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Theirs something about reading a physical piece of paper that may never be replicated by online media. Whether it is TMZ magazine or The Wall Street Journal there is still a market for print. Structure and design is extremely important. Who is your audience? What do they like to read? What would attract them to your paper?

So many variables go into making a paper that is tough to appeal to everyone. The

Beginning with the actual paper, I am a fan of “Magazine Style” newspapers I feel that they are much easier to read and flip through. Newspapers like the New York Times are great reads, but physically going through it makes it almost a task. Especially when you want to get to a particular section. With magazine-style papers you can easily flip-through a paper to get to the section you desire.

The target audience would be young men in their 20s. I feel that content that I would produce would be most appealing to that age group. Additionally this content would be in English, based on the basis that it would be appeal towards American men. I feel that content should not cross boarders in language, because it makes for confusing reading and writing.



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  1. Hello Cristian. Nice content, but young men are a potential audience for a newspaper in this internet era? what is your content about? what you are going to provide in your content that would make the young men to stick in your edition? are you going to bring any advertising session, comic session or fashion? concerns of the age? what is trending?. My suggestions, pick a point of departure, look inside your demographic audience to see what would be your potential competence in the industry. Also take in count, circulation, format (your description look like a tabloid and small edition), and price. Other than that, I am curious to read about your newspaper proposal.

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