La Voz Latina

La Voz Latina


Through the semester we have talked about how different editions of newspapers influence and inform readers according to their demographic location as well as their ethnic background. We also discussed how advertising strategies and newspapers formats retain faithful readers every week. Newspapers are the most ancient and reliable source of information. They maintains their daily circulation year after year; its accessibility, the concisely way to deliver information to its readers and options for readers who wish to read detailed information of a particular story (unlike a newscast format of 2-2: 30 minutes). All of these things have kept newspapers readers faithful; despite the availability of more technological options. That is why we can still create newspapers circulars to inform our communities.


Because I am Latina and keeping my country and culture up to date with the most important information and topics of interest Latino is one of my priorities as journalist, I would create La Voz Latina. This newspaper will have a Latino audience in the New York metropolitan area. The newspaper would be concise but informative; it would have a total of 80 pages and will cost $ 50c as an initial price. Its content would consist of different sessions such as, las nacionales (nationals)-which will include news of our area (NYC); Noticias de nuestro pais (news from our country, Latin American countries); Opinion, letters to the editor, entertainment, classifieds, sports and other content that we will detail later. This essay would expose what will be La Voz Latina in the city of New York.


La Voz Latina would be a weekly newspaper with an accessible circulation in order to serve its readers. La Voz would be available at newspapers racks outside and inside the subway services, in local stores in the tri-state area, and magazine stores as well. The circulation will rely on advertising, but I would not distract my audience with advertising in every page. We mostly hear people in the streets talking about how advertising undermines newspapers, and how annoying it is to read an article without advertising into the same page they are reading. I would avoid that; I would make sure advertising go by sessions and pages.


This newspaper will circulate in the morning where the majority of the readers and people in the workforce grab their circular along with a Starbucks or a dunkin donuts cup of coffee. La Voz would be an interesting and straight to the point edition in order to make its readers interested on its content. Newspapers have overcome many challenges through history, which have made a readership community to opt only for online newspaper subscription. I would include an online edition, but I want my audience to be attaching to the printing edition as well.


The printing press is competing with the technological revolution, but we can still do something to keep the newspaper readership. Throughout my research a journalist put it this way. “ The Internet is turning printing press into a new shape- a new journalism.   “We are not likely to see again a time in which single revelations have the impacts that they might have had years ago. Some stories are larger than others, but they lack of impact because of the increase in the number of outlets that information travels. “We pay less attention to almost everything – and certainly to news – because there’s so much of it streaming past and we can always find it again” George Brock.

This is the time to do a great newspaper that captive a great community of readership, a Latina one. I would not say the reader might not opt for digital information. But, printing press makes the reader be attached to news and to be updated with what is actually happening without cookies distraction or automatic news updated in the digital edition. However, digital news allows the reader to read the news from any device; through Ipods, Iphones, kindle and computer anytime they want, which is not bad at all. Although, it accommodates the reader to look for the information at a later time, or just make them read part of the story.

Furthermore, newspapers exercise the reading skills of its audience and educates at the same time it informs. That is the reason why I am creating a circulation that fulfills the readership’s needs in this technological era. I do not ignore the revenues that digital press and journalism are generating in the last decades, but again, printed newspapers have survived and are still generating revenues as well.

In contrast, the cultural diversity that characterizes New York City makes the printing press more accessible and affordable for many residents. It may sounds unbelievable, but there are people into our communities (from low income families) who do not have the same access to digital devices as the majority of the residents. And even though it is not a majority, printed newspapers still serve that community as much as upper middle class and entrepreneurs. And I take this opportunity, which combines cultural diversity, newspaper and digital readers and the bilingual community in Spanish and English in the metropolitan area of NYC to launch La Voz Latina at an affordable price of $50. Cents.

La Voz Latina would have the content as follow: A front page (Pagina de inicio), which would introduce groundbreaking and relevant news of the day and/or the week, including, for example, developing news such as the latest news about police brutality in the cases of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Page two will introduce the most relevant news of South and Central America and the Middle East. The breakdown for the 80 pages newspaper is as follow: there will be six sessions of 11 pages each one, which would include, las nacionales, las mundiales, economia, entretenimiento, tecnologia, classificados y deportes. The advertising would be according to the sessions, as I mentioned above, I do not want my readers to be disturbed by the spread of advertising among the newspaper pages. I would make sure to contact big corporations to advertise in La Voz Latina in order to support the circular. For example, at&t, P&G, apple, best buy, cars’ companies and sports brands. Advertising will have a total of 14 pages because sports and cars’ advertising take too much space.

The nationals, the world news and the economy, would be the first three sessions in the same order above. They would expand the most important and relevant news posted in the front page, but also it would publish what is happening in the local and global community. There would be topics about commerce, investments, stock market and business. At the end of this particular sessions there may be an advertising of macy’s suits and professional attire, which would complement the sessions.

Because La Voz Latina would have an all ages’ readership audience, entertainment, technology and sports play an important role for our young audience. Therefore, our edition would cover all the most important events at an international and local level. Entertainment would include, fashion, beauty, health, theater and movie information, which complements the cultural diversity of our community. It is noteworthy that nowadays technology is part of this generation, the technological one. For this, the technology session would be in part of the newspaper especially for those who like video games, smart phones, computers and others technological devices. At the end, advertising would be included from best buy or P.C Richardson.

On the other hand, the Latinos’ communities love sports and our sports news team will be in charge of delivering the most important sport news to our readers. The sports edition would cover baseball, basketball, soccer, futbol, jockey, nascar and other sports practiced on ice. Again, advertising would be include at the end of this session and would have cars and sports sponsors. The classified session would very concise, realty companies, job agencies, car sales and business would be my clients for this session.

Because we are living in a technological era, I would take the opportunity that the Internet revolution is providing to journalism. Through the semester we have discussed how this era have impacted the industry of printing press. But, again newspaper have survived, and we can partner both edition by creating an online and print edition. Through the Internet, there is a quicker and larger capacity to process information, which takes less time than printing press. That can be an advantage for our circulation regarding to last minute news. Now, with the variety of software that the market offers there can be an effective and creative edition. Therefore, I welcome the opportunity for an online edition.

A lot have been said about the negative impact of technology over the printing press, but what about turning those comments and facts in a positive way? Newspapers had to go through a series of editorial changes and at the same time incorporate digital editions to be up to date with the digital era, which is fine. Now they have to be straight to the point and less sensational. And this is a great reason to publish an online edition of La Voz Latina.

While digital edition processes information even from smart phones and Journalist contributors such as Citizen Journalists, an interchange of communication is taking place, resulting in a complete coverture, online, which can be simultaneously and print; photos are interchange, edited and processed in a digital format. Journalists do not have to go through the photography process of the old days, the dark room. Now, almost everything is digital and photographers do not have to spend hours in the dark room to publish photographs in the early or late newspaper edition, photoshop do it digitally. That’s great. In order to be in the market any industry have to be up to date with the technological changes.

In The Shallows, Nicholas Carr points out how the digital era have changed the global community’s mind set. He said that nowadays many people rely on the internet to search, to buy, to read and to socialize with friends. And La Voz Latina is going to take advantage of that including social media in both of its edition, online and print.

Technological advances are not bad at all in printing press. But, the printing press industry have to work hard to be competitive enough to keep their readership attach to its newspaper edition. That is why La Voz Latina would work closely with the New York City metropolitan are, and the international as well to deliver a newspaper edition that informs and fulfills the Latinos’ needs. One of ur priorities is to serve the community through the information that connects the Latino’s community of New York with their country of origin.

If the printing press overcame the challenges of the radio and the television, I think there is an audience for more newspaper to come into our communities. La Voz Latina would publish the impartiality that characterizes the public opinion. Our Spanish edition will make of  the Latino culture of  New York one nation through La Voz Latina, the voice that connects Latinos in New York City.

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