The purpose of this research is to identify what type of articles a mainstream newspaper publishes compared to local ethnic newspapers. The research will look at the New York Times, El Diario La Prensa and Black Stars News. The New York Times has been published since the 1850s and since then been criticized and measured for their level of biasness yet remains one of the largest circulating news papers in NYC. El Diario has been published since 1963 and has constantly been in transition, the Latino community has been growing and diversifying which has lead the editors to attempt to accommodate and struggle with the direction of the language used as well as the stories covered. The Black Stars News is fairly new and has been published since 1997 their stories take a more social justice perspective as well as provide more cultural and local stories. Although the newspapers have been around for different periods of time they can all gain from each other because they all work out of New York City yet each focus on different stories throughout the city or even around the world. This paper will attempt to identify the type of stories each newspaper focuses on by reviewing their top stories for 2 consecutive weeks. I will compare the different ways the sport, entertainment and politics sections are covered. I will use previous research on these media outlets as well as their own website to compare content.



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  1. Society is surrounded by many different languages around the world. These languages have led to new technology for the media today. Media has made a break way for the new generation of people. I have chosen three types of newspapers articles New York Daily, El Paris, and El Diario, written into two types of languages English and Spanish. Two of these newspapers are separated from different sections. They both express ways of setting up their own newspapers. The New York Daily reports news, politics, entertainment, sports, opinions, and etc. Whereas, El Paris reports international news, politics, economic, culture, social events, and sports. On the other hand El, Diario has less subdivisions such as immigration, international news and education. In my opinion, most of the newspapers today are reporting in their own style of entertainment. Both try to report the best news for their own audience. I feel that ethic or more common newspapers, try to report the news to fit the interest of the people, instead of news itself. If newspapers try to report the news instead of trash then we would have a better of society today. We as people would treat people fair and kind instead of the other way around.

    El Diario NY. Impre Media Digital. Web.

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