Assig. #1 (Part 2)

Jhelsy Paula
MMJ 211
Abstract Part #2

In 2014, where technology has reach a level that no one in 15 years ago would have expected, everyone is paying so much attention to television or to their social media that everyone has forgotten about the importance of newspapers. In my opinion, newspapers is one of the most important news sources, even now in the technological era. They provide us specific and lots of information as well as variety of topics. The depth of the news are better, and it’s something that everyone has access to no matter what because is always there. In the following essay, I will compare and contrast the most important newspapers for Italian community , “The Italian Tribune,” Latino newspaper “El Diario La Prensa” and very well known American newspaper, USA Today.

Each newspaper, no matter if they are target to the same community, are different and have different purposes. They will deliver their news differently, focus on different topics, choose different news etc. With this assignment, I was able to study the kind of news each newspaper reports, their type of audiences and what are their main focuses, and much more.

News Papers:

El Diario La Prensa:

This is the oldest spanish-language newspaper in United States, which was created in 1931. It targets Latino audience, democrats (left wing party) and those who have any interest on Hispanic community/news. This newspaper focuses a lot on local news, including top national news. It also brings a bit of the latest on International news, with what’s going in Latin American countries. This newspaper includes both images and words, making a balance between both. Although it is a “Latino” newspaper, it goes beyond that when covering its news, including other ethnicities groups top news. El Diario “La Prensa” has 5 different sections in their print version, which are News, Fashion, Sports, Economy and Political. On their online page, they cover a wider area including all the section in their print version, adding a technology and opinion section. For this newspaper, human-interest stories are very important, and if you take the moment to read this newspaper, you can see how important it is for it’s editor to include the community on their stories, to the point where they even write stories on those readers that in their opinion are inspiring. Something that this newspaper has, that neither has,The Italian Tribune or USA Today, is a Immigration section, where we can find the latest news evolving immigration; another section they have that the other two don’t is one that dedicates only to Women. Although this newspaper is written in Spanish, it also has an English version for those who are interested on Latino Community news, but might not dominated the Spanish language.

Reason why I chose this newspaper was because is one of the most important one in the US for Latino community. It is the oldest spanish-language newspaper and still manages to be on top. A lot of people prefer reading this newspaper because it is exactly what they need, including variety of topics from top local to national news.

The Italian Tribune:

This newspaper was created in 1931, and it is the country’s largest Italian American newspaper. It is not a daily newspaper like El Diario “La Prensa” and USA Today. However, it publishes weekly. It targets Italian audience and those who have a special interest on Italian heritage. This newspaper is printed in English language. As it’s editor said “The Italian Tribune is cherished by its readers as a link to the members of the Italian American community and the heritage of their ancestors.,” meaning this newspaper try its best to connect those Italians who live in the United States with Italy. This newspaper only reports exclusively on the Italian community; everything revolving them will be on this newspaper. Everything that is written on this newspaper is about Italy and few things (almost none) about the Italian community in the US. They focus a lot in traveling, what places are better on “x” thing in Italy. This is very helpful for those who plan on traveling to Italy. Another focus of this newspaper is Italian traditions, especially the Italian cuisine; and although it doesn’t focus a lot of entertainment overall, it does have certain columns dedicated to Fashion.

I chose this one because I like how this newspaper is printed here in the US. However, it doesn’t include much on the American culture, which is the reason why is so popular on the Italian community.

USA Today:

This newspaper was founded in 1982, and it has the widest circulation in the United States. They target the Republican (right wing side) audience, exclusive to the “white community.” As you can see their news, they don’t report a lot of others ethnicity groups. It focus on national news, publishing daily except on weekends. For the print edition, they have 4 sections, which are News, Money, Sports and Life (Entertainment). For Friday’s paper (which is consider the weekend paper), they includes the Life section, which is divided into two part. The first one has Fashion trends, Television and Films review section; the second one has a Traveling and Entertainment section. On the online version of the paper, we can see how they add business, opinion and traveling sections. Although they cover a wide set of different topics, they don’t cover a section dedicated to immigration such as El Diario “La Prensa” does. One of the things that characterized this newspaper is the easiness to read it, since is written in common language and very clear and organized.

I chose this newspaper because although it’s not one of the oldest newspapers, it’s one of the most popular and respected ones in the US. The reason for why it has great response from its audience. Also, this newspaper covers National and International News. USA Today is typically thought of as a “right wing” newspaper meaning that it’s usually biased towards republicans. This newspaper has influenced people since it began in the 1980s.

Each one of these newspapers is unique in their own way; it could learn few things from each other as well. They are the best for each different ethnic groups and deliver the best information in their prospective audience groups.

When comparing and putting together these newspapers, and studying them for certain amount of time, you start seeing their strongest points as well as their flaws. Of all of them, in my opinion, the most organized one is USA Today, in which the way they deliver their news. The reason why I think their readers say it is so easy to read. The Italian Tribune is the only one of these three newspapers that doesn’t have an especial section for sports, and is not broken the same way that USA Today and El Diario “La Prensa” are. This one is also the most unorganized out all of them as well as the only one that is exclusively dedicated to one ethnicity group. El diario “La Prensa” is the only one that has a section dedicated to Immigration and that includes a variety of different ethnics groups. It also is the only one out of the three that includes a section with their main news translate it into English.

All these newspapers are well respected and are where they are right now today due to the hard work they all have perform during the past years. Although they are not perfect, I think they are the best in their prospective audience. While making my decision of which newspaper to choose for this assignment, it was hard because, as we all know,there are thousands of newspaper published in the US. However, I like my selection and learn a lot of the different ways of delivering news.

They all have improved throughout the years, and I believe that they will keep improving to deliver the best to those that have been following their news for a long time, making and giving the best to their perspective audiences.



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