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The editorial choice will be an informational magazine titled, “The Constituent.” An informational magazine was chosen because newspapers can be boring and magazines tend to have an almost childish quality with editorial input that pertains to only the subjects of the magazine. For example, Family Circle is a magazine that has lots of things to do with your family including projects, arts and crafts, fun recipe ideas, and entertaining games you can play with your family at home. The Constituent will be used to keep people informed on several topics with color and illustrations to keep the public interested in maintaining their daily lives and become better citizens of their regions within their local areas. The informational magazine will be available on an international level and will be available in print as well as on an online website. This will allow the readers the options to maintain ease for those that require mobile use such as cell phones, Ipads, readers, desktop computers, and laptops. The informational will be printed on a bi-weekly basis.

The informational will be circulated throughout seven continents that will include North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. The inclusion of all seven continents will ensure that all areas are covered and informed of news, business, and educational information. The informational will also be available in 13 languages that will include English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Creole, Swahili, Creole, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, German, Bengali, Hindi, and Tai-Kadai. This will allow each region to run their own local news in a section catered to their own regional areas. Although there are 6,900 languages spoken around the world, these 13 languages provided are also understood and readers will be able to understand the material even though they speak other languages as they are extremely similar.

The informational will consist of several topics that will include:

  • Classifieds
  • Employment
  • Advertising
  • Opinions
  • Education
  • National News
  • Regional News
  • Local News
  • Community Events
  • Foods and Resources
  • Entertainment


The editorial content will be on local, national, and international topics that will be provided by journalists from each region. There will be a total of 33 pages with 3 pages being catered to each of the 11 topics included in the informational magazine. Many corporations can benefit from advertising in the magazine such as Department of Education, News and Broadcasting stations, Churches, Health and Wellness organizations, Employment companies looking to hire, Educational forums who need to promote educational programs, Food Banks and farm industries, Radio stations, and political interests such as politicians and local government.

CLASSIFIEDS: Get the 411

The classifieds section will allow local employers to list the available jobs for their respected regions. This will allow the public to be informed of jobs, housing opportunities, as well as buyer and seller information such as cars, furniture, and local shopping discounts.


The Employment section will allow people to find work that will be listed by Businesses and Employers looking for specific employment skills. The ads will be placed in this section by request from employers who need to match the candidate’s skills with the mission statements and goals of the prospective organizations.


The Advertising section will be available to each region with all types of Advertisement that will cater to all 11 topics. For example, if a school has a new educational program, it will list it here. If a business has a new sales pitch, it will be included as well. This will help local businesses keep in touch with the public on new projects and resources for each region.

OPINIONS: Get the Idea

The Opinions section will allow readers to provide their views on topics and the Journalists will be responsible on choosing which topics are appropriate for viewing and inclusion of the informational. Many topics may seem personal, yet powerful, and can provide a voice for the people while educating others of the ever-changing opinions and views around the world.

EDUCATION: Get Educated

The Education section will be for schools and programs to explain the educational value their programs will provide to further your education. It will also be an outlet for programs to engage the public in educational forums that will encourage individuals to pursue careers and assist them in choosing a program that is right for them. For example, each region has its own schools and provides their own specialty programs for education. This will educate the public on the programs and give them an insight on what the programs can do for them.

NATIONAL NEWS: Get Informed on a National Level

The National News section will include top news that allows readers to stay informed on the Nation’s topics. The topics may be information on politicians who service the nation and give an insight on what each politician does to service their nation. This will assist in the voter’s insights and keep the public informed on who will be running, as well as how well they can fit the positions being voted on. For example, if a politician is running for a position, the community members can stay informed on a bi-weekly basis of the politician’s community engagement and allow readers to have a better understanding of his future goals. Sometimes politicians change their views and the public is not aware of these changes.

LOCAL NEWS: Get Informed on a Local Level

The Local News section will inform the public on news on a local level that affects their prospective communities. This section can include items such as community events, local outreach programs, and local events that affect the community such as the closing of the nearest shelters to the building of a new police precinct.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Get Informed on an International Level

The International News section can inform all readers of news that effects the entire population such as the Ebola virus. Many readers find it hard to keep up with international topics such as Ebola because the virus travels. This can cause havoc and intimidate people not to travel. This will help alleviate readers from worry and encourage travelers to continue to provide the economy with monetary income.

FOODS AND RESOURCES: Get Healthy Food Ideas and the Resources to Do So

The Foods and Resources section will give local, national, and international food information such as healthy recipes, new dishes that can be made with items that each region has such as rice, and provide the readers with resources to be able to complete these healthy recipes. For example, each region has rice and uses several types of rice such as Jasmine rice, Parboiled rice, and Brown rice. Each region has their own way of cooking rice and there are many ways to make rice. However, each region does not have the resources to create the rice the way the other region does. This section of the informational magazine is important because all readers require a well-balanced and healthy diet. Furthermore, the resources contained in each region are different. Here, local markets, farms, and manufacturers can be promoted to create a mass market of sharing healthy ideas and resources.

ENTERTAINMENT: Get Entertained

The Entertainment section can be a fun way for readers to relax and get their minds off of the daily work grind. This section will provide illustrated comics, puzzles, and comedy. This section can also give readers the opportunity to see what type of entertainment is available to them. This section can promote travel or travel ideas including destinations for vacations or getaways.

This informational magazine will allow reporters from different regions of the world to reach out to their specific areas and encourage them to participate while creating self-awareness for the readers. This creates a better quality of life and allows the reader to become aware of who they are and what they would like to be as an individual. Furthermore, the magazine can cover a wide array of topics that intend to make the person a better individual by providing them with stories from around the world and keep them informed of the changes that international items and news can create.

In closing, the informational magazine can create some self-awareness while keeping the interest of the readers on what is happening in the now around the world. Although each section can create some self-awareness for each particular region, photos and color will transform the stories into editorial stories that the reader can take interest in. For example, if an Arabic woman would like to change her educational values as a woman, she can make a decision to participate in programs that would educate her and make her a better mother and well-respected woman within her culture and community. This is the goal of the informational magazine and it intends to grab the readers’ attention. The world is a huge place and has plenty of room for individual growth. I believe that with this magazine, we can create such a stage for individualized change for the better of individuals, as well as humanity.

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