Final Assignment “Tri-State Fashion” Newspaper

I am going to develop a twenty-five-page newspaper that will mostly target young women interested in fashion entertainment. For this weekly newspaper, called “Tristate Fashion” there will be twenty five pages with eleven sections that will consist of makeup, fashion, tutorials, fashion do’s and don’ts, advice columns, current events, makeup courses, and store deal, each of these sections taking up ten percent of the paper. The other ten percent will be divided between cheap finds and health and fitness. “Tristate Fashion” is meant to promote women’s beauty and fitness, as well as keeping women informed of the fashion news occurring in the tri-state region. What makes this newspaper special is that I am going to find away to connect women to one another and create something that they can all enjoy and come together. I also have planned to include once a month a section where women tell little funny stores about dates they have been on or confession stories that are funny, “successful & fails” is what I will call it. I will provide a section in last few pages of the newspaper where women can email us about questions, comments or concerns regarding the newspaper. This section will provide laughs and will be a more funny and entertaining part. It will only consist of two pages once a month. My newspaper will also be very helpful for women who are looking to learn something new and be something that women can strongly rely on. “Tri-State Fashion” will be a news paper that will make women feel great about themselves and not be so self conscious and promote high self esteem.

“Tristate Fashion” will target women who are not only concerned with their bodily images, but also with their health. The makeup section will help to support not only major companies, but also fashion companies trying to begin a kick-start in the tri-state area. Under the makeup section, women can also learn about hair facts, as well as how to be able to pull off simple makeup from a professional’s point of view. In this section details such as what compliments different skin tones, face shapes, as well as seasonal colors will be elaborated and discussed thoroughly to attract women of all nationalities, shapes, and sizes. This s what makes “Tri-State Fashion” such a great newspaper because it will not only target a certain kind of woman but it will target all women with different types of features.

Within the fashion section, the latest trends will be posted from the top designers, showing women what is in at the moment, such as seasonal colors and trends, as well as latest styles. But, as the “Tristate Fashion” newspaper does promote all women, it includes the cheap finds section right afterward to show women that looking good does not mean they must rob their bank accounts. Living in the tri-state area can be pretty expansive and with this newspaper our editors will look for affordable things to display and prove to women that looking good doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars on a simple outfit for something like date night, girls night out, or a family get together. Fashion advisors, as well as professional critics will be quoted within this section to show that these deals aren’t found randomly, but proved to be accepted by fashionistas everywhere. Women’s questions regards to makeup, fashion, as well as products will all be answered in the advice column in the newspaper.

After this section, the fashion do’s and don’ts will be included to advise women on how to spice up their daily makeup, fashion, as well as even including statement jewelry to their wardrobes in order to give them a different look. This section will inform women to be alert on how to make a simple outfit into a great one, as well as when something is going overboard. Examples will be given through celebrity pictures, social media figures, as well as examples from runway inspired models. Women will be informed in this section what is fashionable within the tri-state region, and what they count as fashion mistake. Women something’s think that what they see on television and what some companies portray as being “Beautiful” is a stick figure model wearing something that isn’t for all women. This way we can find a way to determine what goes with what type, examples would be what dresses fit the best body size. There are many different types of body sizes, tall, short, skinny, built, plus size, curvy and more. This way when we prepare our “Fashion do’s & don’ts” we can use photographs in order to show women with different bodies what best suits them. It will be a great advantage for women because we are not all the same this way we can find clothing and dresses that best fit us and look good with out having to spend a lot of money or follow pointless fashion trends that some magazines find to be fashionable but really they aren’t. Looking like a clown isn’t fashionable, and dressing like one isn’t either. This section will provide the best tips ad advice for women.

Opinions and questions will be mentioned in the advice column, answered by knowledgeable writers experienced in health, beauty, and fashion. These writers will answer various questions from a range of topics. Women can ask about health, fitness, diets for different women, as well as tips and valid advice responses written back to them. These questions can also be about sex, makeup, hair, and clothing, as well as what to and not to do regarding problems with men in different situations. The advice column is meant to cover all of the concerns that women have, no matter the topic, and answered legitimately by women who can relate. When women inquire about certain things they want to know it can be sent as anonymous or they can include their name and where they are from. That will be an option that we will give to them in order for women to not feel shy or scared to ask a question. My newspaper will serve as a way to help women and bring the community of women together. Relationship questions and also questions about how to make their men (significant other) happy can be asked in this advice column as well. Women go through many of the same types of issues with men, work life, personal life, friendships, and more this will help women relate to one another and not shy away and be scared. It can also serve as an entertaining section because knowing someone’s story can make some one laugh or teach them a lesson. One women’s story can make a difference to another women’s day.

Advertisements are mostly posted on the makeup course sections that help promote local makeup artists in the tri-state region. These makeup artists will have listed information that can help support their uprising businesses, as well as inform women on how to properly apply makeup while giving them tips. The tutorials section is where these makeup artists debut their skills to help women in their own homes. With the idea to help women, a store deals section will include clothes related to the ones mention in the fashion and the fashion do’s and don’ts section. These deals will include tips on how to achieve celebrity looks through deals found in store and online. Each of these sections, which in total are twenty five percent of the paper, will include at least three ads per section that can help women search for store sales, fashion expertise, makeup advice, as well as linking women to do it yourself makeup artists on YouTube that promote women to extend their own helping hand to themselves when it comes to beauty. Some of these corporate ads will include MAC, Sephora, which are major makeup companies that will mostly be featured in the makeup, makeup course, and tutorial sections, as Zara, H&M, as well as Forever 21 will be posted in the store deals, as well as even the cheap finds section. These are stores that are for women with all looks shapes and sizes. It can benefit because this way the newspaper is not just targeting skinny boney girls. No that is not what we are looking to do. These stores have affordable prices and the clothes they buy wont be cheap looking either.

To not only show women how they can improve their images through beauty, the current events section will include articles and research about fashion, makeup, and public health issues that women should be aware of.  Examples of these articles will consist of effects of birth control, fashion designer news, as well as seasonal makeup line notifications. It’s important for women to be aware of certain health issues and what they should stay away from. Being healthy is very important and in order for women to stay aware we will provide real life articles on real life stories that will teach women on when to have a health scare. Articles will also follow women who are in politics, as well as women leading activist movements around the world to empower women and their strength. This will be a significant part of the newspaper because women can feel empowered and seeing other successful women in politics serving as leaders to our community. In the current events it will be emphasized that even though females are under a great amount of scrutiny to be aware of their bodily images, they should also be aware what women are doing around the world to help each other.

In the health and fitness section, women will be informed on how to keep themselves healthy with personal trainer offers, as well as gym class deals from an all women’s gym, such as Lucille Roberts. As the paper offers information about the latest fashion that is occurring in the tri-state region, they also include healthy and organic affordable dining advertisements in their health and fitness section. These articles will be written by qualified nutritionists, as well as certified personal trainers to show women that it’s not so hard to stay healthy, as well as pointers and tips to help them stay on track. Motivational articles will be included in this section from women who believe in keeping a healthy diet and healthy life in order to inspire it in others as well.

As the tri-state area influences people around the world when it comes to fashion, the section about fashion shows will keep women informed about fashion shows they can attend in order to get an up close and personal opportunity with designers and what inspires daily fashion. Clothing around the world is centered with the tri-state, giving women all over the world ideas on how to dress and carry themselves. Since this region is so popular, the newspaper sets out to give the local women of the area an opportunity to understand to the fullest as to why it has become so, such as through winning tickets to fashion shows, or even VIP pass opportunities to meet models.

The “Tristate Fashion” new papers will try to run as a large print newspaper targeting women from the ages of twenty and older, trying to improve their lives as far as fashion, health, and beauty are concerned. Even though these are superficial qualities, the newspaper will also talk about promotion of women’s rights and movements, as well as female activists to be supported in the current events section. It will serve as a strong supporter to women and make them feel special and good about themselves every day. The many different sections this newspaper will have to offer will provide answers to all questions women may have and if we fail with that our advice column will be a section that’s provided for women to ask us questions they want answers on or opinions. The paper is meant to keep women all around the tri-state area involved, connected, and promoted in order to help one another.

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