Abstract #2

Almost all newspapers have formulated their business models in a similar fashion during the last century. Their generated income has stemmed from providing either free or low cost news to its subscribers; while augmenting their income with advertisements from companies. Due to the fact that each newspaper has their own audience, companies can choose which newspaper their advertisement may have the most impact. A company like VISA would choose to do a multipage spread advertisement in the Wall Street Journal; rather than posting a small corner Ad in the Bronx Times Reporter.

The Bronx Times reporter understands the audience they cater to; So, it would be beneficial for both the newspaper and an organization like Belmont District Management Association, organizers of the Bronx’s Feast of Saint Anthony, to have a front page ad in that newspaper. A newspaper like El Diario would seek to get advertisements from companies who closely relate to the latino community. Goya would be their ideal candidate for a continual partnership. Targeting what keeps their audience captive is the only way that newspapers can establish and grow their respective organizations.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    This sounds good for the second assignment. I would like you to outline their business models in depth – try to look at the paper historically and see how they managed to fund themselves and how this ad market has changed over time as they moved into the digital age, etc…


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