“Las Paginas Que Hablan”

Our world is constantly changing and although today we rely on technology and media, newspapers are still very important in the news business and can’t be replaced by online news, TV or radio. They organize the world each day in a coherent way and present us with stories that we might not otherwise even read. In such a diverse country, where trends and languages are constantly changing, media is a revolving door and newspapers have become a reliable source for informing, impacting and encouraging its readers. Likewise, our mindsets are also constantly changing. Individuals are becoming more skeptical about the things they see and hear. Newspapers are important because they are less biased so they can be relied on to provide information on politics that does not try to change the beliefs of readers. My newspaper will be called “Las Paginas Que Hablan”! It will serve to inform, entertain and inspire its readers.

“Las Paginas Que Hablan”, will be published as a weekly newspaper available every Monday morning. It will give readers insight as they begin a brand new week. It will be reasonably priced at seventy-five cents, but as an incentive to gain readership I will give free copies in different communities each week. The newspaper will circulate initially in the Bronx and lower Westchester County. My paper will focus not only on news stories, but it will also have sections in health and education to tackle important issues facing the local community and make the paper feel personal. I am aiming “Las Paginas Que Hablan” to cater to the diverse Latino community so it will primarily be published in Spanish but will feature some ads and classifieds in English. It will have a vibe that will bring interesting and important realities of our Spanish culture, so all age groups will find it an interesting read.

I begin with the front page, which will feature breaking news stories happening internationally, nationally and locally. It will be pulled from the most impactful new stories that have happened in the recent days and need to be further discussed and dissected. I will dedicate the first four pages to all news stories. This section will feature an index on the second page that will organize the stories by category so the reader can read the stories in the order they find important.

I will have a section with news stories that are happening only in Latin American and the Caribbean countries, because I feel readers will find this a convenient and personal experience. I will also feature news from around the globe so my readers are informed on important news that is happening in other countries. It is important that they also remain educated with things occurring all over the globe opposed to just things relevant here in New York. I will have a National news section with news that is happening in cities all around the country. I will group it into regions to make it user friendly so readers can get a view of what is happening in the southern states, mid-west and west coast. This part will also feature a news section on what is specifically happening in Washington D.C. because it will transition them into the next section of my paper which will feature political and economic news. It will focus on a variety of topics so there is a broad range of news stories involving government, financial and local community concerns. Finally, I will have a local news section that will feature breaking news and events from the New York tri-state area that we will be giving readers more insight than they might have only heard briefly somewhere else.

My second section will be on education. This is one of the sections; I have designed to motivate my readers. It will be three pages filled with extensive topics aimed at the importance of continuing and furthering education. This section will allow individuals to also move ahead in jobs in the United States. I believe, it will be a helpful tool especially for individuals when they arrive to the United States and are faced with so many challenges and don’t know where to turn for guidance. I will provide a list of schools that are currently giving adult classes, as well as teaching English. Instead of featuring ads promoting “how expensive school is”, I will advertise student grants, student loans and financial aid options. I will also feature special courses that individuals can take to better themselves. Such as learning how to use a computer, write an email or even how to use the Internet to apply to a job. It will feature networking events that might be available in their local communities.

There will also be information on programs for children. I feel it is important that both adults and their children have proper incentives right from the start so they can find opportunities that will benefit them long-term. For example: teaching mothers how to nurse, dealing with a mentally ill or sick child and classes to empower women. I would also like to keep non- English speaking people in the loop with their children entering college. Finally, the paper will have a section of success stories that will feature reader stories of their personal successes and thereby provide positive motivation for others. This will be a way to also recognize local businesses, such as childcare locations that are doing a great job and promote their services.

My third section will be on health and will be three full pages. I think it is very important to give the public access to information on the latest health news. Instead of worrying society with the current trending diseases, my newspaper will feature health articles on diseases and conditions, for example: childhood obesity, hypertension, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. It will give readers the guidelines on the importance of oral health, breast cancer awareness and crucial yearly physicals.

There will also be topics of interest such as weight loss therapy, prenatal care and elderly care. The articles will present readers with insightful information that will motivate and guide them to do further investigation into these areas. I will have ads from local hospitals with their special programs and events. I will have ads from local drug stores, such as CVS and Walgreens with their schedules of flu shots and special promotions for seniors. It will also have ads and information on insurance plan options. As we know, in the United States, many children and adults do not have routine doctor visits because of not having insurance. I will have an ongoing section devoted to places they can go for help in getting health insurance so they can be healthy. Several newspapers advertise abortion ads, but I will feature clinics that can provide birth control options and screenings to women healthy. It will feature the programs that are available at local hospitals that they might become part of. Finally, I will include information on exercise programs and classes such as yoga, zumba and kick boxing at local gyms.

My fourth section will be entertainment and music. It will be four pages that will be filled with local and entertainment news from around the world. It will be an uplifting section that will show the positive job that entertainers with careers in music, dance and art are doing. This section will bring out the cultural vibe that Spanish heritage is about. Instead of focusing on popular novelas, songs and videos; my approach will be using these celebrities to uplift their audience. It will have articles on all kinds of music, so a person who appreciates old salsa music will be able to relate just as well as someone who likes Latin Jazz. It will go behind the scenes and bring stories to life of how these entertainers rose to fame. It will also feature a section of where they can go for local music. For example, Empire City holds concerts each week. I will feature an ad that provides their monthly line-up of entertainment so readers can be aware of a group they might want to see. I will feature events that are happening around the tri-state area by have a section that has events and contests which local radio stations are holding. Radio Stations such as La Kalle, La Mega, 93.1 Amor and many more. This section will also give readers the opportunity to write in with their opinions of what they would like to see in future editions. I will give the audience what they want to read. This will create a long lasting relationship between the readers and my paper.

My fifth section will be the sports section. I will dedicate three pages to local and international sports. It will feature complete coverage that sports fans cannot get enough of during baseball, football or basketball season. I will have sections on sports happening in the Latin American and the Caribbean so fans can appreciate following their favorite teams from back home. Teams such as “Chivas”, or “Los Tigres.” I will feature news stories on our New York teams such as the Knicks, Jets, Yankees, and many more. I will also feature local high school and college sports sections to keep the community united and support the youth. Here I will have ads for sales of tickets so fans can have the information when they need it. It will feature a section that will have special walks, runs and biking events happening locally that they might be a part of.

My sixth section will be travel sections that will give readers a breathtaking look at all the beautiful places from around the world. I will devote three pages to this section. I will feature a different city each week in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe with colorful and vibrant pictures so that the reader gets a glimpse of wonderful places they might want to learn more about or even travel to in the future. I will have colorful pictures to captivate the readers’ interest and have articles, which explore the heritage, local events, cuisine and language of these places.

I will have ads from local tour companies and airlines. I will also feature hidden gems in New York and tri-state area that will intrigue readers to want to visit. I will point them in the direction of the Lake George one week and explore all that they can do year round, or to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut another week. They will get a glimpse of travel destinations that are only a couple of hours away. I will also have a seasonal section that gives families with children a list of the local parks and theme parks that have great events.

I will have corporate ads from local shopping districts at Co-op City, Cross County Mall and Ridge Hill so readers know what events that taking place at these locations. I will devote two pages that will feature ads from companies such as Marshalls, Chase, Whole Foods Market, Panera Bread and Macy’s. I will also have a classified section that will be two pages, featuring apartments and houses for sale. In addition, I will feature a current job section, which will include tests and dates for city jobs. Finally, for the car enthusiasts I will feature a section dedicated to used, auctions, lease deals, car rentals and even coupons for car washes.

My newspaper “Las Paginas Que Hablan” will benefit a diverse audience. During my time taking this class, I have looked at various newspapers and found that most of them did not really capture my attention. I felt that they lacked a personal touch that I would want to have seen. I therefore set out to create a newspaper that would reach different audiences such as moms, travelers and new immigrants. I wanted it to be a paper that once they picked it up; they would want to explore it fully. My goal is that readership would increase because new readers will go out of their way to get a copy. “Las Paginas Que Hablan” will bring a new vision to my readers.

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