Assigment #3

Ariel Landron

Final – Assignment #3

In today’s society technology has become part of our daily routine. Most of us have smart devices such as cellphones, or tablets which in way had become a mayor must have tool in everyday life. However, as useful as they might be, they has some downsides from which antisocial behaviors had evolve, bringing our society to the point of making us addicts to the “touch screen”, “Facebook”, “Candy Crush”, etc., making us forget about the face-to-face interaction with another human being. On The “NYC Technology Newspaper”, the main concern will be educating our local English/Spanish speaking readers on how to use technology, and learn how it affects our politics, economy, and sports; while providing a different point of view on the subject and a taste of the latest improvements, and developments within the technology field. This newspaper will provide our readers with 24 pages of new developments on renewable clean energy technologies, computer and mobile improvements, information about tools and software, as well as article from real people who once were technology addicts. NYC Technology Newspaper will offer a variety of topics in business, history, and sports.

Headlines related to progress on new technologies in medicine such as the, 40 year old male who was able to control 2 prosthetic arms with the use of patterns to recognize the individual algorithms with which muscles contract; Articles and setbacks associated politics and the laws that restrict the improvement or used of certain technologies, and new discoveries about the many scientific enhancements on old technologies that will allow for a more accurate approaches to issues such as wind power electricity, communication, and transportation of goods, will feature on the first page of our daily report.

As of now many developments have taken place within the field clean energy, from which one of the most noticeable and promising is the solar sphere, it brings in energy from the sun and concentrates it onto a small surface of tiny solar panels. The structure of this device will still get light from the sun even with bad weather, while the lens on the sphere is able to concentrate and diffuse light on one small focal point, making it more sustainable and more efficient. Another of field of interest on renewable technologies, will be fossil fuel developing technologies, which will focus on alternative fuel sources, like the use of fuel cell which allow for the production of clean electricity by converting the chemical energy of natural gas. This section will be extended in a detailed article on how the technology being describe has been developed and improved through time, a long side articles about the pros and cons in relation to economics will be publish to go over the probably effects. This and many other developments will be follow closely on pages 2-7 on our daily prints, as a way to give the reader a different approach of technology and how it can improve our economy by allow us to become independent from other countries resources, while educating them and developing their knowledge on these improvements found in our “Renewable Technologies and Our Economy” section.

Now let us move on to what many of our readers might actually call their favorite section of our paper, the “Computer and Mobile Technologies”. On pages 8-12 of our daily reports we will be dedicated to just technology itself and its improvements within the computer and mobile devices fields. Articles about hardware, will be review in full detail; Items such as hard-drives, RAM, video-cards, motherboard, will be evaluated and tested against each other by manufacture, their specifications will be compare and review to provide the winner of our contest “Best Manufacturer of the week”. In addition, our beginners will enjoy brief definitions of the functions of each hardware piece as well as a sense of how they work to bring a computer together. Another topic of interest within this section will be the “most have upcoming phones of the year”, will go over the latest phones, their features, pros and cons as well as to which might be suitable for different kinds of users. Advertisements from companies such as AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint, will be on the middle page and last page of this section as a way as well as advertisement for Computer specials from companies like, Newegg, BestBuy, and Walmart. The good part about this section is that it will be pure, since there will be no politics involve, just plain a pure technology talks and reviews.

Another section that might be of interest to our geek community, would be “Tools and Software”. This will focus on the security software in relation to politics. News such as hacks on big companies such as, Sony, Walmart, JP Morgan Chase, will be explain in details, as a way for the public to be aware on how to use some apps, or banking technologies might be a danger to your personal information. Our paper will give the chance to anonymous hackers talk about their experience on articles or interviews and explain what drives other hackers to attack big the like the ones mentioned above. We will go over how our government is taking actions against cyber-attacks and how politics and laws are being develop when it comes to national as well as international treats. All the material related to politics will be included on pages 13-15. However, advertisements on software such as Rosetta Stone, Online Courses on how to get certified as an CompTIA A+ technician, Malwarebytes, Avast, Skype, Microsoft Office Suite will be posted on pages 16-18, as well as a detail feedback on foreign languages learning programs, and information about Spanish speaking schools providing the CompTIA A+ services, dedicated to our Spanish speaking community.

These two pages will also include a small Classifieds section, on which openings such as Desktop Support Technician, Help Desk Support, and Service Desk Analyst will be posted under “entry level jobs”. Another high level of positions like Technology Team lead, Network Administrator, Network Security Administrator will be posted under the “required experience section” of Classifieds. Refurnished or used computers, phones, as well as use tablets and any other type of smart device will part part of the “items on sale section” under classifieds. The last section will be call “certifications and information section”, which will help readers to find out which schools and intuitions offer the cheapest and best programs out there to become a Certified computer, network, server, or security administrator/technician.

The “Technology Addicts section”, will be the in fact the most important on our newspaper. Page 19 will always be dedicated only to this unit since it will be presented as a blog base chat between our readers and us. It will be composed of 3 to 5 articles from people that were addicts to the social network, games, as well as to their computers and phones. This will allow us to familiarize more with our users and in a way help our community to understand better, how serious it can be to be addicted to social network, since it ends up evolving to antisocial behavior. Through this articles our readers will always keep in mind that technology is just there to make our life easier and that not take control over who we are. It will help the readers to forget for while about politics, the economy, or technology itself, since it will give a sense of human emotion to our paper.

From pages 20-21, our newspaper host the section of “Business” which will go over views on the latest developments on companies such as Apple, which release their new iPhones 6 and 6 plus causing sales over 42.2 billion in revenue as well as the deployment of their latest OS 8, and Google who released the nexus 4, 5, and 6 as an strategy to develop products within the mobile environment, who also acquired the ownership of Motorola one of the biggest and oldest brand of cellphones. It this section we will analyzed how Apple and Google strategies might bring more customers to their side, and how throughout the year their sense of technology has improve their revenues as well as their products. We will also talk about grown businesses with in the technological field and how their grown and development improves our economy as a whole.

Furthermore, our “History” section on pages 22-23 will, focus on the history of many experimental technologies that are nowadays fully developed. It will go over the inventor(s) behind it, in the “segment inventor of the week” under the History section; a little bibliography of to whom they are will be summarized and posted with answers to questions like, what type of process is involved with the technology? How was it develop? And how long did it take to become fully develop? This will allow our readers to learn more about invertors like Aristotle, and Di Vinci, which in a way will bring knowledge to the person who reads about the basics of the inventions that make our daily life so comfortable, and how some are optimize variations from ancient inventions like aqueducts.

In addition, the history of companies such as IBM, Apple, and Microsoft how they achieved their gigantic status as lead members of computer hardware and software development, and how each of these companies related by the way they helped our society achieve a higher level of understanding on subjects such as programing computer languages, and now smart devices such as cellphones. Moreover, one of the points that will be publish in this segment will be an analytical point of view issues such as why the internet was developed as a military strategy then failed, as well as how computers played a big role in war, our industrial revolution history, and how NASA was able to reach the moon thanks to the people behind the screen.

The last section of the “NYC Technology News Paper”, will be sports on page 24, it will have a brief unit with articles describing the best plays of the previous day, teams matches and points achieved, as well as future games. This section will also have advertisements from Macy’s, H&M, and JC Penny. A fragment for the weather broadcast for that specific date and the rest of week will feature in this page. A piece for comics and crosswords, as a way to provide the reader a little bit of fun will also be included as well as horoscope. As an attempt to deviate a little from the basics of our subject so make our daily reports as fresh as possible.

To conclude, the “NYC Technology News Paper”, will also have an online version, after all it is a newspaper base on topics within the technology field. We will have all the sections included in the physical version of the newspaper, however it will include one more section call “Religion and Technology”, which will talk about the different approaches and on various medical developmental technologies from a scientific point of view and a religious point of view. It will be presented in English which will be the default language of the site and in Spanish as the secondary language, unlike the physical version which will be publish only in English. This newspaper will be directed to each and every New Yorker who wants to develop knowledge in technology or just wants to further their knowledge within this field. It will also serve as a way teach some technology addicts to use technology in a moderate sense by learning about other topics and be able to have a face-to-face interaction base what they learned without having to check on your phone every 5 minutes.

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