Final Project- #3

For my final project I have decided to design a Spanish newspaper with what in my opinion will serve the needs of not only latino community but also those who are interested on learning Spanish. The reason for this is because:

1- The Spanish newspapers that i frequently read, such as El Diario, Hoy and El Especialito, are missing “something” to become the best, and I will take the best of those and combined into one that will serve the community to the fullest.

2- Spanish is the second most common speaking language in the United States, reason why I think is important to have a newspaper that will serve everyone with everything not only covering things.

3- These will be the sections I will be including into my newspaper:

-News: I will like to cover the tops local, national and international news.

-Opinion: Give my audience the opportunity to express their opinions through my newspaper. These section will be monitored to ensure the welfare of my newspaper.

-Entertainment: Here people can find top celebrity’s news, fashion, horoscope and some comics.

-Economy: This section will be for those who are interested on money and economy. Including top news on finance industry.

-Learn Spanish: Since there are so many people trying to learn Spanish in the US this section will be design to help others learn the language.

-Classified: Advertisements, Job haunting, selling etc.

I will try to cover as much as possible and trying to have everything organized, since thats one of the things that in my opinion make the audience go away.


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  1. Sounds great! I like the “learn Spanish” section. I think I see more ads about that on the subways that anywhere else so it’s good that you will direct people to places they can learn the language and get closer to your target community that way.

  2. Awesome..!!
    It think this will be a great newspaper for the Latino community. Just like you, I do believe that Spanish-written newspapers are missing something to make of the Hispanic community a more knowledgeable and informed community. Most people rely on newspapers to stay informed of the most current and important news, but specifically Spanish written newspapers do not provide them with enough information or enough details. It was great that you mention that Spanish is one of the most common spoken languages in the United States because it emphasizes the need of having a resourceful newspaper for this large community.

  3. Love it.. I would like to see that, because as you say those newspapers are missing something. I think newspapers are more than yellow journalism- the connect communities, culture and countries through the information that circulates through their editions. Yous looks very complete and informative. The learning part is great, there are too many advertising about learning Spanish, but no one has taken action to equip the reader to learn English by reading the newspaper. I look forward to read you great proposal.

  4. Great idea with the “learning Spanish” section of your newspaper!

  5. Jhelsy, I have to agree with everyone above. I strongly like the idea of incorporating a section that will help others learn the language. I am curious to see how you will go about it. I know many latinos in New York spefically can speak the language, but cannot read or write it well. So I believe this section can assist many people on learning the language perfectly. It can be a bit complex however being if this was a printed newspaper. How exactly will you go about this section? Perhaps crossword puzzles? English definition but has to be filled in with a Spanish word?

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