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As a person who enjoys reading about the latest entertainment, sports, technology, cooking and fashion news, the newspaper I will create will cover such topics.  I will name the newspaper “The NY Hot Spot”.  The reason for the name is because as a New Yorker, I live in a city that is very diverse and rich in culture.   Because New York is known for its theatres, cinemas, shopping centers, sports and electronic billboards, it is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps.  There’s so much to do like go see a sports game, go to the Apple Store and so forth. Hence, there is a variety of local fun spots to go to and just have a great time.  Therefore, my newspaper will keep New Yorkers up to date with what’s hot and what’s trending.  Thus, my aim audience will range from the ages of 18-35 and focus on both genders likes and wants.  This newspaper will be weekly, summarizing the latest events and news that have/will occur.  I would seek advertisements from local small businesses as well as name brand businesses. The advertisements that will be featured on the newspaper should be a nice blend of the small as well as big businesses.

The city that we know as New York City is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. New York is known for its district of finance, entertainment, museums, sports, blend of culture and much more.  The reason for its attraction is because of its mixture of rich culture and historical sites.  New York’s population consists of people from all over the world.  Because New York City is called “the city that never sleeps” it is one of the world’s main tourist attraction’s to visit.  Therefore people who live or visit New York will discover that there is a variety of activities and places to go to whilst in New York.   New York has many iconic landmarks, including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, just to name a few.  The famous and best baseball teams can be found here in New York.  We have the New York Yankees and the New York Mets, which I am a fan of.  Want to see a game? We have the reigning super bowl champs the NY Giants, the NY Jets, the NY Knicks and NJ Nets, the NY Rangers and Islanders.  Want to tour New York? There are places to visit such as the Freedom tower memorial, New York Stock Exchange or the Bronx Zoo.

This type of information will be informed to our readers.  We will write columns for sports stats and articles for local events occurring in New York.  As a reader, I prefer to read articles on the latest trends and happenings.  However, I prefer if the columnist/writer isn’t biased on certain topics.  NY Hot Spot will only be responsible for reporting on what is occurring.  Thus we will try to deviate from being a biased newspaper, and only report in on the facts, for the most part.  We want our reader’s to trust the information we publish and report on the newspaper.  We don’t want them to feel as though we are falsifying our information, like some newspapers or magazines for that matter.

Now the newspaper I will create will start off 20pages.   The pages will be in color.   The reason I prefer color instead of black and white is that color has a tendency to pop out and catch the attention of the intended reader.  Black and white pages, I feel, can be bland at times.  Purchasing color print pages can be quite expensive, however the funds that will be used to cover the expenditures will come from advertisement, which will be discussed later on.  The newspaper will be published weekly and will discuss events that will occur and is occurring at the moment.   The cover of the newspaper will also have an appealing photo or drawing.  Our writers will consist of individuals who have a good understanding about a specific subject in their background.   For instance, one of the writers loves to go to the hottest clubs in New York.  I myself don’t really know which clubs are popular and nice. So this is when our expert party person comes in and dishes out where the hot spots are.

The newspaper will be directed mostly towards New Yorkers, female and male ages 18-35.  The reason for this particular audience is because there is a lot of activity going on in New York and many young people are eager to go and have a great time in New York.  Despite the other age groups, example 35-60 who also like to go out and have a great time, young people tend to blow off more cash on anything really.  Young people have a tendency to want to be in with the crowd and know what the new trends are.  NY Hot Spot will keep them up to date with the latest trends and events.  Now the featured content will have articles that will give feedback or reviews on broadways shows to go see, such as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show or Spiderman for example

There will be a section for gamers on the latest games coming out as well as reviews on different Anime.  Games and Anime are huge hits for males as well as for some females too.  Since the NY Hot Spot is for both genders, there will be a nice blend of topics for our readers to view.  We will also show listings of newly released movies and music that have been released.  Included in the newspaper will be a page for a delicious recipe for our audience to try at home.  There will also be 4-5 pages covering celebrity news.   There will be a section covering an interview, conducted by one of our writers, regarding selected business owners or community public relations spokesperson.  This interview will highlight the business and events that is/will take place.

Now the shopping in New York City is one of the best places in the world.  There’s also tons of stores to go to such as Century 21 or the Apple store.   There are tons of flea markets to fifth avenue boutiques.  There’s so many stores fitted for every style and budget.  There’s antique shops, mobile stores, furniture stores, there’s just so much stores you can go to, just to get a specific item.  For example, there’s comic stores and spas to go to.  Paris is the home for fashion, but New York also brings in top designer labels from all around the world.  For instance, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Micheal Kors, Armani Exchange and etc.  Thus, the NY Hot Spot will also relay the latest fashion and trends for both genders.

There will be a section included for freebies or coupons for some of these stores.  People like free stuff and try to look for bargain deals, so that’s why I feel this section will be appealing to the readers.  Doing research, making calls and asking what’s happening in the community will be the key point in finding out about bargain deals and freebies. We will make it easier to get these deals or sales for our readers.  Who wouldn’t be happy if somebody else found all the great deals and sales?

A two page comic, games and puzzle section will be added to the newspaper.  Entertainment such as reading jokes or playing games is always fun, in my opinion.  There will also be a page that will include our reader’s questions with answers on life, beauty and etc.  We will have a section that will be posted which will include funny or serious stories that have occurred to individuals.   We want to make a newspaper that will for the people, by the people.  We want to relate to our audience well.

The New York Hot Spot will advertise the many places to go and grab a bite.  Because New York has a population made up of many people from around the world, there is a variety of rich cultural foods found here in New York.  We will list places to go eat that will include all types of foods, such as Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, soul food and etc.  There will be options with everything from fine dining to street vendors that will be sure to indulge the reader’s taste buds with modern and traditional food.  We will also list a few spots of some of New York’s amazing bars to stop at.

The expenditure’s for this newspaper will be pricey, hence that is where advertisements come in to play.   The New York Hot Spot will have about 9 pages of advertisements.  This should help raise the needed funds by the selling ads of different companies. The newspaper will have to either raise the ad prices or add more pages to the publication to compensate for a much higher distribution. Both of these factors will be considered when the publication of the newspaper begins. Because newsprint can be quite expensive a few ads can literally pay for an additional pages, which in return will offer more advertising and content space.  The first few issues will run a few pages. which will be the starting in observing how well the newspaper sells for the first couple of weeks.  It’s better to start with a smaller newspaper and see if it turns out successful.  If so then a larger issue will then come about.

Selling advertisements is the best way to get funds. Newspapers are paid for by the advertisers.  Hence, newspapers make money on each issue from the advertising.  Different companies/advertisers will be contacted and explained that by purchasing an ad for the newspaper they are contributing to the community by helping us reach the community, and they in return are reaching out to the community.  It is a win/win situation; we are advertising their ads, they in return are getting the marketing and publicity for their business or services through our newspaper.

By collaborating with these businesses we will build more solid relationships with the business and its owners by partnering with them.  Also newspapers and other magazines have ads in them, so we should also have ads in our newspaper as well.  People expect ads in newspapers and so we will provide them with different ads.

By having these ads from these businesses this will increases our paper’s credibility and circulation potential. Most businesses who decide to advertise for our newspaper might also carry our newspaper.  Therefore, the more marketing we do for our newspaper, the more popular we can get when people remember who we are.  We might even get referrals from the owners of business when they see how great our strategic marketing skills are.

Finally, in closing the NY Hot Spot’s goal is to try to reach out to as many young adults as possible.  The main reason the newspaper will be formatted this way, is because as a business major, I understand how the market and how marketing works. I choose to name a few of my interest as topics, just because I am the newspapers creator and also I know what most people like.  Moreover, things will probably change, especially if new ideas are brought to the table. The design for the logo would have a nice color and font, which will make it recognizable to our customers.  I also understand it’s important to speak with others in our society, in order to learn how our society operates. Getting information will dictate on what subjects to cover, then relaying this information to our society.  We should understand what it is our society likes and wants to hear; people like to be kept up-to-date.  Because we live in a consumer society, I feel people would especially like to know what is the latest gadgets, items, shows, businesses, services and etc.  This will enable our newspaper to get the information and inform our readers on what is occurring here in New York.  If people want to know what is hot, then they can come and read the NY Hot Spot to get all the valuable information we offer.

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  1. Nice job..
    Im sure people would love to have a newspaper out for sale with all of this type of information. Also the title matches perfectly with what your newspaper and New York is about. As you mention, New York is a hot spot for everyone coming to the United States, New York is a place that never sleeps, time or date is not of importance to anyone here. As many people call it The Capital of the World because people from everyhere can be found here and also tourist are all around, which are the ones mostly interested in knowing and attending different events, or visiting all the attracting places that New York has.

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