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I’m a young Hispanic woman that lives and grew up in NYC. I think is important to keep young adults educated and inform on what’s going in our society. I find majority of the newspapers cover broad and similar stories. Due to my busy schedule I find myself not being aware of what’s going on in the world. If I was to have my own newspaper my audience will be young adults from the ages 18 and up and live in New York City. It will be for both gender male and female and every ethnicity. My newspaper will be name “NYC Weekly News” and it can be read online or print. Online version will give readers an option to translate the languages. It will be published weekly every Sunday. It will have 24 pages with varies sections such as sports, pop cultural, opinions, features, local, national, international, business, technology, health, entrainment, jobs, ads, internship and education. My main target is to inform young adults on what’s going on local, national, business, sports and international etc. Pretty much inform my readers on different types of news.

NYC Weekly News will be available online and print. The print version will only be disturbed in New York City area. However, the online version can be view local, national and international. The online version can also be translated into Spanish. NYC Weekly News will have a website and an also an app for cellphone user such as apple and android. Also, the online version will allow readers to post an article into their social media account such as Twitter and Facebook. NYC Weekly News will also be involve with social media, having accounts with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All three social networks will be used to update major stories and event daily. On the other hand, the print version can be found on your local newsstand, or you can subscribe to it and have it deliver to you every Sunday morning. Print version will just be about preferences. Both versions will deliver the same news. NYC Weekly News will mostly benefit those who live in the tri-state area.

International, national and local news is important. NYC Weekly News will cover 20% of local, national and international news. Its very important for everyone to be inform on what’s going on outside of New York City and USA. Since NYC Weekly News will not be published everyday, only headline news will be published on Sunday. Local news will consist of news in the tri-state area such as Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Staten Island, and Long Island etc. The section for local news will cover crimes, robberies, murder and also positive stories of the 5 boroughs in New York City. National news will cover national events within the states such as sports, major events and stories. International news will cover news about different countries such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Americas.

Business news and ads will take up 20% of the newspapers. Ads are important because without ads newspapers wont survive. Newspaper gets paid for promoting advertisement. Certain pages will take up to an entire page, half a page or even a quarter of a page on just advertisement. The types of advertisement will be for cellphones, health insurance, college, loans, coupons etc. NYC Weekly News is for ages from 18 and up its important to have college ads to encourage those who are not in school, to be in school. Every individual is not eligible for financial aid, but there are various options. There will be different ads on how to pay for college such as student loans. There will be ads for major big stores such as Macys, Jcpenny, and Best Buy, Pathmark etc. The types of ads will be coupons design to save you money. NYC Weekly News will not advertise politicians, alcohol and cigarettes. NYC Weekly News does not want to encourage audience as such a young age to consume those subsistence. Smoking and drinking at a young age can lead to life threatening diseases such as different types of cancer, liver disease, weight gain etc. There will be ads when an upcoming election is encourage young adults to go out and vote, however ads for a particular party will not be advertise. NYC Weekly News is not going to portray different politics parties. Business news is important its good to be aware of what’s going in the economy. Business section will cover stories about the stock, world business, and the economy of our country. Also, what businesses are going out of business and bankruptcy.

Health and Science will cover 10% of the newspaper. The health column will have a new medicine, new studies, fitness and nutrition. Articles about how to stay in shape, what to eat and what not to eat will be published. Besides working out is important to eat right food, because we are what we eat. An easy healthy and tasteful recipe will be published every week. All recipes will require 15-20 minutes to prep and it will not be an expensive recipe. Young adults that are away in college always gain the “freshman 15” and are making bad eating choices. Fast food is cheap and is really bad for you. Providing college students and readers with healthy recipes and choices will eventually lead them to a healthy lifestyle. New medicines are always being tested and found society should always be informed. There are always studies being tested such as the foods we eat and how it affects our health. The science column will cover stories about what’s going on out of space and the environment.

Sports are played everywhere in the country. Sports section will cover 10% of the newspaper. There will be a sports section that will cover many sports and teams. Certain countries don’t play certain sports or are not aware of the other sports such as kickboxing, tennis, netball, and cricket. Articles about a certain player being injured will be written about. Of course our target will be to write about New York City team such as the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Jets, Rangers, Brooklyn Nets and New York Bulls. College/Universities sports will also be written about however, only colleges and universities in the New York area such as Lehman, Fordham, Oswego, NYU, York etc. NYC Weekly News will be published once a week only sports that make headlines will be written about.

Technology is part of our daily lives. As the years go by technology continue to grow rapidly. There is always a new device being introduced. NYC Weekly News will have a technology column and will cover 10% of newspaper. There will be articles about the new trends in technology and what’s not in trend. It will also have articles about new technology devices that will be released for major companies such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Toshiba, and Dell etc. NYC Weekly News will publish articles about pros and cons of popular technology devices.

Entrainment, events and pop cultural will share the same column and 10% will be cover. Pop cultural such as celebrity gossip will be feature. Only A list celebrities will be written about such as Beyoncé, Jay z, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. The types of stories that will be written about celebrities will be about wedding, birth, arrest etc. Entrainment news will cover latest video games, fashion trends, music and music videos. As for events it will have a listing of upcoming events in NYC such as college fairs, workshop, movies, concerts and museums etc. NYC Weekly News will have a fashion expert. The fashion expert will write about what’s trending, what’s not trending and what will be coming back in style. Young adults have to stay in style. The fashion expert will have tips on how to stay under a budget, but still dress with latest fashion trends.

Education is very important and many of us seem to always lack on our education. Living in the city can be difficult and many of us can get off track. It is difficult to balance school, work and having a social life, however your education and enhancing your knowledge should always be your main priority. NYC Weekly News will have a column in education and will cover 10% of it. Every week I will personality pick and individual who has struggle, but never gave up on their education. That individual story will be shared to the public. The purpose of publishing a different story every week will be to motivate others in having a better future. Articles about universities, colleges, private and public school, teachers and professors will be written about. Tips for college students will also be published for instance how to prepare for finals, how to manage a social, work and school life, how to manage your money and first credit card, etc. My goal is to help those college students get thru college and still have a social life. I’m a college student so I know what its like.

Every newspaper has a section with job listing, apartment listing and opinions. I will provided my audience with job listing, apartment listing and also internship listing. Many young adults seem to have difficulties finding an internship. There will be at least 3 internships listed for different areas such as journalism, marketing, and business etc. The internship listing will only list tri-state internship. As for jobs and apartments it will also only list tri-state area locations. The jobs listing will be for young adults such as not a having required degree. Jobs listings are only a job not a career is supposed to help you while you’re in college. The lists of jobs are going to be part time. As for apartment listings it will only list cheap and affordable apartments for a young adult. Besides having apartment listings we will also have bedroom listing for those who just want a room. There will also be an opinion column. The opinion section will allow the audience to give their opinions and suggestions to improve the newspaper. Also the opinion column will allow audience to give their opinion on an important issue. As the editor it’s very important to read the opinions and suggestion of the reader and I will value each opinion. The criticism we receive will only be view as improvement to NYC Weekly News.

NYC Weekly News has one goal in mind and is to always inform our readers. We want our readers to read news differently. NYC Weekly News will try its best to always keep our readers updated on the latest news. Within in the years our goal will be to expand as a newspaper. One goal will be to have the print version available in the tri-state area not just in New York City. Another goal will also be to have the print version available in Spanish. As for our online version we will like to expand our language options. We also like to expand and target a different age group audience.

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