NYC Weekly News

I’m a young Hispanic woman that lives and grew up in NYC. I think is important to keep young adults educated and inform on what’s going in our society. I find majority of the newspapers cover broad and similar stories. Due to my busy schedule I find myself not being aware of what’s going on in the world. If I was to have my own newspaper my audience will be young adults from the ages 18 and up and live in New York City. It will be for both gender male and female and every ethnicity. My newspaper will be name “NYC Weekly News” and it can be read online or print. Online version will give readers an option to translate the languages. It will be published weekly every Sunday. It will have 24 pages with varies sections such as sports, pop cultural, opinions, features, local, national, international, business, technology, health, entrainment, jobs, ads, internship and education. My main target is to inform young adults on what’s going on local, national, business, sports and international etc. Pretty much inform my readers on different types of news.

NYC Weekly News will be available online and print. The print version will only be disturbed in New York City area. However, the online version can be view local, national and international. The online version can also be translated into Spanish. NYC Weekly News will have a website and an also an app for cellphone user such as apple and android. Also, the online version will allow readers to post an article into their social media account such as Twitter and Facebook. NYC Weekly News will also be involve with social media, having accounts with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All three social networks will be used to update major stories and event daily. On the other hand, the print version can be found on your local newsstand, or you can subscribe to it and have it deliver to you every Sunday morning. Print version will just be about preferences. Both versions will deliver the same news. NYC Weekly News will mostly benefit those who live in the tri-state area.

International, national and local news is important. NYC Weekly News will cover 20% of local, national and international news. Its very important for everyone to be inform on what’s going on outside of New York City and USA. Since NYC Weekly News will not be published everyday, only headline news will be published on Sunday. Local news will consist of news in the tri-state area such as Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Staten Island, and Long Island etc. The section for local news will cover crimes, robberies, murder and also positive stories of the 5 boroughs in New York City. National news will cover national events within the states such as sports, major events and stories. International news will cover news about different countries such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Americas.

Business news and ads will take up 20% of the newspapers. Ads are important because without ads newspapers wont survive. Newspaper gets paid for promoting advertisement. Certain pages will take up to an entire page, half a page or even a quarter of a page on just advertisement. The types of advertisement will be for cellphones, health insurance, college, loans, coupons etc. NYC Weekly News is for ages from 18 and up its important to have college ads to encourage those who are not in school, to be in school. Every individual is not eligible for financial aid, but there are various options. There will be different ads on how to pay for college such as student loans. There will be ads for major big stores such as Macys, Jcpenny, and Best Buy, Pathmark etc. The types of ads will be coupons design to save you money. NYC Weekly News will not advertise politicians, alcohol and cigarettes. NYC Weekly News does not want to encourage audience as such a young age to consume those subsistence. Smoking and drinking at a young age can lead to life threatening diseases such as different types of cancer, liver disease, weight gain etc. There will be ads when an upcoming election is encourage young adults to go out and vote, however ads for a particular party will not be advertise. NYC Weekly News is not going to portray different politics parties. Business news is important its good to be aware of what’s going in the economy. Business section will cover stories about the stock, world business, and the economy of our country. Also, what businesses are going out of business and bankruptcy.

Health and Science will cover 10% of the newspaper. The health column will have a new medicine, new studies, fitness and nutrition. Articles about how to stay in shape, what to eat and what not to eat will be published. Besides working out is important to eat right food, because we are what we eat. An easy healthy and tasteful recipe will be published every week. All recipes will require 15-20 minutes to prep and it will not be an expensive recipe. Young adults that are away in college always gain the “freshman 15” and are making bad eating choices. Fast food is cheap and is really bad for you. Providing college students and readers with healthy recipes and choices will eventually lead them to a healthy lifestyle. New medicines are always being tested and found society should always be informed. There are always studies being tested such as the foods we eat and how it affects our health. The science column will cover stories about what’s going on out of space and the environment.

Sports are played everywhere in the country. Sports section will cover 10% of the newspaper. There will be a sports section that will cover many sports and teams. Certain countries don’t play certain sports or are not aware of the other sports such as kickboxing, tennis, netball, and cricket. Articles about a certain player being injured will be written about. Of course our target will be to write about New York City team such as the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Jets, Rangers, Brooklyn Nets and New York Bulls. College/Universities sports will also be written about however, only colleges and universities in the New York area such as Lehman, Fordham, Oswego, NYU, York etc. NYC Weekly News will be published once a week only sports that make headlines will be written about.

Technology is part of our daily lives. As the years go by technology continue to grow rapidly. There is always a new device being introduced. NYC Weekly News will have a technology column and will cover 10% of newspaper. There will be articles about the new trends in technology and what’s not in trend. It will also have articles about new technology devices that will be released for major companies such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Toshiba, and Dell etc. NYC Weekly News will publish articles about pros and cons of popular technology devices.

Entrainment, events and pop cultural will share the same column and 10% will be cover. Pop cultural such as celebrity gossip will be feature. Only A list celebrities will be written about such as Beyoncé, Jay z, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. The types of stories that will be written about celebrities will be about wedding, birth, arrest etc. Entrainment news will cover latest video games, fashion trends, music and music videos. As for events it will have a listing of upcoming events in NYC such as college fairs, workshop, movies, concerts and museums etc. NYC Weekly News will have a fashion expert. The fashion expert will write about what’s trending, what’s not trending and what will be coming back in style. Young adults have to stay in style. The fashion expert will have tips on how to stay under a budget, but still dress with latest fashion trends.

Education is very important and many of us seem to always lack on our education. Living in the city can be difficult and many of us can get off track. It is difficult to balance school, work and having a social life, however your education and enhancing your knowledge should always be your main priority. NYC Weekly News will have a column in education and will cover 10% of it. Every week I will personality pick and individual who has struggle, but never gave up on their education. That individual story will be shared to the public. The purpose of publishing a different story every week will be to motivate others in having a better future. Articles about universities, colleges, private and public school, teachers and professors will be written about. Tips for college students will also be published for instance how to prepare for finals, how to manage a social, work and school life, how to manage your money and first credit card, etc. My goal is to help those college students get thru college and still have a social life. I’m a college student so I know what its like.

Every newspaper has a section with job listing, apartment listing and opinions. I will provided my audience with job listing, apartment listing and also internship listing. Many young adults seem to have difficulties finding an internship. There will be at least 3 internships listed for different areas such as journalism, marketing, and business etc. The internship listing will only list tri-state internship. As for jobs and apartments it will also only list tri-state area locations. The jobs listing will be for young adults such as not a having required degree. Jobs listings are only a job not a career is supposed to help you while you’re in college. The lists of jobs are going to be part time. As for apartment listings it will only list cheap and affordable apartments for a young adult. Besides having apartment listings we will also have bedroom listing for those who just want a room. There will also be an opinion column. The opinion section will allow the audience to give their opinions and suggestions to improve the newspaper. Also the opinion column will allow audience to give their opinion on an important issue. As the editor it’s very important to read the opinions and suggestion of the reader and I will value each opinion. The criticism we receive will only be view as improvement to NYC Weekly News.

NYC Weekly News has one goal in mind and is to always inform our readers. We want our readers to read news differently. NYC Weekly News will try its best to always keep our readers updated on the latest news. Within in the years our goal will be to expand as a newspaper. One goal will be to have the print version available in the tri-state area not just in New York City. Another goal will also be to have the print version available in Spanish. As for our online version we will like to expand our language options. We also like to expand and target a different age group audience.

final Blog

There has been a consistent theme throughout my blogs regarding the analysis of newspapers, and that is the issue of journalistic objectivity.  I will continue to keep this matter front and center within my own newspaper, because I believe it is important as journalists’ to remember the rules of our craft.  Sadly, many news outlets are disregarding one of the first things we are taught in journalism concerning impartiality.  With this said, my newspaper will be a fair and balanced medium, and this approach will eventually lead to a strong and dedicated following.  My readers will know that what they read is unbiased reporting and true by verification.  Moreover, the employees that work for the newspaper will have to substantiate any or all sources tediously before their stories are allowed for print.  This newspaper will be a print version and circulated daily around the New York Metropolitan area.  The reason for choosing print is so that it will be accessible to everyone.  Also, I feel a daily circulation is the best way to keep up with current events, especially when trying to compete with other news outlets that may not be so trustworthy.  My target audience will be men and women, ages eighteen and up and of all ethnic and racial background.  In addition, the newspaper will offer translation into any language of choice on the newspaper’s website.  The content of the newspaper will focus mainly on current events that are taking place all over the world as well as locally and nationally.  Therefore, the editorial section will make up approximately 41 percent of the newspaper.  I will also include an opinion, sports, and entertainment section which will total around 33 percent.  Additionally, there will be a satirical section which will contain parodies in the form of cartoons, quotes, or short stories.  I feel it is important to inject humor into a newspaper, especially when most of the stories being reported on tend to be too depressing to read.  Finally, corporate advertisement and a classifieds section will be available as well, and that will make up the remaining 26 percent of the newspaper.  As most of us know, it is not feasible to run a newspaper without advertisements, because that is where most of the money is generated from in order to pay for the production of the paper.  With this said, that is why I feel 26 percent is a decent amount of space to hold in reserve for these advertisements, so that I will be able to pay the bills and my staff.  As my blog continues, I will go more in depth about what will be advertised in the newspaper, and I will also discuss the types of goods and services that will be found within the classifieds section.  I will also provide a caveat that reads: For the fair-minded only!

 My 24-page print newspaper will be called The Independent Express, with a subtitle that reads: The Guardian of Freethinkers.  The website, will be updated daily, and with the click of a button translation will be available for almost all languages.  The mission statement will read as follows:

Our objective is to provide an autonomous viewpoint assuring sound investigative reporting and revealing stories that other news outlets unintentionally omit or purposefully decide to disregard.  It will be our duty to make sure our readers are being informed properly and responsibly by reviving credible objective journalism.  Moreover, our website, will deliver breaking news as it happens in almost any language requested, and it will also work as a forum for our viewers to opine about their personal feelings on any issue relevant to them.  However, we ask that it be done in a mature and respectful manner.  We do not want to trend with what’s happening in today’s news outlets, which is the labeling of persons and stories as either “left” or “right.”  At The Independent Express, our goal is to avoid and not conform to this new style of journalism, because we feel this type of reporting inhibits the truth from being told and instead allows for misinformation to be sold to the public.  In the end, this not only hurts the individual, but it also harms our republic as a whole.  We thank you for your readership, and we look forward to being The Guardian of Freethinkers.

First, I will discuss the editorial section of my newspaper.  The editorial sections of newspapers’ focus on the opinions and feelings of the newspaper as a whole and are written by the editorial board members.  For my newspaper, I will dedicate this section on investigative journalism by having my staff play the role of detective not only for the topics being reported on, but also for finding out how other news agencies are reporting the same stories.  In other words, I will be investigating the investigators to see if these other journalists and communicators are reporting the events accurately and fairly.  As my newspaper becomes more established as a source for exposing inaccuracy, I predict that this will frighten as well as infuriate some journalists, bloggers, and commentators, because now it will not be so easy to get away with rhetoric.

The op-ed, or “opposite of the editor” section will be one of the few areas where I will allow opinions of others to be permissible.  Although my newspaper will act as a truth table, it is essential to have an opinionated section so that we may assess what others are thinking regarding an important subject.  Nevertheless, this will not take up much of my newspaper.

The type of news that will be featured in my newspaper will cover topics happening locally, nationally, and internationally.  I chose to report the news this way so that my audience will be well-rounded and gain knowledge on almost every important topic being spotlighted.  Along with this, I will also make sure that my newspaper covers topics that may intentionally or unintentionally get over-looked.  We will not conform to the trends of other newspapers by only reporting what they report.  If we feel that a story deserves attention even though it may not be considered significant elsewhere, we will make it our business to include that story in The Independent Express. The next section of my newspaper is not intended to diminish the seriousness of any topic or current event taking place at the moment.  The parody section of The Independent Express will create some laughter in our readers and take away some of the stress or sadness they may feel after reading some of the more serious stories featured earlier on in the newspaper.  I can say from personal experience, that after I read the newspaper or watch the news, I feel a sense of gloom and doom.  Then, after looking at a satirical cartoon in the newspaper or hearing a broadcaster make a joke, the frown on my face turns to a smile or I let out a little laugh.  Thus, I feel it is a good idea to insert humor into somber issues.

The Independent Express will also have a sports and entertainment section, which will cover a myriad of topics.  Some examples of these topics will include movie reviews, movie openings, theatre reviews, a list of Broadway shows, and any other related themes.  However, I do not want the entertainment section of my newspaper to look like tabloid fodder, so I will not allow too much chatter regarding celebrities and their personal lives as well as too much talk of their children.  With this said, if there is a story that relates to a celebrity that deserves recognition and can be verified completely, then I will accept it into the newspaper.  The sports section will cover popular American games such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.  Additionally, my newspaper will cover more women oriented sports such as volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, and soccer.

Lastly, the advertising and classified section of The Independent Express will consist of ads that reflect a diverse audience.  I will have major corporations like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue advertise their goods.  In addition to these companies, I will have H & M, Target, and Walmart advertisements which market goods that are more affordable than the former group of companies mentioned.   Moreover, fashion designers will be able to sell their products in my newspaper.  The designer clothing and accessories displayed will target people of all demographics, sizes and class.  The classified section will also provide a myriad of information such as job postings for almost any kind of work available, real estate, housing, vocational training, colleges, internships, etc.  Furthermore, these listings will be able to accommodate all types of ethnic backgrounds and age groups.  To reiterate, the newspaper website will translate any information found in the newspaper and on line into almost any language with the click of a button.  This would be done by either manual typing or voice translation, which is similar to a lot of the apps found on smart phones.  For example, my maternal grandmother speaks very little English because her first language is Italian.  Because I am not fluent in the language, it was hard for me to communicate with her.  However, with the help of modern technology, I can now use an app on my phone to help with translation.  I’ve always said this would be a great tool to incorporate into websites, therefore eliminating the stress of not being able to communicate or read with someone or something.

To conclude, The Independent Express will be a well-organized, well-rounded newspaper that caters to all types of people from all different backgrounds.  My staff and I will do the best job we can, so that we live up to our own expectations of ourselves.  But my staff and I will do more than this, which brings me to my last and final section of the newspaper.  I will dedicate a section of the newspaper to any college student majoring in journalism.  In this section, I will ask future journalists’ to send the newspaper, via email or conventional mail, a 2000 word essay or blog on a topic of their choice.  Then, my staff and I will pick the best three pieces, and we will publish them in the newspaper.  In addition to this, there will be a final contest for the three essays or blogs chosen, and whichever piece wins, that person will be granted an internship at The Independent Express.  I feel this is a great way to pay homage to the profession of journalism, and to also witness what the future of journalism looks like.  At my newspaper, these bright students who win our contests will be given an opportunity of a lifetime as well as a jumpstart to their career.  After all, we will eventually need to pass down the torch and who better than these new journalists’ who will then become the new Guardian of Freethinkers

Assignment 3- The Bronx Entertainer

Everybody wants the inside scoop on the latest trending entertainment and sports events. The Bronx has been the epicenter for entertainment and sports countless times over the past century. There is a feeling of magic watching these events transpire in The Bronx. It sometimes feels like you may be watching history in the making. This is the essence that “The Bronx Entertainer” aims to capture.

The Bronx Entertainer is going to be a 24-page newspaper that will cover the most popular and relevant events in sports and entertainment/arts in the borough. The newspaper will be printed on a weekly basis to be distributed to Bronxites every Monday, for free. The circulation of the newspaper will be throughout the entire Bronx borough. I will have it in local diners, train stations, near bus stops, near schools, essentially anywhere where there is a good amount of foot traffic. In order for the newspaper to sustain itself and continue to provide content to the public, I will rely on advertisements, which will be discussed further in this post.

My readers will be provided with the inside scoop as to what is happening in and around The Bronx entertainment and sports scene. My newspaper will somewhat reflect the format of AM New York. This newspaper, for those who are not familiar with it, embodies the essence of an “on the go” read as I’d like to describe. To many, an “on the go “ read would be getting news from a mobile device or tablet. However, I would consider that to just be a convenient read. Getting news from a medium such as a mobile device just serves as a convenience to the people of this generation. They want everything to be accessible from one thing and one thing only.

But as for AM New York, its accessibility allows you to read while you are on your commute. Employees of AM New York known as hawkers, hand it out in the mist of thousands of people power walking throughout the whole city of New York. Those individuals handing them out are always hollering, “Grab your AM New York”. It is almost as if it becomes part of your daily morning routine, your cup of coffee per say. I say this because many people always feel inclined to grab it then read it once they are finally settling down on public transportation. Aside from the newspaper being handed out, there are also newspaper holders throughout the city that carry them. I tend to notice several New Yorkers quickly grabbing them during their commute. I myself am guilty of having done the same.

Furthermore, their newspaper which happens to be free as well, is my prime reason and inspiration for wanting to incorporate that feel of an “on the go” read. Thus, I felt it would be smart to want to emulate their distribution and marketing strategies.

So how does AM New York go forward with frequently producing a free newspaper? Well, they rely heavily on advertisements to generate their profits. One good thing however, is that their advertisements aren’t as obnoxious as some we all previously compared and contrasted in our past posts.

After a little bit of research, I saw that they have some sponsors such as Cablevision and Newsday, which I thought would be smart for my newspaper.

With touching base on that, The Bronx Entertainer’s advertisements that will be featured in the newspaper, and will predominately display things that are associated with entertainment/arts and sports that are located within The Bronx. Therefore, I would be open to promoting something like a big basketball tournament, enrollment at Fordham University and their athletics department, Yankee Stadium, or a local store such as Frank’s Sports Shop. As for the entertainment/arts aspect, I would advertise an opening of a new exhibition in a new art gallery along with its artwork, The Bronx Museum, The Mall at Bay Plaza and the stores within them.

I also would consider featuring any local events taking place for the upcoming month, but that will actually be a section of my newspaper where a flyer for that event would have to be sent to the newspaper and approved before publishing.

I chose to advertise this way because I don’t want my readers to feel like they are being bombarded while reading the newspaper, which tends to make the reader feel entitled to a consumer approach when they’re being shown big advertisements from big corporations. I want my readers to read the newspaper, be entertained and be informed about things happening within their borough, fun things at that! The advertisements will just assist to bringing that idea to life. They will show what the newspaper cannot directly tell through its content. The Bronx has a lot to offer. Therefore offering encouragement or a recommendation for my readers to check these things out, I believe it can be more effective, rather than forcing advertisements that make you feel as if you are not up to par with society for not having that product.

All in all, I want The Bronx Entertainer to become a newspaper where people would want to rely on it to get the 411 of what is occurring in the entertainment/arts and sports scene.

As for the style in which I will display the advertisements. I would prefer small, glossy inserts as well as small advertisements next to stories that would correlate with them. Now, if the newspaper cannot generate income from this marketing strategy, I would then consider advertising a bigger company such as Best Buy and advertise products that are being sold in their entertainment department and that will be on a glossy full-page. My reasoning for choosing the glossy texture is to present to my readers the separation from the advertisements and my actual content. Therefore when they continue to read the paper they’ll know how to differentiate both and not be too distracted or surprised. Now, if these advertisements don’t increase any profits, then I will consider seeking sponsorship from a bigger newspaper within The Bronx. Altogether, I would want at most 6% of advertisements to make up my newspaper.

In continuance with The Bronx Entertainer and its format, I want it to consist of five sections. The break down of those five sections go as followed: music, art, latest in sports, free events and horoscopes. In brief, I want to make all my stories short, easy to comprehend, and entertaining.

For the music section I plan on incorporating a local artist spotlight. That story would be a lengthier story, which would most likely take up a whole page. Aside from the artist spotlight the rest of the stories in the music section will cover short stories that inform the reader of music events that has happened or will transpire in The Bronx. I will also consider highlighting music programs throughout The Bronx. Essentially anything that is music related, in The Bronx, and that is presumed to be “newsworthy”, will be featured in this section. As for the art section, it will be very similar to the format of the music section in that there will be a story focused on an artist that is creating a buzz within the borough. I will also be covering any new art galleries or events involving art. Now for the sports section, I was thinking of featuring highlights within sports plays as oppose to one star athelete, but along with the plays, the newspaper will have covered sports team within the borough; whether it is a high school, college or professional (major league) team. On top of that it will cover any big sporting events happening in The Bronx. For the fourth section, which will feature the free events, is where I was going to allow businesses or individuals promote their event. However, it must be approved by the marketing team as mentioned before and must match the format of the newspaper. All in all, everything must be relatable to the content of the newspaper. For example, I will not advertise something that has to do with offering a procedure being done. Why? Because that is neither entertainment nor sports.

In view of a particular section most newspapers have, a classified section, I took it in to account this could perhaps be considered my classified section. However, the reason as to why I wouldn’t label it as a classified section is because I am not having individuals offer to sell or buy goods/services. I mean in this day and age we have craigslist for that. For the last section, I decided to include horoscopes; I think almost everyone I know enjoys reading their horoscopes. I have seen people download applications on their phone just to get their daily horoscopes. Since my newspaper is a weekly newspaper, the horoscopes will be for the week as oppose to having it for the day.

As for the readership of my newspaper, I was hoping for it to appeal to the masses. I am not necessarily targeting an audience that is solely interested in entertainment and sports, but rather those who are curious to see what fun things are happening in their borough. I wanted to stray away from reporting strictly hard news. The Bronx has a bad reputation to begin with, so I did not want to add to that. Instead I wanted to highlight the good in The Bronx as well as make it visible that an individual does not have to travel to the city or Williamsburg or even Astoria to do entertaining things or engage in fun sporting events.

The Bronx Entertainer is not necessarily an ethnic newspaper. Although it will be in English, I would want all races, all ages, and both genders to read it. Just because it is focusing on two particular scenes in The Bronx, it doesn’t mean that the content featured would only be readable for those who understand and are familiar with the entertainment/arts and sports lingo.

But here’s a curveball, in addition, I would like to provide my readers with an online version of the newspaper due to the fact in this day and age readers like their content to be easily accessible. What is great is that I would still be able to have my readers experience that feeling of nostalgia while turning the pages of a newspaper to get their information, as well as evolve with the digital era. As for the readership, the goal for the online version is exactly the same for the printed version, to appeal to the masses. However, with the online version I wanted the website to have the ability of having the content translated into any language. The Bronx is probably one of the most diverse boroughs therefore having the ability to translate the content in any language would be effective. Now this version, since it is easier to produce and update, it will offer content on a daily basis of same of the five sections listed above rather than a weekly.

The Bronx Entertainer plans on being the amplifier that will give The Bronx the credibility it deserves.

final abstract final assignment

The editorial choice will be an informational magazine titled, “The Constituent.” An informational magazine was chosen because newspapers can be boring and magazines tend to have an almost childish quality with editorial input that pertains to only the subjects of the magazine. For example, Family Circle is a magazine that has lots of things to do with your family including projects, arts and crafts, fun recipe ideas, and entertaining games you can play with your family at home. The Constituent will be used to keep people informed on several topics with color and illustrations to keep the public interested in maintaining their daily lives and become better citizens of their regions within their local areas. The informational magazine will be available on an international level and will be available in print as well as on an online website. This will allow the readers the options to maintain ease for those that require mobile use such as cell phones, Ipads, readers, desktop computers, and laptops. The informational will be printed on a bi-weekly basis.

The informational will be circulated throughout seven continents that will include North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. The inclusion of all seven continents will ensure that all areas are covered and informed of news, business, and educational information. The informational will also be available in 13 languages that will include English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Creole, Swahili, Creole, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, German, Bengali, Hindi, and Tai-Kadai. This will allow each region to run their own local news in a section catered to their own regional areas. Although there are 6,900 languages spoken around the world, these 13 languages provided are also understood and readers will be able to understand the material even though they speak other languages as they are extremely similar.

The informational will consist of several topics that will include:

  • Classifieds
  • Employment
  • Advertising
  • Opinions
  • Education
  • National News
  • Regional News
  • Local News
  • Community Events
  • Foods and Resources
  • Entertainment


The editorial content will be on local, national, and international topics that will be provided by journalists from each region. There will be a total of 33 pages with 3 pages being catered to each of the 11 topics included in the informational magazine. Many corporations can benefit from advertising in the magazine such as Department of Education, News and Broadcasting stations, Churches, Health and Wellness organizations, Employment companies looking to hire, Educational forums who need to promote educational programs, Food Banks and farm industries, Radio stations, and political interests such as politicians and local government.

CLASSIFIEDS: Get the 411

The classifieds section will allow local employers to list the available jobs for their respected regions. This will allow the public to be informed of jobs, housing opportunities, as well as buyer and seller information such as cars, furniture, and local shopping discounts.


The Employment section will allow people to find work that will be listed by Businesses and Employers looking for specific employment skills. The ads will be placed in this section by request from employers who need to match the candidate’s skills with the mission statements and goals of the prospective organizations.


The Advertising section will be available to each region with all types of Advertisement that will cater to all 11 topics. For example, if a school has a new educational program, it will list it here. If a business has a new sales pitch, it will be included as well. This will help local businesses keep in touch with the public on new projects and resources for each region.

OPINIONS: Get the Idea

The Opinions section will allow readers to provide their views on topics and the Journalists will be responsible on choosing which topics are appropriate for viewing and inclusion of the informational. Many topics may seem personal, yet powerful, and can provide a voice for the people while educating others of the ever-changing opinions and views around the world.

EDUCATION: Get Educated

The Education section will be for schools and programs to explain the educational value their programs will provide to further your education. It will also be an outlet for programs to engage the public in educational forums that will encourage individuals to pursue careers and assist them in choosing a program that is right for them. For example, each region has its own schools and provides their own specialty programs for education. This will educate the public on the programs and give them an insight on what the programs can do for them.

NATIONAL NEWS: Get Informed on a National Level

The National News section will include top news that allows readers to stay informed on the Nation’s topics. The topics may be information on politicians who service the nation and give an insight on what each politician does to service their nation. This will assist in the voter’s insights and keep the public informed on who will be running, as well as how well they can fit the positions being voted on. For example, if a politician is running for a position, the community members can stay informed on a bi-weekly basis of the politician’s community engagement and allow readers to have a better understanding of his future goals. Sometimes politicians change their views and the public is not aware of these changes.

LOCAL NEWS: Get Informed on a Local Level

The Local News section will inform the public on news on a local level that affects their prospective communities. This section can include items such as community events, local outreach programs, and local events that affect the community such as the closing of the nearest shelters to the building of a new police precinct.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Get Informed on an International Level

The International News section can inform all readers of news that effects the entire population such as the Ebola virus. Many readers find it hard to keep up with international topics such as Ebola because the virus travels. This can cause havoc and intimidate people not to travel. This will help alleviate readers from worry and encourage travelers to continue to provide the economy with monetary income.

FOODS AND RESOURCES: Get Healthy Food Ideas and the Resources to Do So

The Foods and Resources section will give local, national, and international food information such as healthy recipes, new dishes that can be made with items that each region has such as rice, and provide the readers with resources to be able to complete these healthy recipes. For example, each region has rice and uses several types of rice such as Jasmine rice, Parboiled rice, and Brown rice. Each region has their own way of cooking rice and there are many ways to make rice. However, each region does not have the resources to create the rice the way the other region does. This section of the informational magazine is important because all readers require a well-balanced and healthy diet. Furthermore, the resources contained in each region are different. Here, local markets, farms, and manufacturers can be promoted to create a mass market of sharing healthy ideas and resources.

ENTERTAINMENT: Get Entertained

The Entertainment section can be a fun way for readers to relax and get their minds off of the daily work grind. This section will provide illustrated comics, puzzles, and comedy. This section can also give readers the opportunity to see what type of entertainment is available to them. This section can promote travel or travel ideas including destinations for vacations or getaways.

This informational magazine will allow reporters from different regions of the world to reach out to their specific areas and encourage them to participate while creating self-awareness for the readers. This creates a better quality of life and allows the reader to become aware of who they are and what they would like to be as an individual. Furthermore, the magazine can cover a wide array of topics that intend to make the person a better individual by providing them with stories from around the world and keep them informed of the changes that international items and news can create.

In closing, the informational magazine can create some self-awareness while keeping the interest of the readers on what is happening in the now around the world. Although each section can create some self-awareness for each particular region, photos and color will transform the stories into editorial stories that the reader can take interest in. For example, if an Arabic woman would like to change her educational values as a woman, she can make a decision to participate in programs that would educate her and make her a better mother and well-respected woman within her culture and community. This is the goal of the informational magazine and it intends to grab the readers’ attention. The world is a huge place and has plenty of room for individual growth. I believe that with this magazine, we can create such a stage for individualized change for the better of individuals, as well as humanity.

Final Assignment

I am going to develop a 24-page newspaper that caters towards residents of the Bronx borough of New York City. The newspaper is going to be titled the “Bronx Weekly News.” I decided to create this newspaper because I thought it was unique considering that most newspapers don’t cater specifically to residents of the Bronx, but rather residents of the entire New York City. I want this newspaper to be an outlet for residents of the Bronx to find out about interesting events happening in their neighborhood. This could help residents of the Bronx feel more connected to their neighborhood and maybe get more involved in their community.

The “Bronx Weekly News” is going to contain editorial content that relates to the Bronx, New York, since it is a paper that caters to residents of the Bronx. However, it will still contain news about current events outside the Bronx, in order to inform readers about important current events. The newspaper is going to have seven sections titled: Local News, Sports, Entertainment, National News, International News, Bronx Events and a classified section. I choose to include the Local News, Sports, Entertainment, classified and Bronx events sections because I wanted to highlight how these different genres relate to the Bronx. I also chose to include the National and International News sections because I wanted the readers to know about important current events outside of the Bronx. This could help readers become more informed citizens. The newspaper is going to put to most emphasis on local news in the Bronx, since it caters specifically to residents of the Bronx. The newspaper is going to devote thirty percent of the 24 pages towards the Local News Section. Since the newspaper doesn’t focus primarily on news outside of the Bronx, the paper will only devote ten percent of its pages towards National News section and ten percent towards the International News Section. The Sports and Entertainment Sections are going each going to take up 10 percent of the newspaper. The paper is going to have a large percentage of content devoted to the sports and entertainment sections because those sections will directly relate to the Bronx. The sports section will primarily cover New York City sports teams in order to relate the genre to Bronx residents. The entertainment section will contain information about upcoming entertainment in the Bronx. The entertainment section will also contain reviews of entertainment in the Bronx. The entertainment section will have these two specific components in order to help readers find out about specific types of entertainment in their neighborhood and to help them find out what is the best type of entertainment available fot them. Hopefully, through finding about entertainment in their neighborhood, Bronx residents will feel more connected to their neighborhood. This may ultimately spur more public engagement. The Bronx Events Section will contain all upcoming events in the Bronx except entertainment events, since the entertainment section covers upcoming entertainment. I chose to include a Bronx Events section so Bronx residents can find out about events happening in their neighborhood. Similarly to the entertainment section, hopefully the Bronx Events section of the paper will serve as an outlet for Bronx residents to feel more connected to their neighborhood. In order to accomplish this goal, twenty percent of the newspaper will be devoted to the Bronx News Section. The classified section will consist of classified advertisements in the Bronx and the areas surrounding the borough. Three percent of the newspaper will be devoted towards the classified section. I decided to make the classified section the smallest section of the newspaper because in other successful newspapers the classified section is one of the smaller sections. I want my newspaper to emulate those other successful newspapers. The newspaper will not contain an opinion section because I want the newspaper to focus more on news and upcoming events. The reason why I want the newspaper to focus on news and upcoming events is because I want the readers to become more informed and engaged in their community through reading the newspaper. The newspaper will also not contain a opinion section, because the newspaper does not want to shove the writers views onto the readers in order to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. The newspaper does not want to the news content in the print version of the newspaper, as well as the online version of the newspaper, to be subjective. The newspaper will try to be as objective as possible in telling news stories. This could help the reader understand all of the different sides in a complicated news story, in order to become fully informed on the topic. Politically, the newspaper will also try to remain unbiased towards any political party, and explain political news as objectively as possible. This could help the paper appeal to as a wide of an audience of Bronx residents as possible, in any political party.

The advertising section’s content in the “Bronx Weekly News” will relate to the Bronx, New York. The advertising section will be five percent of the newspaper. The reason why I am devoting a small portion of the newspaper towards the advertising section is because I want the newspaper to focus more on news and events than advertising. The advertising section is going to be divided into corporate advertising and classified advertising. Corporate advertising will consist of two percent of the paper and classified advertising will consist of three percent of the paper. I decided to devote more space in the paper towards classified advertising than corporate advertising because I want to support small businesses in the Bronx. By advertising more classified than corporate advertisements I would have a better chance at doing so. The corporate advertisements will relate to the Bronx, since Bronx residents are the intended audience of the newspaper. One example of a corporate advertisement that the newspaper might have is for a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. The corporate advertisements will also be based on the consumer’s preferences. The way that the newspaper will find out about the consumer’s preferences is through a poll on the online version of the newspaper. Similarly to corporate advertising section, the classified section will also cater to Bronx residents and try to help support small businesses in Bronx. As a result, some examples of classified advertisements that will be in the paper will be for Bronx family owned restaurants and small businesses. The newspaper will not have any advertisements urging to readers to join a political group or religious group. The newspaper wants to appeal to any Bronx resident of any political group, religion, race or ethnicity, by advertising a political or religious group, the newspaper would be telling its readers that we are trying to appeal to only those or a certain political group or religion, and that is not what the staff of the newspaper wants to do. The newspaper will also not advertise any services that are known not benefit the well being of our readers, such as cigarettes or alcohol. The newspaper will not advertise cigarettes or alcohol, because the newspaper does not want to be responsible for encouraging their readers to participate in activities that are proven to be unhealthy for them.

An online version of the “Bronx Weekly News” will be produced. The online version of the newspaper will contain the same content as the print version of the newspaper. By creating an online version of the newspaper, I hope to make the content more accessible to readers. The readership of the newspaper will be residents of the Bronx of any ethnicity, race, or class. I hope that this newspaper appeals to any ethnicity, race, or class, so it could serve as an outlet for all Bronx residents to become more engaged and informed about their community. In order for the newspaper to appeal to as wide of a demographic of Bronx residents possible, the newspaper will be produced in many languages that are prominent in the Bronx. Some languages, other than English, that the newspaper will be produced in are Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. The newspaper will be produced in these specific languages because they are widely spoken in the Bronx. The newspaper will be produced every week. By having the paper being produced weekly, it will help readers of the paper keep up to date with current events. Having a week to produce the newspaper will also give the staff of the newspaper more time to create better content for their readers, than if they only had a day to produce the content. The newspaper will have daily updates on their social media pages, such as Facebook, and Twitter, if there is a major current event that audiences need to be informed about. The newspaper’s social media pages will only have daily updates for major current events, because if a current event is not incredibly important that audience can wait a few days to find out about the current event in the actual newspaper. The newspaper will have a small but qualified group of staff. Since the newspaper is a smaller newspaper that focuses primarily on local news, the newspaper would only need to have one office in the Bronx, unlike larger newspapers that have many scattered offices. However the staff will be qualified to report Bronx news, by having certain credentials. The staff will represent a wide variety of backgrounds in order to make the news be objective as possible.

The print version of the “Bronx Weekly News” will contain the same content and advertisements as the online version of the newspaper. The print newspaper will have the same goal as the online version of the newspaper. The goal is to help Bronx residents find out about important events and news in order to feel more connected to their neighborhood. The readership of the print version of the newspaper will probably be Bronx residents who aren’t technologically savvy and prefer reading a traditional newspaper. Similarly to the online version of the newspaper, the print version will be produced in English, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew, languages that are widely spoken in the Bronx. The newspaper will circulate all throughout the Bronx, in all Bronx neighborhoods. It will hopefully be sold in most Bronx stores and newsstands. Bronx residents can also receive a subscription of the print newspaper. With a subscription the newspaper would be delivered directly to their door. This could be beneficial for sick or elderly Bronx residents, who are not very mobile and therefore would not be able to receive a print newspaper. The print version of newspaper will be produced on a weekly basis, similarly to online version of the newspaper. The newspaper will be produced on a weekly basis so those who are not technologically savvy can keep up to date with important weekly news, even if they cannot access the news online. The newspaper will be produced on Saturday and it will recount weekly news and upcoming events. By having the newspaper be produced weekly, the staff has more time to ship the newspapers to different neighborhoods. About 5,000 newspapers will be produced per week. This specific amount of newspapers will probably account for enough residents in the Bronx, in many different neighborhoods, who may prefer a print version of the newspaper. The only addition that the print newspaper will have that the online version of the newspaper doesn’t have is a weekly crossword. Many successful newspapers have a crossword puzzle and we want our newspaper to emulate their success.

The “Bronx Weekly News” will try to be as objective as possible in their reporting of all different types of news stories. The newspaper will also try to promote all of the upcoming events occurring in the Bronx in order to foster community engagement. In fact we believe that by doing this, we could appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. Perhaps, the staff of our newspaper needs to discover other ways that we could make our newspaper appeal to as wide of an audience as possible.


There’s something about reading a physical piece of paper that may never be replicated by online media. Whether it is TMZ magazine or The Wall Street Journal there is still a market for print. Structure and design is extremely important. Who is your audience? What do they like to read? What would attract them to your paper?

Beginning with the actual paper, I am a fan of “Magazine Style” newspapers I feel that they are much easier to read and flip through. If you have a magazine near by grab a hold of it. Doesn’t it feel comfortable? Newspapers like the New York Times are great reads, but physically going through it makes it almost a task. Especially when you want to get to a particular section. With magazine-style papers you can easily flip-through a paper to get to the section you desire.

A big part of telling the news is visual. With that in mind some newspapers choose to use color more frequently. Color is best used sparingly; too much of it takes away from the related written article. Color should be used when the visuals are necessary (like in a parade or fashion piece).

Photography is sometimes as important as the article. Though only articles with significant importance should have them. Imagine reading articles about the September eleventh attacks without photos of the pentagon with a giant hole in it, or the twin towers on fire. Wouldn’t be the same? Right? Photographs, like color should be selective, today’s newspaper reader is looking for something to “read.”

The frequency and delivery of the content is equally as crucial. I would print the publication weekly, printing the “biggest” news that week allows people to catch up on news or get a jump on the week ahead. Though building a newspaper on the basis of print only would be a mistake. Getting content out to a readership requires a multitude of platforms and sources.

Beginning with the paper’s website, I would publish and achieve news on it. Though because websites can be changed and edited, unlike a weekly paper the material will vary slightly.  The website would include, articles than don’t quite make it to the issue, a story that deserves a more in-depth analysis, and perhaps off-topic stories. Websites give you an immense amount of flexibility, since they are not bound by space or time (mostly).

Before you can start writing your articles you must first figure out what are you going to write about. In a 24-page newspaper, my target would be about six daily topics. I believe with six topics you can write about three-pages per topic. That gives you wiggle room to cover a few stories per topic and at the same you will be able to cover a wide demographic in the paper.

Beginning with “News,” I would talk about stories around New York from the local level, like something to do with the MTA or community events. This being the holiday-season I could talk about Christmas tree lightings, Menorah lightings, and holiday shows. On a national level I could cover news on politics.  As of December 1, 2014 the government is 10 days from shutting down. The previous shutdown affected parks, museums, visa and passport processing, and the Veteran’s Affairs office.

In a city with people from all over the world, an international section is important. With a slew of ethnic newspapers in New York, there are plenty of people looking for information on what they call “home.” By having articles from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas you can attract more readers while at the same time providing fresh content. Articles on terrorism, business, and climate change all cover international dialogue.

Business is a key section of all newspapers. Many of us have investments, companies that we work for, or simply looking for work. Business sections provide insight on job-growth/decline when people are looking for employment. Business sections also provide tips on financial planning; I can’t recall how many times I have seen an article that says, “Where your retirement savings should be at 40.” News coverage/predictions, on topics like oil prices are relevant to small business owners, who spend a fair amount of time driving.

My fourth section would a mix of politics and justice. I feel that these are both very appropriate topics for a newspaper. Lately, they are in the spotlight of news with cases like Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Justice doesn’t necessarily have to be hard news, but could have some comedy. For example a streaker, running into a field during a baseball game or someone drunk calling the police on themselves.

Politics is it’s own animal, it could potentially cover a myriad of topics. From immigration and gun laws to abortion and police brutality issues. It is a section that could also be seen as entertainment. If you have paid attention to politics at any point in your life, a politician has made you laugh, made, or shake your head. Whether its a the City Council, Mayor’s office, or the President of The United States politicians have an affect on us all.

Politics affect stretch to every topic of conversation, even topics that it shouldn’t be in. As passionate as people are about their politics, so are some people about their sports. Typically stuck in the back page of most major publications, sports would be my fifth topic. I feel that the market for sports is huge and any paper that doesn’t have some sports coverage is doing itself a disservice. New York has an abundance of sports magazines, radios, sections, writers, and shows. All dedicated to sports here and around the country. People need a section to unwind and get their minds off of “ the real world.”

My final section would be a mish-mash of topics. With one to two pages of arts,culture, technology, things-to-do, and advice. Although all of these topics are newspapers in themselves, I am not sure if a print section is totally necessary for all of them. I would imagine most tech users get their information from a web-source, rather than a printed one.

Amongst the final section would be a twist, a reader-submitted section. The reader submitted section would consist of ideas or reports done by readers. We all have a favorite magazine, blog, newspaper, or website that we read and wish we could give input to. These days that is possible via chat rooms, Twitter, or emailing the editors, but it is not widely practiced. I feel that a newspaper is meant to be written for the people. So, why not have the people get involved as well?

One may think that the topics, that this paper would cover are narrow. I would agree, in the age of free information why would one want to pay for a newspaper with so little content. Because, simply put there is a demand. The New York Times was ahead of the curve, when it started charging for online access with it’s “paywall” almost four years ago now. At the time it seemed like a ludicrous move, many websites thought it would fail. The fact of the matter is, it hasn’t.

Readers are willing to buy content that almost catered to them. We all have a subject of interest that we’re drawn to, and the numbers don’t lie will pay for them. Media has stopped taking the “one size fits all model” with their content and have spun-off or created content specifically targeted towards certain individuals. I myself have a magazine subscription to EVO which is about $110 a year. Sounds expensive? Well plenty of people like myself, are looking for content that is beyond the norm.

My own newspaper would not be so expensive. I think that around five dollars(the same as a Sunday Times subscription) is not out of reason. People still get newspapers for many reasons. I like to read printed content, because if I am eating I don’t have to worry about the paper, because I am going to put it in my bird’s cage when I am done. Sometimes though, I just don’t want to look at a monitor.

I have a smartphone in my pocket, a smart watch on wrist, an LCD in my car, and a computer in front of me most of my day. I need an escape, with no batteries or notifications or pop-up ads. The same would go for related website. Rather than be at the mercy of advertising dollars all the time, I would like the readers decide what they prefer.

Advertising for newspapers has been falling for years now. I would not want my readers or the publication be at the mercy of Bloomingdales or Apple to get content out. Thus in order to keep readers happy, they will be able to make a choice. A paid version of the website with no ads or an unpaid with a limited amount of views per month.

Reading the content digitally will also be a priority. Mobile formating for the website or application is important building-block for any website, as of this year, according to more than half of webpages in the U.S. are now viewed via a mobile device.  Whether they use an Android, Apple, or Windows device, diversifying your mobile platforms is crucial, in order to get your content out. Creating an easy-to-use, sensible, and functional mobile experience is a requirement of any great website today.

No matter how good your stories, photos, or website may be there’s one key thing that I believe is necessary to have a successful paper. A great staff. There’s so many potentially great reporters/writers out there, getting them on the same page ( no pun intended) to take content and organize it in the most coherent manner is essential. Readers appreciate when reporters take an extra step in order to get content.

Publications that hire reporters that are willing to take that extra step are renowned. People live-vicariously, through the stories they read. So whether your reporters are sleeping in the jungle with natives of another country or riding shotgun with troops in a tank you’re grabbing and owning the attention of someone. Getting reporters that are able and willing to put themselves “out there” will ensure your success.

People are attracted to a variety of media formats and publications. In order to create a successful newspaper, you must create one that attracts those readers to your publication.

With millions of websites, in hundreds of languages creating a new-newspaper is a daunting task. Many will say that the market for newspaper is dying and they will use statistics to prove that. I will tell them, that newspapers are not dying, at all. The only thing that is being put to bed, is the paper that we print them on.

Las Paginas Que Hablan Abstract #3

Our world is constantly changing and although today we rely on technology and media, newspapers are still very important in the news business and can’t be replaced by online news, TV or radio. They organize the world each day in a coherent way and present us with stories that we might not otherwise even read. In such a diverse country, where trends and languages are constantly changing, media is a revolving door and newspapers have become a reliable source for information, which impacts and encourages its readers. Likewise, our mindsets are also changing. Individuals are becoming more skeptical about the things they see and hear. Newspapers are important because they are less biased so they can be relied on to provide information on politics that does not try to change the beliefs of readers.

Abstract #3:

There has been a consistent theme throughout my blogs regarding the analysis of newspapers, and that is on the issue of journalistic objectivity.  I will continue to keep this matter front and center within my own newspaper, because I believe it is important as journalists to remember the rules of our craft.  Sadly, many news outlets are disregarding one of the first things we are taught in journalism concerning impartiality.  With this said, my newspaper will be a fair and balanced medium, and this approach will eventually lead to a strong and dedicated following.  My readers will know that what they read is unbiased reporting and true by verification.  Moreover, the employees that work for the newspaper will have to substantiate any or all sources tediously before their stories are allowed for print.  This newspaper will be a print version and circulated daily around the New York metropolitan area.  The reason for choosing print is so that it will be accessible to everyone.  Also, I feel a daily circulation is the best way to keep up with current events, especially when trying to compete with other news outlets that may not be so trustworthy.  My target audience will be men and women, ages eighteen and up and of all ethnic and racial background.  In addition, the newspaper will offer translation into any language of choice on the newspaper’s website.  The content of the newspaper will focus mainly on current events that are taking place all over the world as well as locally.  Therefore, the editorial section will make up approximately 41 percent of the newspaper.  I will also include an opinion, sports, and entertainment section which will total around 33 percent.  Finally, corporate advertisement and a classifieds section will be available as well, and that will make up the remaining 26 percent of the newspaper.  As my blog continues, I will go more in depth about what will be advertised in the newspaper, and I will also discuss the types of goods and services that will be found within the classifieds section.  I will also provide a caveat that reads: For the fair-minded only!

Abstract #3

As a person who enjoys reading about the latest entertainment, sports, technology, cooking and fashion news, my newspaper will cover such topics.  I will name the newspaper ” The NY Hot Spot”.  The reason for the name is because as a New Yorker, I live in a city that is very diverse and rich in culture.   Because New York is known for its theatres, cinemas, shopping centers, sports and electronic billboards, it is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps.  There’s so much to do like go see a sports game, go to the Apple Store and so forth. Hence, there is a  variety of local fun spots to go to and just have a great time.  Therefore, my newspaper will keep New Yorkers up to date with what’s hot and what’s trending.  Thus, my aim audience will range from the ages of 18-35 and focus on both genders likes and wants.  This newspaper will be weekly, summarizing the latest events and news that have/will occur.  I would seek advertisements from local small businesses as well as name brand businesses. The advertisements that will be featured on the newspaper should be a nice blend of the small as well as big businesses.

Final Project- #3

For my final project I have decided to design a Spanish newspaper with what in my opinion will serve the needs of not only latino community but also those who are interested on learning Spanish. The reason for this is because:

1- The Spanish newspapers that i frequently read, such as El Diario, Hoy and El Especialito, are missing “something” to become the best, and I will take the best of those and combined into one that will serve the community to the fullest.

2- Spanish is the second most common speaking language in the United States, reason why I think is important to have a newspaper that will serve everyone with everything not only covering things.

3- These will be the sections I will be including into my newspaper:

-News: I will like to cover the tops local, national and international news.

-Opinion: Give my audience the opportunity to express their opinions through my newspaper. These section will be monitored to ensure the welfare of my newspaper.

-Entertainment: Here people can find top celebrity’s news, fashion, horoscope and some comics.

-Economy: This section will be for those who are interested on money and economy. Including top news on finance industry.

-Learn Spanish: Since there are so many people trying to learn Spanish in the US this section will be design to help others learn the language.

-Classified: Advertisements, Job haunting, selling etc.

I will try to cover as much as possible and trying to have everything organized, since thats one of the things that in my opinion make the audience go away.

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