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Jhelsy Paula
MMJ 211

Assig. #2

Have you ever sat down to analyze how much advertising we are bombarded with every day? On television, radio, Internet, newspapers, everywhere! Throughout the years, this has become as something “normal” and typical of our daily lives. The question is, are the same companies bombarding us? No matter where we go, and what we read, are we going to see the same advertisements over and over? On the following essay, I will discuss different advertisement on three major NYC’s Newspapers from different ethnicities group, El Diario La Prensa, Daily News and Italian Tribune; and how we are being influenced by these ads.

Advertisement is define as a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy; in my opinion, advertisement is 50% of what we see in media, because it is impossible to read “X” news without seeing few ads or watch anything without the reminder about all the sales that are going on in the market, which you don’t want to miss out on. With this assignment, I was able to see the different types of advertising going on with NYC’s main ethnic newspapers. They all have their difference; and due to the variety of audience, there were only few times where their advertising was the same or similar.

El Diario la Prensa:

During my research on El Diario La Prensa, I noticed that it was the one out of all with the most advertising. One of the things that this newspaper has the most is about immigration and malpractice, in which consisted of seven to ten advertising companies on their daily newspapers. You would see more of these types of ads on weekdays (Mondays-Wednesdays) than the other days. Also, I saw a lot of Health Plans’ companies having full pages showcasing Affinity, Fidelys and Metroplus. They had also advertising for Shipping and Traveling agencies, medical related ads, Spanish channels (Telemundo and Dominican local channel) promoting their shows and few well-known supermarkets.

Classified Section: On their classified section, two full pages were dedicated to job opportunities. On the other page, it had a section for school and different courses and a section promoting local law offices.

Sports Section: On the sports section, it only had to ads of DIRECTV and Lincoln Car Company, which I believe is because this section is mostly target to men, and they don’t shop as much as women do and they only place those ads that were going to be effective to men.

Online: For the online version of this newspaper, compared to the ads on the hard copy of the El Diario, it has nothing at all; the most visible ones are from Chevrolet, which is all over the main page, and NBA ads that pops out as soon as you enter the page.

As you can see, the amount of advertising on El Diario La Prensa is very high. I was surprised because, as a usual reader, I really didn’t notice how much ads were being introduced to me. That’s what I think happens to a lot of us, ads becomes so typical that we know they are there but don’t really notice.

The Daily News:

While reading “The Daily News,” you will see ads from very well known companies and institutions, such as Macys, Fidelis Health Plan, Metropolitan College and well-known supermarkets. They also have electronics ads and little real estate ads. When buying this newspaper, you will also receive a 19 page Auto section with the newspaper, these 19 pages is all about different car companies promoting their services, which neither “El Diario” or the Italian Tribune have. In this newspaper ad, I also found on few of their editions’ ads to Hispanic radio station 93.1 Amor. On the sports section, there were no ads at all, which was a bit surprising.

Classified Section: The classified section for this newspaper is just two pages long, in which consist of three sections. The first small section dedicated to jobs search and other two small sections titled “Career” and “Real Estate.”

Online: For the online version of “The Daily News,” there were three main ads, all very local oriented: Metropolitan College, Healthcare and local bank. Not too much, and all of them separated.

The Italian Tribune:

The Italian Tribune is the one that has the least ads out of the three newspapers I choose. Their ads consist of Wine companies, Lawyer’s firms, and Italian Restaurants. As I mention on my first assignment, this newspaper is very cultural oriented; this can even be seen on their ads, where everything they promoted is Italian.

While reviewing and analyzing the advertising of these three major newspapers, I was able to determine a lot of things that I didn’t notice before, especially all ads that are part of the newspaper and we are so used to ads that our brain automatically makes them invisible to our eyes. Two of the companies that I saw on two newspapers, “El Diario” and “The Daily News,” were Fidelis and Chevrolet. In “El Diario,” the presence of Chevrolet was very noticeable on their online version of their newspaper. While on “The Daily News,” there was a small section of this company promoting its services. For Fidelis Health Plan, I noticed something very curious; on both newspapers, they were located on the same page, but targeted different audiences. For “The Daily news,” the ad was targeting older people (couples) and saying how important is Health Care as a senior. While “El Diario,” it was more family oriented, using the picture of a mother with her daughter.

Something that caught my attention a lot was how “The Daily News” had an ad for a Hispanic radio station. However, “El Diario” didn’t have any type of ad promoting one of the many Hispanic radio stations that exists in NYC. It also surprised me how none of the newspapers I picked had ads for bigger very well known company such as JCPenney, Apple, Ford, McDonald’s, etc.

For all of the newspapers, the classified section includes mostly the same, job opportunities, schools, small business etc.

It is impossible not to see the difference on advertising depending on the culture of each newspaper. Each one of them adjusts their ads depending on the needs of the readers. On none of the other newspapers except for The Italian Tribune included a wine ads; the same way “El Diario” is the only one with a lot of lawyers that concentrate on immigration and malpractice in construction. So companies are not paying just to put their companies out there, but they are paying to have the attention of certain type of audience.

None of the ads that I saw were translated, they might have been of the same company, but targeting different audiences.

The only difference on the layout of the advertising generic for three newspapers I will say is the amount and organization. For the Italian Tribune, you only get to see very few ads here in there; most of them located in the same place. For “El Diario,” which is the one that has the most ads, they even have an ad on the front page of the newspaper, as well on the first pages of this newspaper. While for “The Daily News,” the ads are located more towards the middle of the newspaper.

I think, as Multimedia Students, we should all be able to detect or at least be more aware of what it’s being presented to us. Through this assignment, I was able to see how amazing is the variation on ads depending on what audience is being targeted. The three newspapers that I chose do not only have different ads, but they have different ways of presenting their content depending on the ethnicity groups of their readers.


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Abstract #2:

On my last assignment, I have decided to pick a regional newspaper, national newspaper and ethnic newspaper, which allowed me to study the type of news that was being presented to each audience. For this project, I decided to pick a new newspaper, dropping the national newspaper “USA Today.” I went with The Daily News, a regional NYC newspaper. The reason for this is because I believe it will be better to compare 3 regional newspaper with different ethnicity backgrounds and audiences to study in a wider scale the advertising techniques of each one of them.

These are the newspapers that I will be using:

• El Diario la Prensa

• The Italian Tribune

• The Daily News

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