Abstract Assignment 2:

Though many newspapers, both mainstream and ethnic, follow a similar template when it comes to presenting the advertisement and classifieds section, the content can differ significantly. In my research, I explored those differences as well as the similarities.  The newspapers used in my research include The New York Post, The Irish Echo, and The Jewish Press.  You will find that certain ethnic newspapers, such as The Irish Echo, cater more towards their main target audience which are the Irish and Irish-Americans.  For example, while meeting with some people of this ethnicity in an Irish dominated section of The Bronx, I noticed that most of the men coming from work were carrying hard hats and wearing dirty jeans and shirts.  When asked about the kind of work they do, the men listed job titles such as iron worker, masonry, project manager, brick layer, etc.  These job descriptions correlated to my findings within the classifieds section of The Irish Echo which included the same titles.  When researching The Jewish Press, I found their job listings to be much more diverse.  With that said, I did find advertisements for Bar Mitzvah services. The New York Post also presented a wide array of job postings and advertisements, including some that were more specific in content.  For example, there was a job listed that explicitly asked for Spanish speaking people to apply.  The research goes further to explain the relevance that culture and readership played in determining how these newspapers differed.





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  1. Interesting field research on the irish population! Looking forward to reading more about how they connect to the advertising found in the newspaper.

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