Final Assignment

The City of New York has been and still is an important center for Art, Music, Film, Theatre, Comedy, Dance, Classical, Opera, and etc. That is why as a New Yorker you come across to a variety of ads on cultural events daily; in subways and newspapers. However, living in a big and busy city like New York, can be really hard to see the details of certain events, and small ads on newspapers are not always too detailed. That is why having a source covering that latest news of entertainment and arts in New York would make readers feel connected and informed. This is what ATNS (Art That Never Sleeps) will offer to those interested in the arts and entertainments.

ATNS is going to be a weekly newspaper that will bring the latest of art and entertainment events occurring in New York City. It will be printed and distributed every Sunday only for those who subscribe. It will be free of course.
I would also provide an online edition of ATNS for those who prefer digital, making it easier to navigate, faster and eco-friendly. Readers will be able to find the latest news and events occurring in the world of art and entertainment. Being a city where art is very popular, filled with many talented individuals and aspiring artists, I want my newspaper to make them feel drawn into the artistic aspects of our city. I also want my newspaper to bring our different ethnic communities closer by informing our readers of events from different cultures. For example, if there is a Broadway or Live music event in Spanish my newspaper will translate that information in English and other languages. ATNS Newspaper will bring to our readers the beauty and the talents that lives in our city. It will consist of 24 pages, and will include of corporate ads and classified section.

The print version of ATNS will consist of 3 sections. Although this is an Art and entertainment newspaper, it is important to also keep the readers informed of the latest news happening in New York City. And because is a huge city, we have people coming in constantly from all five boroughs. This is why I would provide a section on current events from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. It will have a little bit of every borough, so I chose to provide a page (front and back) per borough. This section will vary; from politics, economics, crimes and etc. depending on the high importance it has for our society as a whole. An example of this will be the current protests happening in New York City on the case of Eric Garner. Also currents policies taking place, such as the upcoming municipal identification card that will be available to all New Yorkers and designed to serve undocumented immigrants. This is important because it affects our undocumented community and I want ATNS to capture the attention of readers from different ethnicities and communities. Keeping readers updated and aware of major news events is crucial, it allows for an increase on public knowledge; allowing them to decide where they fall on key issues impacting their city.

On the second section, I chose to provide readers with the latest of art and entertainment events occurring in the city. This will be like the “main dish” of the whole newspaper. I chose to offer this section with 14 pages providing the latest news in fashion, movies, music, art and art museums, dance, theatre, stand-up comedy, Broadway, celebrities and etc. In this section, our readers would have information like the controversy of Sony canceling the screening of the film the “Interview” due to the hacking in Sony Pictures. How about the news regarding our Mayor De Blasio wanting to revamp the art collection at City Hall? This are just some example of what a reader will find in this section. As for our readers from different ethnicities I chose to provide them with the latest of cultural art taking place in the city. For example, artists coming from other countries who are presenting their art, performing or visiting our city.

The third section will work as a mini “guide” with things to do in the city. For instance, if readers are looking forward for a great night during the holidays but do not know what to do, this section will provide information of events, activities and great places to go to. For example, karaoke bars, museum events, fashion shows, Christmas carols, and concerts. However, the best part of this is that it will provide information of castings and internship in the city for different talents. As we know New York City is filled of dreamers and talented individuals. Which why I want my newspapers to not only inform but to be a source of motivation and offer opportunities for those dreamers. This section will be more visual; more graphics and much more colorful.

In the recent years technology has become important and made it easier for conveying the news. It has become essential in this world especially in a city like New York, which is famous for its diversity. Therefore, news can be read, seen and heard in any language everywhere you go; through the internet, television and radio. This is why newspapers has also been developing more in the web, by delivering news much quicker. According to my research, Pew survey states that the inevitable dominance of online media is quickly becoming a reality. I found this to be very true. For instance, anyone with a smartphone can download The New York Times application, subscribe and Bam! You get the latest news. Which is why I chose to do an online version of ATNS, it will consist of a similar format like I will provide our web surfers the ability to change the language they prefer. Unlike the print version that will only translate in English, Spanish and Chinese, ATNS online will consist of at least 10 different languages (Spanish, English, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Russian). This being an online version I chose to make daily updates.

In addition, because my newspaper will be free and distributed to homes, I chose to provide a good amount of advertisements. Newspaper is the largest advertising medium, bigger than broadcast TV, radio, the Internet, direct mail and outdoor ads. In order for my newspaper to grow and be free for my readers I need to add advertisements that will capture the reader’s attention to gain profit. For classified ads, I chose to be designed for related art and entertainment businesses. It will be displayed on every other 6 page on the Right side column. As for Corporate advertising because they are bigger I chose to display them on the back of the newspaper, front and every other fourth page. Some of the corporate ads will be of Sony, Warner Bros., Marvel, Apple, Clothing stores and Performing art Companies like The Joyce Theatre and BAM.

Overall, ATNS will be a unique newspaper, that will not only keep the audience informed, but will provide them with opportunities and activities to look into in our city. I believe that a good newspaper should not only be a good source of information but should be a source of motivation of keeping our audience happy and active in our city, bringing us closer to one another and learning of different cultures through the arts. I want my newspaper to reach out to anyone of different age, social class and ethnicity. I believe that the arts is powerful and is able to teach us something from one another and that’s what I want ATNS to accomplish.

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