults do not have routine doctor visits because of not having insurance. I will have an ongoing section devoted to places they can go for help in getting health insurance so they can be healthy. Several newspapers advertise abortion ads, but I will feature clinics that can provide birth control options and screenings to women healthy. It will feature the programs that are available at local hospitals that they might become part of. Finally, I will include information on exercise programs and classes such as yoga, zumba and kick boxing at local gyms.

My fourth section will be entertainment and music. It will be four pages that will be filled with local and entertainment news from around the world. It will be an uplifting section that will show the positive job that entertainers with careers in music, dance and art are doing. This section will bring out the cultural vibe that Spanish heritage is about. Instead of focusing on popular novelas, songs and videos; my approach will be using these celebrities to uplift their audience. It will have articles on all kinds of music, so a person who appreciates old salsa music will be able to relate just as well as someone who likes Latin Jazz. It will go behind the scenes and bring stories to life of how these entertainers rose to fame. It will also feature a section of where they can go for local music. For example, Empire City holds concerts each week. I will feature an ad that provides their monthly line-up of entertainment so readers can be aware of a group they might want to see. I will feature events that are happening around the tri-state area by have a section that has events and contests which local radio stations are holding. Radio Stations such as La Kalle, La Mega, 93.1 Amor and many more. This section will also give readers the opportunity to write in with their opinions of what they would like to see in future editions. I will give the audience what they want to read. This will create a long lasting relationship between the readers and my paper.

My fifth section will be the sports section. I will dedicate three pages to local and international sports. It will feature complete coverage that sports fans cannot get enough of during baseball, football or basketball season. I will have sections on sports happening in the Latin American and the Caribbean so fans can appreciate following their favorite teams from back home. Teams such as “Chivas”, or “Los Tigres.” I will feature news stories on our New York teams such as the Knicks, Jets, Yankees, and many more. I will also feature local high school and college sports sections to keep the community united and support the youth. Here I will have ads for sales of tickets so fans can have the information when they need it. It will feature a section that will have special walks, runs and biking events happening locally that they might be a part of.

My sixth section will be travel sections that will give readers a breathtaking look at all the beautiful places from around the world. I will devote three pages to this section. I will feature a different city each week in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe with colorful and vibrant pictures so that the reader gets a glimpse of wonderful places they might want to learn more about or even travel to in the future. I will have colorful pictures to captivate the readers’ interest and have articles, which explore the heritage, local events, cuisine and language of these places.

I will have ads from local tour companies and airlines. I will also feature hidden gems in New York and tri-state area that will intrigue readers to want to visit. I will point them in the direction of the Lake George one week and explore all that they can do year round, or to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut another week. They will get a glimpse of travel destinations that are only a couple of hours away. I will also have a seasonal section that gives families with children a list of the local parks and theme parks that have great events.

I will have corporate ads from local shopping districts at Co-op City, Cross County Mall and Ridge Hill so readers know what events that taking place at these locations. I will devote two pages that will feature ads from companies such as Marshalls, Chase, Whole Foods Market, Panera Bread and Macy’s. I will also have a classified section that will be two pages, featuring apartments and houses for sale. In addition, I will feature a current job section, which will include tests and dates for city jobs. Finally, for the car enthusiasts I will feature a section dedicated to used, auctions, lease deals, car rentals and even coupons for car washes.

My newspaper “Las Paginas Que Hablan” will benefit a diverse audience. During my time taking this class, I have looked at various newspapers and found that most of them did not really capture my attention. I felt that they lacked a personal touch that I would want to have seen. I therefore set out to create a newspaper that would reach different audiences such as moms, travelers and new immigrants. I wanted it to be a paper that once they picked it up; they would want to explore it fully. My goal is that readership would increase because new readers will go out of their way to get a copy. “Las Paginas Que Hablan” will bring a new vision to my readers.

La Voz Latina

La Voz Latina


Through the semester we have talked about how different editions of newspapers influence and inform readers according to their demographic location as well as their ethnic background. We also discussed how advertising strategies and newspapers formats retain faithful readers every week. Newspapers are the most ancient and reliable source of information. They maintains their daily circulation year after year; its accessibility, the concisely way to deliver information to its readers and options for readers who wish to read detailed information of a particular story (unlike a newscast format of 2-2: 30 minutes). All of these things have kept newspapers readers faithful; despite the availability of more technological options. That is why we can still create newspapers circulars to inform our communities.


Because I am Latina and keeping my country and culture up to date with the most important information and topics of interest Latino is one of my priorities as journalist, I would create La Voz Latina. This newspaper will have a Latino audience in the New York metropolitan area. The newspaper would be concise but informative; it would have a total of 80 pages and will cost $ 50c as an initial price. Its content would consist of different sessions such as, las nacionales (nationals)-which will include news of our area (NYC); Noticias de nuestro pais (news from our country, Latin American countries); Opinion, letters to the editor, entertainment, classifieds, sports and other content that we will detail later. This essay would expose what will be La Voz Latina in the city of New York.


La Voz Latina would be a weekly newspaper with an accessible circulation in order to serve its readers. La Voz would be available at newspapers racks outside and inside the subway services, in local stores in the tri-state area, and magazine stores as well. The circulation will rely on advertising, but I would not distract my audience with advertising in every page. We mostly hear people in the streets talking about how advertising undermines newspapers, and how annoying it is to read an article without advertising into the same page they are reading. I would avoid that; I would make sure advertising go by sessions and pages.


This newspaper will circulate in the morning where the majority of the readers and people in the workforce grab their circular along with a Starbucks or a dunkin donuts cup of coffee. La Voz would be an interesting and straight to the point edition in order to make its readers interested on its content. Newspapers have overcome many challenges through history, which have made a readership community to opt only for online newspaper subscription. I would include an online edition, but I want my audience to be attaching to the printing edition as well.


The printing press is competing with the technological revolution, but we can still do something to keep the newspaper readership. Throughout my research a journalist put it this way. “ The Internet is turning printing press into a new shape- a new journalism.   “We are not likely to see again a time in which single revelations have the impacts that they might have had years ago. Some stories are larger than others, but they lack of impact because of the increase in the number of outlets that information travels. “We pay less attention to almost everything – and certainly to news – because there’s so much of it streaming past and we can always find it again” George Brock.

This is the time to do a great newspaper that captive a great community of readership, a Latina one. I would not say the reader might not opt for digital information. But, printing press makes the reader be attached to news and to be updated with what is actually happening without cookies distraction or automatic news updated in the digital edition. However, digital news allows the reader to read the news from any device; through Ipods, Iphones, kindle and computer anytime they want, which is not bad at all. Although, it accommodates the reader to look for the information at a later time, or just make them read part of the story.

Furthermore, newspapers exercise the reading skills of its audience and educates at the same time it informs. That is the reason why I am creating a circulation that fulfills the readership’s needs in this technological era. I do not ignore the revenues that digital press and journalism are generating in the last decades, but again, printed newspapers have survived and are still generating revenues as well.

In contrast, the cultural diversity that characterizes New York City makes the printing press more accessible and affordable for many residents. It may sounds unbelievable, but there are people into our communities (from low income families) who do not have the same access to digital devices as the majority of the residents. And even though it is not a majority, printed newspapers still serve that community as much as upper middle class and entrepreneurs. And I take this opportunity, which combines cultural diversity, newspaper and digital readers and the bilingual community in Spanish and English in the metropolitan area of NYC to launch La Voz Latina at an affordable price of $50. Cents.

La Voz Latina would have the content as follow: A front page (Pagina de inicio), which would introduce groundbreaking and relevant news of the day and/or the week, including, for example, developing news such as the latest news about police brutality in the cases of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Page two will introduce the most relevant news of South and Central America and the Middle East. The breakdown for the 80 pages newspaper is as follow: there will be six sessions of 11 pages each one, which would include, las nacionales, las mundiales, economia, entretenimiento, tecnologia, classificados y deportes. The advertising would be according to the sessions, as I mentioned above, I do not want my readers to be disturbed by the spread of advertising among the newspaper pages. I would make sure to contact big corporations to advertise in La Voz Latina in order to support the circular. For example, at&t, P&G, apple, best buy, cars’ companies and sports brands. Advertising will have a total of 14 pages because sports and cars’ advertising take too much space.

The nationals, the world news and the economy, would be the first three sessions in the same order above. They would expand the most important and relevant news posted in the front page, but also it would publish what is happening in the local and global community. There would be topics about commerce, investments, stock market and business. At the end of this particular sessions there may be an advertising of macy’s suits and professional attire, which would complement the sessions.

Because La Voz Latina would have an all ages’ readership audience, entertainment, technology and sports play an important role for our young audience. Therefore, our edition would cover all the most important events at an international and local level. Entertainment would include, fashion, beauty, health, theater and movie information, which complements the cultural diversity of our community. It is noteworthy that nowadays technology is part of this generation, the technological one. For this, the technology session would be in part of the newspaper especially for those who like video games, smart phones, computers and others technological devices. At the end, advertising would be included from best buy or P.C Richardson.

On the other hand, the Latinos’ communities love sports and our sports news team will be in charge of delivering the most important sport news to our readers. The sports edition would cover baseball, basketball, soccer, futbol, jockey, nascar and other sports practiced on ice. Again, advertising would be include at the end of this session and would have cars and sports sponsors. The classified session would very concise, realty companies, job agencies, car sales and business would be my clients for this session.

Because we are living in a technological era, I would take the opportunity that the Internet revolution is providing to journalism. Through the semester we have discussed how this era have impacted the industry of printing press. But, again newspaper have survived, and we can partner both edition by creating an online and print edition. Through the Internet, there is a quicker and larger capacity to process information, which takes less time than printing press. That can be an advantage for our circulation regarding to last minute news. Now, with the variety of software that the market offers there can be an effective and creative edition. Therefore, I welcome the opportunity for an online edition.

A lot have been said about the negative impact of technology over the printing press, but what about turning those comments and facts in a positive way? Newspapers had to go through a series of editorial changes and at the same time incorporate digital editions to be up to date with the digital era, which is fine. Now they have to be straight to the point and less sensational. And this is a great reason to publish an online edition of La Voz Latina.

While digital edition processes information even from smart phones and Journalist contributors such as Citizen Journalists, an interchange of communication is taking place, resulting in a complete coverture, online, which can be simultaneously and print; photos are interchange, edited and processed in a digital format. Journalists do not have to go through the photography process of the old days, the dark room. Now, almost everything is digital and photographers do not have to spend hours in the dark room to publish photographs in the early or late newspaper edition, photoshop do it digitally. That’s great. In order to be in the market any industry have to be up to date with the technological changes.

In The Shallows, Nicholas Carr points out how the digital era have changed the global community’s mind set. He said that nowadays many people rely on the internet to search, to buy, to read and to socialize with friends. And La Voz Latina is going to take advantage of that including social media in both of its edition, online and print.

Technological advances are not bad at all in printing press. But, the printing press industry have to work hard to be competitive enough to keep their readership attach to its newspaper edition. That is why La Voz Latina would work closely with the New York City metropolitan are, and the international as well to deliver a newspaper edition that informs and fulfills the Latinos’ needs. One of ur priorities is to serve the community through the information that connects the Latino’s community of New York with their country of origin.

If the printing press overcame the challenges of the radio and the television, I think there is an audience for more newspaper to come into our communities. La Voz Latina would publish the impartiality that characterizes the public opinion. Our Spanish edition will make of  the Latino culture of  New York one nation through La Voz Latina, the voice that connects Latinos in New York City.

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