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New York City is one of the most diverse cities across the world. Here you can find residents that come from the farthest and smallest cities ever imagined. Since it is compromised of mostly immigrants it is important for them to connect to what’s happening back in their home country. When we talk about diversity in NYC ethnicity is definitely a big part of it, but another great thing that separates all New Yorkers is their individuality. The great thing about media is that it is able to cater to all of these different ethnicities and individuals in the world.

Media has become a very powerful voice in all parts of the world. It’s ability to connect people and an event from different parts is astounding. With the use of the Internet, Television, and Print media there is a way to satisfy everyone. Even though the Internet is the fastest growing source for information, Newspapers are still very popular amongst the scholars, professionals, and the older generation. In this essay we will review three local NYC Newspaper (New York Amsterdam News, El Especialito, and The Wall Street Journal) to see who is there target consumers and how they cover their news.

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  1. I agree with you that NYC is diverse, but why is this important for the media to address? You are missing your bibliography with links to your sources? Please ad these to your post. Why do you think newspapers are still important to people when they can get all of the news they want through the Internet or television? Is it the physical paper in their hands or is it because it delivered to their doors that makes people want to read them?

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