Abstract and Bibliography-Unit 2


For this assignment, I reviewed the advertisements in mainstream newspaper, The New York Times, the Jewish-American newspaper New Jersey Jewish News, and the Italian-American newspaper, America Oggi. The overall layout of the advertisements is the same in all three newspapers. However, the advertisements content is not the same. America Oggi and the New Jersey Jewish News have corporate advertisements and classified sections in which the advertisements relate to their retrospective ethnic groups in some way. Whereas, The New York Times’ corporate advertisements and classified advertisements do not relate to any specific ethnic group in the US. The New York Times and the New Jersey Jewish News’ advertisements are in English, whereas in America Oggi some of the advertisements are in English and some are in Italian (The New York Times, New Jersey Jewish News, & America Oggi). I choose to review the two ethnic newspapers because I wanted to see how their retrospective ethnic groups affected their advertising content and their advertising layout.


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  1. Hi Mandy,

    I think you have a good proposal here. Why do you think the NY Times is so generalized with their advertising? The answer could be that they are appealing to as wide an audience as possible which would explain their success over the years, but often this generalized approach can also cause opinion to be skewed or not strong enough to gain critical audiences. It would be interesting to hear if you think that the kinds of ads that are featured effect the population of readers of this paper and if so, how do they?

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