Abstract #2

Newspapers have several essential components that keep them going. Beyond the obvious (news itself) are other contributing factors to keep a publication in service. Sometimes it’s readership alone is not enough. Newspapers have long turned to advertising dollars to help produce their paper. The advertisements themselves vary depending on the time, location, and readership of the newspaper. Open up today’s edition of the New York Times, Daily News, and El Diario. Tell me, how many advertisements you see?

I am certain that you will say “plenty,” if you did you would be right. Now examine the size, look, brand, entry, and anything else you can think of in that/those advertisements. By looking around you can clearly see, who is essentially running that newspaper (or anything else that relies on advertisement). As advertising dollars are moving away from print and going towards the Internet this rapidly changes the way we read and consume news.

Papers that are littered with ads could have a negative effect on the reader.


  1. Sounds good but what newspapers are you covering?

  2. Interesting take on the subject. I am looking forward to reading as to why newspapers littered with ads have a negative effect on the reader? Usually the newspapers I read feature their advertisements in the back so it doesn’t bother me. However, I personally sometimes dislike when certain advertisements interfere with my judgement of a product or program. For example, if there was a TV show always featuring Mcds on the episodes but I know its because they’re promoting the brand but in reality they do not really like it. I would no longer want to watch the show because it doesn’t seem natural and I know they’re doing it because of the money. Point is the media has a hard time finding what to advertise sometimes. Some advertise ANYTHING just because the money awaits. So I definitely see what you are trying to say. Depending on the newspapers you examine. I’m curious to see if all the characteristics you mentioned about advertisements would vary from mainstream to ethnic. It will also be good to maybe tap into some research to see how much funding they do receive.

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