Assignment #2 Part #1

Laura Pozo

Abstract #2

By comparing these three newspapers, The Chief, Daily News and El Dario, I have noticed that all three have a very high number of advertisements offering many different services and goods. These are all about cars’ dealers, TV shows, homes, pets, medical and legal services, clothing, and phone stores, spiritual services, travel agencies, cab companies, the lottery, colleges, beauty school and apps for smart devices. Ads are found from the beginning to the end of each newspaper and which cover a small portion or even a full page of it. As far as the classified sections, these have many jobs’ positions available for the public for many different companies, stores, and more. In the Spanish newspaper, ads and the classified sections are all written in Spanish unlike the English newspaper where some of these are written in English and some other in Spanish. I also noticed that ads and the articles are somehow related. As for example in one of the pages of El Diario, there was an article of immigration and next to it there was also an immigration lawyers ad. These are all targeting the readers to consume their products and services and it is very interesting how these are spread throughout its pages.



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The Chief Civil Service LEADER. THE CIVIL EMPLOYEES’ WEEKLY [New York, New York] 12 Sept. 2014: 1-22. Print.

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