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Reminder – 1st Assignment Due Today

Your first assignment, 1500 word essay comparing your papers is due today. Thanks to everyone who has already posted their essays to the blog! Looking forward to reading your papers!

Assigment #1

News is only as valuable as society deems it. In order for a media outlet such as a newspaper to be successful it must speak to its audience in a meaningful manner. Newspapers face an even more difficult challenge, as they often have to find a balance between varieties of different stories to cover and …

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Part II – Compare and contrasting Mainstream and Ethnic Newspapers

Although considered to be a dying medium, newspapers, continue to enlighten billions of individuals every single day. People gravitate towards newspapers because of their aspects of relevancy, convenience, and wide array of information. There are thousands of newspapers in the world; and their sole mission is to connect relevant information to a pertinent audience. Through …

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Assignment Pat II

Newspapers are a primary source of information in the global community. Since its beginning, newspapers have overcome many changes and a lot of challenges within the cyber era. It overcame the advent of the radio, the television and the revolution of the Internet. Newspapers are composed of a printed publication issued daily or weekly containing …

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Assignment #1 Part #2

Assignment # 1 PART 2 Society has been surrounded by the media for many years. The media exists worldwide and in every language spoken around the world since its main purpose is to keep people informed about current news around them and the world. Not only to inform, but the media has also some other …

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Written Post

I reviewed the content in the newspapers, The Washington Post, The Irish Echo, and El Diario La Prensa. The Washington Post is a mainstream newspaper catering to the American public, while the The Irish Echo and El Diario La Prensa are ethnic newspapers catering to the Irish and Hispanic populations in the United States. Despite …

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