Abstract #3:

There has been a consistent theme throughout my blogs regarding the analysis of newspapers, and that is on the issue of journalistic objectivity.  I will continue to keep this matter front and center within my own newspaper, because I believe it is important as journalists to remember the rules of our craft.  Sadly, many news outlets are disregarding one of the first things we are taught in journalism concerning impartiality.  With this said, my newspaper will be a fair and balanced medium, and this approach will eventually lead to a strong and dedicated following.  My readers will know that what they read is unbiased reporting and true by verification.  Moreover, the employees that work for the newspaper will have to substantiate any or all sources tediously before their stories are allowed for print.  This newspaper will be a print version and circulated daily around the New York metropolitan area.  The reason for choosing print is so that it will be accessible to everyone.  Also, I feel a daily circulation is the best way to keep up with current events, especially when trying to compete with other news outlets that may not be so trustworthy.  My target audience will be men and women, ages eighteen and up and of all ethnic and racial background.  In addition, the newspaper will offer translation into any language of choice on the newspaper’s website.  The content of the newspaper will focus mainly on current events that are taking place all over the world as well as locally.  Therefore, the editorial section will make up approximately 41 percent of the newspaper.  I will also include an opinion, sports, and entertainment section which will total around 33 percent.  Finally, corporate advertisement and a classifieds section will be available as well, and that will make up the remaining 26 percent of the newspaper.  As my blog continues, I will go more in depth about what will be advertised in the newspaper, and I will also discuss the types of goods and services that will be found within the classifieds section.  I will also provide a caveat that reads: For the fair-minded only!

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