Three Newspapers, One Word, Several Meanings….Advertising!!

Currently, advertising has become a crucial component in the media industry. It is one of the main reasons why media has evolved and stayed so strong. Corporations and businesses use advertisements to promote their goods and services. The benefit of print advertising is that the availability of the advertisement is unlimited. Newspapers such as El Diario La Prensa, New York Times and the Daily News have different strategies to advertise to their consumers. Several newspapers offer the same product advertisement but present them in completely different forms. In depth, I will be interpreting and analyzing specific advertisements among the newspapers. Different newspapers offer an array of styles and techniques to cater to certain demographics. However, how does advertising involve society?

El Diario La Prensa is one of the oldest Spanish printed newspapers in New York City. This ethic newspaper is targeted specifically towards the Hispanic community because the ads are mainly translated into Spanish. The advertisements range from beauty, TV shows, travel agencies and much more. The products depicted throughout the paper are generally for the middle class. A lot of smaller businesses are accommodated as well, such as local deli’s, dry cleaners and restaurants also advertise throughout the paper. On the cover of the May 7th 2014 paper there was an advertisement to watch “Nuestra Belleza Latina” with a woman in a small bikini lying horizontally. Typically you wouldn’t see such a provocative at the bottom right hand side of a paper. However, it was put there to draw attention to not only the potential winner of “Nuestra Belleza Latina” but to also persuade the reader flipping the page to watch Univision. In the entertainment section there was an ad for a new Dolce and Gabbana perfume. The ad was translated into Spanish and included a “learn about your fragrance” and “will this perfume fit your personality editorial”. This is an interesting marketing strategy. While other newspapers simply advertise just the product, this paper actually goes the extra mile to amuse their readers. El Diario not only advertises new cars, phones and homes but they have a unique “Nuestro Barrios” section that the other two papers do not feature. This section advertises free salsa classes, learning English and flu shots for the community. That is an essential component to the public because it motivates individuals to become educated and healthy.

Something I found shocking and a bit disturbing was that one page had three advertisements offering abortions. One spoke about the easy payments accepted, another about a 24 hour clinic in NYC and the last about over the counter abortion pills. A newspaper like the New York Times that can sometimes be “politically driven” would not openly advertise abortions to the public. There is also an advertisement for Direct TV offering packages and specials mainly persuading the Latino audience to buy a package. I say this because there were seven Hispanic men playing soccer with their countries flags in the background. The Daily News had the same exact advertisement for Direct TV however it did not involve people playing sports or favoring a certain group. It just included the large logo and the specials. I also found it interesting that El Diario advertises for hiring a lawyer and counselor. The add claims they are willing to defend any one and any case. It explains that if you are an injured “painter, construction worker or taxi driver” they could assist you in receiving compensation. I feel like that advertisement for an injured painter is a bit dramatic. The Times features a similar ad for a lawyer however they will only defend individuals for cases on sexual assaults, car accidents, and work related manners.

The front cover of the El Diario is created in a more relaxed tone; you could flip it open and read it like a magazine. It is full of vivid colors and multiple fonts not only on the cover but throughout the entire newspaper. It accommodates all of its readers by adding personality and pride to represent all of the Hispanic community. For a small newspaper in my perspective it offers readers insight on community and global issues. The paper advertises products not only in New York but also in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Individuals could buy and sell their products easily. It’s easy for individuals to stay informed with their homelands and their services as well.

The New York Times is a prestigious newspaper that represents not only New York but also the entire country. The front cover of the New York Times is very eye catching and professional. I like the sharp setup of the newspaper, which must be unfolded vertically, were it divides into multiple sections. The front page advertises important news stories and trending topics. Whereas the front cover of El Diario features little breaking news stories but offers more entertainment instead. The advertisements seen throughout this newspaper are fashion related, auto, politics and etc. The New York Times advertises very sophisticated jewelry by Harry Winston on the first page. Although the New York Times does not cater to a specific ethnic group; it does cater to the rather larger budgeted clients. Corporate companies seek the New York Times for advertisement because they are a highly respected and recognizable paper. The advertisements throughout the newspaper are mainly high-end brands such as Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Dior and much more. It is ironic that certain companies have their ads in black and white opposed to full color.

The sports section advertised in El Diario is focused more on Latin American Countries. However, The New York Times promotes football teams here in the United States such as the Jets and Giants. The New York Times offers advertisement on “distinctive luxury apartments” which proves they are targeting the rather wealthier side of society. Unlike El Diario, The New York Times and the Daily News list all of the TV shows and times slots in the Arts section giving each one of the shows there own advertisement. The Times “dinning section” features advertisements using the most descriptive and informing photography. For example: they have an advertisement for delicious “Persian Spiced Lamb Shanks”. Next to the advertisement is the entire recipe, followed by several drinks to consider that can complement the meal. El Diario and The New York Times are similar because in there housing section they not only advertise locally but they do advertise homes globally. El Diario advertises homes for sale in the Dominican Republic and The New York Times featured homes for sale In Barbados, which is surprising.

The Daily News paper is another very well known and respected paper that is read all over the entire country. Similar to the New York Times the Daily News has the majority of their advertisements featured on fashion, entertainment, autos and homes. The Daily News offers practical and economical advertisements for the public. The brands featured in the paper are Sears, PC Richardson, Cuny, Macy’s and much more. El Diario and the Daily News both advertised the importance of voting for the 2014 election in November. The ad in the Daily News sponsored local schools in the community that would have voting booths available. El Diario advertised the same message but provided phone numbers, websites and a location that would assist individuals on how to vote and when. A lot of Hispanic individuals feel that they do not have a voice in society because they were not born in “America”. However by providing them with such resources and showing them how to vote can impact not only the Hispanic community but also society in general. The Daily News is a neutral paper compared to the other two because it does not primarily focus on a certain theme or topic. It offers equal advertisement and information on sports, entertainment, fashion, and cars. The Daily News features a full page adverting a brand new model for the car make “Honda”, which can be affordable for the average individual. The Times features a two-page spread on a “BMW”. The Daily News and El Diario both attract their readers by putting important advertisements in color that will stand out. The New York Times however focuses more importantly on their text rather than their color ink.

Living in a universe filled with so much technology and consistency, individuals have access to everything at their fingertips. Media is translated and distributed in several forms to efficiently market a specific audience or group. Through analyzing three of the most popular newspapers in NYC I learned that advertisement is not only informative but also crucial. I mentioned in my abstract that media is dependent on advertising because companies pay to have their products advertised. However by analyzing: El Diario La Prensa, The New York Times and the Daily News, I understood that advertising is “crucial to society”. Advertising is not just promoting the newest “I-phone 6” or new episode of the “Walking Dead”. It’s involves much more! Advertising simply keeps everyone in the loop. Advertising also means focusing on the non-materialistic items of our lives. Newspapers advertising free flu shoots, colleges advertising for scholarships and postings for jobs is what society is truly influenced and impacted by.

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I enjoyed reading your essay.
    It is so true that each newspaper have their own different strategies to have their audience buy or I should say consume products and goods being advertised through their newspaper pages. Surprisingly, their most interesting and entertaining sections are their classified and ads. Some of these are written in English and others in other languages, and also their level of category and value of goods being advertised vary depending on their audience and newspapers’ price. “The Daily News and El Diario both attract their readers by putting important advertisements in color that will stand out. The New York Times however focuses more importantly on their text rather than their color ink” was a great point your made, this was one of my findings too. The information is better written and more informative/relevant in the New York Times than the one on the ethnic newspapers, which I think is very unfortunate.

  2. Hey Stephanie,

    This was a really great read and informative too. It’s truly unfortunate that this sort of prejudiced advertising exists specifically referring to the abortion ads in El Diario.

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