Abstract 3 My newspaper “Tri-State Fashion”

I am going to develop a twenty-five-page newspaper that will mostly target young women interested in fashion entertainment. For this weekly newspaper, called “Tristate Fashion” there will be twenty five pages with eleven sections that will consist of makeup, fashion, tutorials, fashion do’s and don’ts, advice columns, current events, makeup courses, and store deal, each of these sections taking up ten percent of the paper. The other ten percent will be divided between cheap finds and health and fitness. “Tristate Fashion” is meant to promote women’s beauty and fitness, as well as keeping women informed of the fashion news occurring in the tri-state region. What makes this newspaper special is that I am going to find away to connect women to one another and create something that they can all enjoy and come together. I also have planned to include once a month a section where women tell little funny stores about dates they have been on or confession stories that are funny, “successful & fails” is what I will call it. I will provide a section in last few pages of the newspaper where women can email us about questions, comments or concerns regarding the newspaper. This section will provide laughs and will be a more funny and entertaining part. It will only consist of two pages once a month. My newspaper will also be very helpful for women who are looking to learn something new and be something that women can strongly rely on. “Tri-State Fashion” will be a news paper that will make women feel great about themselves and not be so self conscious and promote high self esteem.

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