Assignment #1

Current Events can be reported through different types of sources, such as; the internet, television, radio and newspapers. Now newspapers come in the form of a publication which is issued daily or weekly. Newspapers tend to include local and international news, advertisements, announcements, editorials, cartoons, sports and television listings. However, readers will find that certain events that were reported on one newspaper, was not published by another. This can be due to the newspapers initial focus on specific subjects, in which the editors might feel to be more significant to its specific target audience. I will compare and contrast three different newspaper and discuss what they can learn for each other. The three newspapers of my choosing are: The New York Times, El Vocero and the Wall Street Journal: Asian Edition.
The first newspaper I came across was the New York Times. There were specific subjects that were listed, such as politics, US, world, business, health and science, opinion, art, real estate, and sports to name a few. Nevertheless, I notice there is an initial focus on specific subjects, such as politics, which can be geared towards a specific target audience, hence American. Some of the headlines I observed read “First Ebola Patient to Be Discovered in U.S. Dies”, “Gay Weddings Put Off as Foes Press Fight” and “White House Monitored JPMorgan Breach With Alarm”. These headlines seems to indicate that the New York Times, gravitates more towards politics, business and U.S news then it would for international news. I looked over the arts section and there were sub sections for music, books, video games, dance, theater, television and movies. I was surprised that they did not really report much on the lives of celebrities, sort of how Star Magazine does. I was also surprised that there was even a section for video games nonetheless.

The next newspaper I looked at is El Vocero. El Vocero is a Puerto Rican newspaper printed here in the United States. It is tailored more to Puerto Ricans who are interested to know what is happening in their native land. This type of newspaper reports on politics, education, economy, sports and international news. Unlike the New York Times, El Vocero focuses on the island’s politics more than U.S politics. One report read: “Pérdida millonaria en fondos federales en la Guardia Nacional”, which translated says “Millions lost in federal funds from the national guard”. I looked over the sports section I notices there was more news on sports than politics for example. Although there were stories in regards to U.S sports, for baseball, basketball and baseball it was very minimal. The majority of sports stories were about Puerto Rican sports and its athletes. One story read “Primer asalto Cotto-’Canelo’” which means “”First assault by Cotto ‘Canelo’”. In Puerto Rico baseball and boxing tends to be a big deal to its citizens, so a story about Cotto, who is a boxer is a big deal to them.
Another newspaper I searched was the Wall Street Journal: Asia Edition. This newspaper emphasizes more on the Asian side of business and economy. This type of paper is directed more to Asian investors, entrepreneurs, business and even to business and finance students, just to name a few. One headline read “North Korea’s Kim Misses Another Event Amid Gunfire at Border” while another read “Asian Shares Drop After Heavy Losses on Wall Street: Falling Oil Prices, Concerns About Pace of Global Economic Growth Weigh”. What I found interesting about this paper first is that there is an Asian Edition of the Wall Street Journal. Hearing on the news as of late, on how the Asian Market is increasing rapidly in today’s global economy, I can understand how they also have a Wall Street Journal. There were many charts and graphs, showing stocks rising or declining. There was a section with percentages showing the increase or decrease of Asian markets, as well as the international markets. There was a section that showed percentages and dollar signs for bonds, stocks and commodities. Unlike the New York Times and El Vocero, there really wasn’t any news in regards to sports or politics to name a few. I am also aware that the Wall Street Journal has the American, European, Indian and Brazil editions as well.
In essence, an important fact I discovered that is relatable in all three papers, is that each paper has a section for business, because “In today’s global economy there are new markets, new regulations and new tactics. As the business world evolves into e-commerce, startups and global conglomerates, there’s a need to keep the ideas fresh and the solutions innovative”.
Hence, the newspaper differentiate each other due to the type of audience they are aiming for. Readers might notice that there is a difference in editorial content or written style. For example, one newspaper might emphasize towards business people and investors. The majority of people who read this source, look for what is trending economically, what to look out for before investing or how well a particular market is doing, might prefer The Wall Street Journal. While another newspaper will focus more on political and international issues, and have great quality reporting material, such as the New York Times. El Vocero, Newspaper will not attract, lets say a broker from Asia. However, this type of newspaper attracts Puerto Ricans and Hispanics who are interested in what’s happening in their native lands. They want to be kept up to date on the countries sports teams or politics, such as that from Puerto Rico.

Therefore, there are different papers that report different news according to its initial focus on a specific target community.Each newspaper uniquely presents different information which may reflect in the amount of press coverage of a particular issue by each news source. Mainstream media can sometimes be unaware of different occurrences that is happening in other countries, the same goes for Ethnic papers. This occurs due to the society in which the media is reporting news on. However mainstream media, by their very nature are less sensitive to the ongoing negotiation of ethnic identity, culture, and race. In making decisions about content, managers of mainstream media have to be more inclusive.
Presenting accurate news of world issues is dire. Whenever media reports on global or local issues, they tend to be censored or biased, which leads to unintentional biased assumptions about a particular culture. In these situations, violations and unaccountability often go unnoticed and suppressed viewpoints become commonplace.Most people get their view of the world from mainstream media. It is, therefore, important that mainstream media be objective and present accurate and diverse representations of what goes on around the world.

Mainstream and Ethnic newspapers will go a long way if they tend not to be too subjective about events or issues, that have occurred in other communities, besides their own. They can obtain information that has been derived from other sources, and combine their research and information, so they can present accurate findings of events to the people.
As we can see, events that have occurred or are occurring tend to have a powerful or meaningful impact on society. News can be reported in the form of a broadcast or a published report for everyone to see, read or hear. There are in different categories one can find in the form of entertainment, sports, politics, business, international or just local news. For newspapers, readers will find that some of the content that was printed on one newspaper, was not published by another. This can be due to the newspapers strategically focusing on specific topics, in which the editors might feel to be more meaningful to a particular audience. Readers who read the newspaper might notice a difference in editorial content or written style. For example, one newspaper might emphasize its news more on business and the economy, whilst another will report more on local news and sports. Therefore, the reader will buy or read a specific newspaper that fits with what they are looking for.
Overall, I learnt that the news content that different news sources report on, is strategically written and delivered in a particular way to suit its community. The news that is reported should be mostly straightforward and accurate, not ruled by opinion from the journalist. Although each paper will focus more on its community than international per say. It will also show more content on a specific subject that is demanded more by the people to appease the people of its community. Nonetheless, there are different ethnic newspapers pertaining to other countries that can be found printed here in the United States. Wherefore the reason is due to the United States being a diverse country. For this reason people can keep up with current news by looking at for newspapers that will best fit their interest. This can be for a specific subject such as politics or business, or it can be for a non-citizen who wants to know what is happening in their country.


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