News is essential in this world especially in a city like New York, which is famous for its diversity. Therefore, news can be read, seen and heard in almost every language, and everywhere you go. This has become possible due to the advance technology, such as the internet, television and the radio. However, newspapers has been around for a very long time now, and it is still in fact a major source people use to get their current news; national, international and local. For people that left their country of origin is very important to stay connected to what is happening back home. This is why newspapers from different cultures focus more on delivering news that are occurring specifically to their group. However, all newspapers including those of other ethnic groups, seem to follow the same editorial content; from their national, international and local news section. As well as their special sections, including Entertainment, sports, features, food, etc. Looking at the New York Times, El Diario La Prensa and The Jewish Post; we can determine so much. Such as what news are more important to them and in the way it affects them. I choose these newspapers in particular because every ethnic newspaper deliver news in different in different point of views, especially ethnic groups with major cultural differences.






  1. I agree with you Anjelica Carino, but I am curious how you are going to analyze the Jews’ newspaper. I would love to read about it due to the Jews culture is different from the American one. I would like to be inform about their way to do news and how their content is distributed to its audience. I think your choice of newspapers is very interesting.

  2. Great Points Anjelica Carino. I like that the two groups you chose were very diverse, yet very prominent within New York City.

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