When we pick up a newspaper to get the latest news occurring in the world, we also find several types of advertisements. Advertisements are a form of marketing communication used to persuade an audience into buying goods or services. Revenues from the sales of advertising pay for the costs of newspaper production. This is why they play an important role in Newspapers. There are two types of newspaper advertising-corporate and classified. However, the advertising is not always the same in all newspapers. Some target certain ethnic groups and translated into other languages as well. For example, El Diario being a Spanish newspaper we find corporate and classified advertisements that relate to the Latino/Hispanic community. We can find advertisements about immigration law firms, and other product and services advertising in Spanish. Also, The Jewish Press contains mostly classified advertisements that attract their religious communities and their people. Whereas, The New York Times contains several different advertisements that does not target any specific ethnic group. For example, Apple is one of the biggest advertising used in New York Times, because it attracts readers of different ethnic groups. Comparing these three different newspapers would give a better understanding on why the reader determineS what is being advertised in newspapers.

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