Assignment 1

Languages have led to have new technology for the media today. Media has made a break way for the new generation of people. I have chosen three types of newspapers articles New York Daily, El Pais, and El Diario, written into two types of languages English and Spanish. Technology has given people to move much faster with communication. It has made the world advance in knowing what’s going on in our own community.

Today in America, languages are extremely important.  The New York Daily reports news, politics, entertainment, sports, and opinions. This newspaper is local compare to international news. It has a focus on sports and entertainment. I understand that people today have a common interest in entertainment than serious news.  New York daily has a mainstream approach in presenting their news to people.  People tend to favor reading the New York Daily because it gives a modern way of delivering news.   The sports in the New York Daily have way of providing local information of what’s going on in community.

El Diario is newpaper that focus on its local community. It has way of approaching more about politics.  The politics that El Diario shows interest is about its country, education, and economy. It has a way of showing its viewers more about its society.  This newspaper has an interest about local news than international news. The newspaper has significance about Dominican Republic than any other countries. This is important because gives people a insight of what this newspaper is all about.  I believe it carries its own style to make its readers to get information on its environment.

Whereas, El Paris reports international news, politics, economic, culture, social events, and sports.  This newspaper has preferences on international news than local news. It mentions about political and journalistic challenges.  It covers society impacts around the world.  I think it provides information about the government to its culture.  People can really find the main issue that is going on there in the own country. This is not close to mainstream or ethnic news.  It has a more aboard approach to it viewers.

Nevertheless, all three newspapers have some things in common. They all share interest of what’s important to them.  Although they have some local parts or international parts, they want to give their viewer the best information they can find. In my opinion, most of the newspapers today are reporting in their own style of entertainment. I feel that ethic or more common newspapers, try to report the news to fit the interest of the people, instead of news itself. If newspapers try to report the news instead of trash then we would have a better of society today. We as people would treat people fair and kind instead of the other way around.

Overall, I feel that United States, local, and other international news have different way of how they approach to there own audience. All three newspapers had faced different types of problems inside their culture, education, and media. Even though, we as people are faced with different issued, we can’t let that stop us from doing what’s right or wrong. At the end of the day we need different types of news media to know what’s going in the world.

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