Assignment #2- Advertisment

When we pick up a newspaper to get the latest news occurring in the world, we also find several types of advertisements. Advertisements are a form of marketing communication used to persuade an audience into buying goods or services. Revenues from the sales of advertising pay for the costs of newspaper production. This is why they play an important role in Newspapers. There are two types of newspaper advertising-corporate and classified. However, the advertising is not always the same in all newspapers. Some target certain ethnic groups and translated into other languages as well. For example, El Diario being a Spanish newspaper we find corporate and classified advertisements that relate to the Latino/Hispanic community. We can find advertisements about immigration law firms, and other product and services advertising in Spanish. Also, The Jewish Press contains mostly classified advertisements that attract their religious communities and their people. Whereas, The New York Times contains several different advertisements that does not target any specific ethnic group. For example, Apple is one of the biggest advertising used in New York Times, because it attracts readers of different ethnic groups. Comparing these three different newspapers would give a better understanding on why the reader determines what is being advertised in newspapers.

There are many techniques used in creating corporate advertisements in order to attract a reader’s attention and sell the product. The physical appearance plays a big role. Some aspects consists of size of the ad, color, amount of space, visual images, and the style and size of text. However, the information displayed on these ads are very influential in selling a product. The information need to relate to quality, price and a well description of the product being advertised. Than we have classified ads which are written by individuals wishing to advertise good and services which are mostly grouped together according to their category. Moreover, Newspapers seek for ads that can keep their readers hooked and also bring new readers into buying them.

For instance, looking through El Diario one can see that being a Spanish newspaper, it is important to advertise a product that relates to the Hispanic community, such as, DirecTV and Goya. These Corporate advertisements in El Diario are displayed very colorful, with bold letters and in Spanish. The DirecTV ad offers the Hispanic community more channels in Spanish, and channels from back home (country of origin). “Manten una conexion directa con tu tierra” is a catch phrase they use to persuade the reader that with this service they can be connected to their country. However, classified ads such as; jobs, Real Estate, Autos, Education, Medical and professional services, law, health, fashion, and etc. are mostly printed because they are cheaper. On the front page of El Diario, on the bottom right corner, you see an ad about Gorayeb a law firm targeting those in the Hispanic community who suffer an accident in construction. Also ads about immigration law firms are used constantly throughout every other page. There are also advertisements that are very controversial, for example, ads that offer different places and doctors for abortion, which can be very risky into loosing readers. Overall, for El Diario it is essential to display a variety of advertisements to make their readers feel connected, and for them to keep being a reliable source for their readers.

The New York Times, is very big in corporate advertising. You may find ads from Apple (the new IPhone 6 AND IPhone 6 plus), Forever 21, H&M, Game stop, AT&T, Verizon, Electronics and Automobiles. You can also find a good amount of classified ads same as El Diario, with the only difference that The New York Times now offers wedding directory and camps and schools ads. The New York Times are not so big on making the advertisement look colorful but more interested on how effective the text can be in order to sell. For example, an ad about Apple with their new IPhone 6, the ad is displayed in big and bold texts describing each feature of the phone; which targets groups with high income who can afford one.

On the other hand, The Jewish Press is bigger on classified rather than corporate ads. Because the Jewish Press consists of a number of pages long full of information, they are very organized with how they categorize their classifieds. For example, they have real estate, jobs, business opportunities, autos and personal. You can find anything from open jobs, financial services, and very helpful ads about solutions. For example, Shabbos Lift Solutions ad, which is aimed to attract handicapped individuals in wheelchairs into getting the “stair lift” so they can move up and down their stairs at home. There is also an ad about the Museum of Jewish Heritage and a full page about bibles and religious books. Most of these ads are in Hebrew and in English.

The difference between these newspapers; El Diario, The New York Times and the Jewish Press, is that the Jewish Press ads are more conservative in relation to politics and religion. For example, in their Personal ads El Diario and the New York times can sometimes contain sexually suggestive material. In El Diario, “Avisos Personales” they have information of females of different ethnic groups for individuals interested in meeting them. The words used on their description are very sexual and provocative. The Jewish Press being mostly read by religious readers would not allow ads with those types of sexual content. This is because they already know who their readers are and the kind of services they want to keep offering to them in order to keep being a good source of information. Advertising has a very important position where they deliver the proper message to customers.

These three newspapers have a similar method when it comes to advertising. They choose what to advertise (corporates or classifieds), how they advertise it (appearance and language) and who they advertise it to (target groups). El Diario has all of their ads in Spanish that target specifically the Hispanic community. The Jewish Press consists of both English and Hebrew ads that target the Jewish community. And the New York Times ads are 95% in English and the rest translated into different languages (mostly Spanish, English, Chinese and Hebrew) and targeting the community who are economically “fit.” What I learn from these different newspapers is that the reason why they are still in the market and so popular within their community, is because their readers are happy with what they are being offered. Readers have a huge role in what is being advertised. They help determined how effective certain ads are, that way newspapers know exactly what types of ads to keep bringing back and which new ones to display.

Along the years advertising has become essential in our everyday life. They have invaded almost every aspects of our lives. We see advertising anywhere we go or wherever we are; can be by reading a newspaper, watching TV, hearing the radio, navigating through the web, riding the subway, and even playing a game of candy crush.


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