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Technology is the new language of media. Media is the new generation of people today. I have chosen three types of newspaper articles such as New York Daily, El Pais, and El Diario, written in english and spanish. All three articles imply different meanings of why people read them.

Today in America, language is extremely important. The New York Daily reports news, politics, entertainment, sports, and opinions. This newspaper is local compare to international news. It has a focus on sports and entertainment. I understand that people today have a common interest in entertainment than serious news. New York Daily has a mainstream approach in presenting their news to people. People tend to favor reading the New York Daily, because it gives a modern way of delivering news.   The sports in the New York Daily have way of providing local information of what’s going on in community.

El Diario is newspaper that focuses on its local community. It has way of approaching more about politics. The politics of El Diario newspaper is about country, education, and economy. It has a way of showing its viewers more about its society. This newspaper has an interest about local news than international news. The newspaper has significance about Dominican Republic than any other countries. This is important because gives people an insight of what this newspaper is all about. I believe it carries its own style to make its readers get information on its environment.

Whereas, El Paris reports international news, politics, economic, culture, social events, and sports. This newspaper has preferences on international news than local news. It mentions about political and journalistic challenges. It covers society impacts around the world. I think it provides information about the government to its culture. People can really find the main issues about what is going on in the own country. This is not close to mainstream or ethnic news.

All three newspapers have a share vision to inform their general public on what’s going on. They all share interest of what’s important to them. Although they have some local news or international news, they want to give their viewer the best information they can find. In my opinion, most of the newspapers today are reporting in their own style of entertainment. I feel that there is more favor for local news than international news. I think the reason why is because the media tries to hide away information from the public. If the news can show people what’s really going in the world, then people would care for one another. Then people would not take their own life for granted.


Without media, the world would not be able share information to the public. I feel that states, local, and international news have different ways of how they approach their own audience. All three newspapers had faced different types of problems inside their culture, education, and media. Even though people are faced with different issues, we as country, can’t let that stop us from doing what’s right or wrong for one another.

  3. El Diario NY. Impre Media Digital. Web.




  1. Thanks for uploading this to the blog! I’m glad you edited your paper and it reads much better now.

  2. Hey Zarella,

    After reading your paper, I couldn’t seem to break away from the statement you made, “Technology is the new language of media”? Out of curiousity do you mind elaborating on that statement? I believe the media has greatly expanded and is now a part of our daily lives and the way we receive information is through technology which is also a part of our daily lives and is also always expanding. Therefore I believe they both correlate with one another. With that being said I am intrigued with you describing techonology as the “new language”. Just as humans evolve, language does as well which all just correlates with this how cycle of technology evolving and expanding. With technology expanding, the way people are gathering the info from the media is different. For example online newspaper subscriptions increasing, print newspaper consuming decreasing. People are now adapting the new “language aka technology” to get their information from the media.

    All in all, interesting statement! I agree.

    Emily M.

  3. Hi Zarella,

    I like that you compared two different spanish newspapers, in your opinion is there one that is superior in reporting to the other?

    Simone Burton

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