Language, A Key To Diversity.

The United States of America is a country filled with an array of diverse languages. Ethnic media impacts demographics and paves a pathway of infused creativity and collaborations. By allowing different individuals to express themselves through their own language we receive insightful information. I will analyze the different styles and writing techniques amongst the different newspapers. Primarily I will be focusing on El Diario La Prensa, Italian Tribune and The New York Times. I will prove how multilingual media also impacts and enriches society. In addition, I agree that competiveness will always arise because information will always need to be delivered to the world in the best matter.

The New York Times is a prestigious newspaper that represents not only New York but also the entire country. This Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper has been published since 1851. To this day it is still considered the largest metropolitan newspaper. Although it is speculated that their arguments are bias, let’s remember their motto is “All the News that’s’ Fit to Print”. Meaning their writing is not directed to offend a particular audience or situation. In fact, there writing is very strong and direct. The writers emphasize certain current events more than others. For example: The Ebola topic is seen in 3 different articles in one New York Times paper. It is seen on the cover of the paper, in the health section and international news. There is an equal balance of national news, politics and entertainment throughout the entire paper. Individuals choose The Times because of it is highly respected reputation. They lean more towards the liberal side when writing their articles. The paper itself zooms in on national news. For instance it has an array of sections that does not only limit to news but also expands into art, real estate, dinning and much more. Individuals can seek information on cars, homes and health within one paper instead of seeking multiple resources. On the other hand the Times is also well known for its distinct Science section. Aside from having informative news that speaks locally, nationally, and globally it is also used as a teaching tool. Having insightful information can help protect, prevent and provide for society.

In comparison El Diario La Prensa, is also one of the oldest Spanish printed news Papers printed in New York City. This paper has been printing since 1913. El Diario is also a smaller newspaper filled with an array of information. Their sections focus on national, international and entertainment news. In addition they provide various sections such as immigration, autos and leisure, which the Times does not focus heavily on. On the contrary El Diario does not focus majorly on politics or the government as much as the Times. The entertainment and sports sections are much more diverse and advertised. The New York Times writing is straight to the point. El Diario gives a relaxed tone to its readers while delivering similar news stories.

The New York Times has an article in the September 9th paper on back to school for elementary students. The article discusses budget cuts, less food options and health problems. In El Diario’s back to school article, it is filled with 8 children wearing this years back to school looks. The writer discusses the latest school fashion and how to make this year “your” year. More importantly, the approaches in both papers were completely different. While one newspaper focused on the importance of student education and health problems, the other paper discussed simply the entertainment aspect.

El Diario La Prensa’s audience has also changed over the decades. El Diario serves the New York Latinos population. As a result, the paper impacts the Latino society because it plays a major role for the Latino community in NYC. It not only gives them something to read in their own language but provides them with a voice in society. The Latino community is very diverse and the paper tries to incorporate each group into the paper. The paper targets demographics and instills a vision for the community. A vision to give the Hispanic community information on success, education and work. Individuals come to this country leaving their homes wanting the American dream. Having an ethnic newspaper also provides many Hispanics with a job in writing, journalism, and reporting. Although we live in a technology era. Many individuals are not as tech savvy, limiting individuals to only a radio or newspaper. For example: my grandmother has lived in this country thirty years and does not know how to work a computer. She’s old fashioned and prefers to read her newspapers in Spanish. This is where the newspapers begin launching creativity and new ideas to keep their audience entertained.

The Italian Tribune is a weekly newspaper that has been published since 1931. It is one of the most influential multilingual newspapers. It serves an Italian American community in the United States. Although it does not provide national and global news like the other two papers; the stories provide typically more local news based in Italy. Each week the paper involves stories on Italian cities, museums, traditions and much more. This paper also features a “people section” which the other two newspapers do not contain. This section highlights important accomplishments of Italian writers, chefs, and etc. In addition it stands out from the other two because its e-paper online offers a section were readers can learn and practice Italian with lessons. It is a beneficial tool for other ethnicities to learn a second language through a new creative approach. The newspaper has also lived through its five family generations. Making the paper also very family oriented. The writing is professional and passionate. The style is very similar to El Diario. The articles are written in a relaxed tone. The Idea behind the newspaper is also similar to El Diario as well; whereas the writer wants to impact the community and keep the culture alive. By keeping the Italian community together individuals can embrace their culture and pride. The Photography within the newspaper compliments the writing very well allowing the reader to embark on a journey to Italy.

In comparison, of the three newspapers the New York Times is definitely the largest. The Italian Tribune is also the less informative and the smallest. Its newspaper is geared more towards entertainment and leisure rather than politics and world news. El Diario La Prensa has come into a lot of organizational turmoil’s while the Italian Tribune is a family owned publication. The New York Times has an influence over society in general because it discusses world wide issues and essential daily news. El Diario focuses on the important aspect of demographics in their immigration section. The immigration section serves as a purpose because it discusses struggles and success stories for the Latino community. The other two newspapers do not focus much on the topic of immigration. The leisure section in the Italian Tribune has articles featuring facts about Rome and Italian heritage. It goes to show you that their technique for their newspaper is to keep their Italian community united with their culture rather than just offering them news about various other countries. In conclusion, language plays an influence in the media because it allows diversity. Furthermore, multilingual newspapers can enrich society and stimulate creativity as I stated above.



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