Final Assignment: Hispanos Siempre Informados

My newspaper´s title is ¨Hispanos siempre informados¨ with a translation of Hispanics always informed. Hispanics need an educated newspaper that not only keep them informed of what famous do or do not, what they do with their lives, what events they are attending, or which are the best products to buy and so on . They need a newspaper that tells them everything or at least a good amount of information of things around them that might concern them or that they may want to know more about. Hispanos siempre informados is a fantastic and full of information newspaper that helps Hispanics to stay informed and on top of everything in their own language. Comfort is what people always expect when migrating to other countries and it is exactly what this newspaper gives them. Relevant information that may affect their lives in this new and unknown country and opportunities available for them to better themselves are found on it.
My own weekly Spanish written newspaper for the Hispanic communities that reside here in New York City is a newspaper with the main purposes of informing the community of free or low cost educational courses or trainings, and also give them an overview of the most recent and relevant news to them to educate them more. Since nowadays most of the people have their electronic devices with access to the internet, this newspaper is available to its audience online, only if subscribed, and the printed version for everyone to buy every Saturday. Depending on the section, subscribers receive updates hourly or at that time when something important happens or as if there is a change in the weather. The price is $1.00, worth of great information and for subscribers there is a fee of $0.49 when register. This newspaper has an average of 21 pages overall, which is divided into eight sections as follows: local news, immigration, New York events, education, classified, weather, health, humor, and advertisement which are spread throughout the entire newspaper.
Local news: this section informs the surrounding Hispanic community in New York of politics, economy, and social related issues of importance. All news related to the Hispanic community or news that may affect New York City, which in this case is the city where they live in. It is the main purpose to keep them informed of all ongoing issues in New York. Hispanic immigrants need a newspaper where details in their own language are written and this is the right one for them. Politics, economy, and social related issues are topics that people are always interested in, therefore this section consists of 4 pages.
Immigration: this section provides the audience with new immigration laws, changes to existing laws, any new proposal for immigrants that may help or somehow positively or negatively affect immigrants living here in the United States. This section consists of 3 pages, which tells them what is being proposed for immigrants, what new reform is about to come out or if any change is being mention to be made. Immigration reforms is a topic of our everyday life, especially nowadays that president Obama is trying to come out with a new reform to help immigrants, especially undocumented. Immigration is an issue of great importance in the United States since everyone wants to be sure of their immigration status and benefits accordingly. This is one of the section from which subscribers receive notification from.
New York events: this section consists of 3 pages which tells the audience of all type of events offered to the public in New York City. New York is a City where there is always something going on which can surely be enjoyable to everyone. Events are great to socialize, know more about all the different cultures, meet new people, network, and explore more about new thing that this country compared to others has. New York City always offers something to the public and for free, which are recommendable to attend to get used to seeing people from everywhere and understand more of our diversity of cultures. Constant updates are offer for the ones subscribed as well, since many times people are off from their responsibilities and want to go somewhere where they can enjoy for free.
Education: This section provides the audience with information of low cost or free educational courses or trainings. Immigrants need to know of courses offered throughout the city, so that if time available they could use their time productively by taking advantages of these educative opportunities. This section is mainly focused on different English as a Second Language courses for people to start learning English, which is necessary to start off on the good track. It is of great importance that immigrants learn or improve their second language, in this case English, skills. By facilitating them with address, phone numbers, and all contact information and costs, the audience can easily inquire these places about courses of their interest and enroll into them. Sometimes finding a convenient place, schedule, and price is hard especially if not familiar with the city. This 3 pages section also facilitates immigrants with information for other type of courses that might train them for other jobs as for example mechanics, cooking, medical, electrician and others. Many times people do not want to attend college but accelerated courses where they can get a certificate and start working on the field.
Classified: This section consists of 2 pages. This is a section where readers find information based on jobs opportunities of interest to the Hispanic community. The jobs are organized by requirements as for example if the applicants must know English, need to be bilingual or if the English language is not required, education level, skills, etc. There is also a section in which job positions offers are for Spanish speaking or bilingual candidates. Jobs descriptions are very specific and short so that people feel confident when calling and inquiring about the different types of job positions. Updates are sent when new positions available. Real State, jobs and education institutions opportunities are found in this section throughout these two pages.
Weather: This is only a 1 page section. This section informs the readers of the weather for the future 10 days so that they can dress up accordingly throughout the days. Constant updates are sent to the ones subscribed online. It is important that our customers stay informed and be ready in case of any weather change or emergency. Traffic is included in this section so that people can plan ahead since New York is a city where traffic is the main for delays. People will know which are the best ways to take when leaving their houses or when coming back from work. Any car accident or incident on main roads are momentarily sent for people to avoid such road and delays as well.
Health: Here in this 3 pages section people can read about more health habits, diet tips, how to avoid certain common diseases or illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., which are diseases commonly seen in Hispanics. Health tips are always well welcome by our community and of great acceptance. Sometimes people do not have the monetary resources to see a doctor for dieting or alimentary advises, but in this newspaper there is always two topics discussed along with recommendations and tips for a healthier life. Private doctors´ and nutritionists information are provided to the public, but surely are professional that offer their services for low cost to people of low income.
Humor: it is never too late, early, old or young to sit, read a joke and laugh to the hardest. Cross puzzles, jokes, funny images and tongue twisters are found in this section which consists of 2 pages.
Advertisement: educational institutions, car dealers, pharmacies, supermarkets, medical and legal services are advertised on my newspaper. No clothing or shoe stores are advertised throughout the Hispanos siempre informados newspaper. Some store coupons are added to the newspaper for people to save some money on primary goods sold by supermarkets and pharmacies. Ads are carefully detailed, designed, and full of colors and of different sizes. Ads are not the main reason why people buy newspapers, therefore this newspaper advertises what mainly people are interested in. Commonly newspaper advertises big companies such as Macys, Bloomingdales, Best Buy, Target, Apple, etc ., which is not what people wants to see. Clothing, shoes and make ups stores most of the times send their magazines to their customers houses and even discount coupons for the stores, so it is not something that readers want to reread about. Ads are spread throughout the newspaper and according to the topics talk in each of the pages.
The Hispanos siempre informados is a newspaper that for its low price provides the customer with a lot of resources that are of great use to them. This type of newspaper is the newspaper that Hispanics need here in New York City. Our audience enjoys and also stays informed of all things happening in New York City that might benefit them and that might help them to use their time effectively.

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