Advertisements are a form of marketing communication and surrounds our daily lives. Advertisement is way to persuade and manipulate an audience. An advertisement goal is to sell and make money. In newspapers you can find at least one advertisement in each page. There are advertisements for products, services, food, apartments, clothing and jobs etc. Every newspaper has a different type of advertisement. I will be comparing three newspapers and the types of advertisements each use. The three newspapers are The New York Daily News, El Diario and India Times. All three newspapers have different advertisement because they each have a different audience.

The New York Daily News has numerous of ads. You can find ads while reading the paper online or print. While reading the paper online I found ads for cars such as Volvo, Honda, Ford and Mitsubishi etc. If you were to click on the ad it shows you the nearest car dealership near you. It also shows how much you can lease a car for if you give certain amount of a down payment. Emblem health is a health insurance provided for New Yorkers. There was an ad of Emblem Health on the Daily News website. This ad will only be advertised in NYC because the health insurance is only for those who live in NYC. I did notice for every individual column I pick there was ad related to the topic. For insistence, I click the column for sports and on the side of screen there was an ad for Nike and Modells. The ads are not translated in foreign language. I don’t think there is any cultural in The New York Daily News. The New York Daily News is a very broad newspaper. Advertisements online are very modern is like watching a short clip on the side of your screen. It has ads for the print version and online version.

For the print version majority of the ads are on the last few pages. While on the other hand online ads are modern. There were advertisements on the print version about Apple. The ads were promoting iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Companies such as T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T also promoted Apple products. I saw an ad of T-Mobile promoting the iPhone 6. You don’t have to give anything upfront, but you can break the phone cost into monthly payments. Movies ads as well as movies listing were on the paper. The types of ad they have are for the movies that will premiere. I also saw advertisements for apartments and houses. It has a listing of majority of the areas in New York such as Bronx, Brooklyn, queens, Manhattan and long island.

El Diario has different types of ads. El Diario is a Spanish written newspapers for those who live in New York. El Diario has many ads related to immigration. For insistence it has ads about lawyers that deal with immigration. I also saw ads about vehicles such as Chevy, Honda and Toyota. What I found interested is that you can translate the article to what best accommodates you. However the ads don’t translate it stays in Spanish. I also saw an ad for horoscopes. All of the ads are in Spanish. El Diario also has ads for traveling with different airlines such as Ameri-Jet etc. I found the ad interesting because it only promotes Spanish-speaking countries. On the print version you can find a lot of coupons for Macys, Jcpenny, Best Buy etc. Most of the ads in El Diario are very family oriented and many of the ads are about related to family. There were advertisements about hospital such as Montefiore. Majority of the ads published in El Diario is for Hispanic community.

India Times has different types of advertisement compared to The New York Daily News and El Diario. The website has different ads like where you can travel to and find a job. The types of jobs listed are for big cooperation such as HP, Dell, and Samsung etc. As for the travel section it has different promotions for instance things that a traveler should do that they don’t. It’s also different because they don’t pop up on the side of your screen like the other two newspapers. There were advertisements for cellphone nokia and the for company apple. It might be because it a different cultural than the other two newspaper. The types of ads India Times are more of promotions. The promotions and advertisements are written in English.

All three newspapers advertise their advertisements differently. El Diario has all of there ads in Spanish since it’s a Hispanic newspaper. It’s also more of a family oriented newspaper so majority of the ads have images of families. The New York Daily has an ad almost in every page. It also promotes mostly anything from cars, technology, companies etc. The type of coupons readers remove from the newspaper, are from retail stores such as Macys, Jcpenny, Staples, Best Buy etc. As for India express there ads are promotions rather than an advertisement. What I learned from all three newspapers is that each company has its own unique way of advertising. However, they all have one goal in mind, and that is to persuade and make money. The New York Daily News and El Diario have a section where you can pay and have your ad published on newspapers. You can find this option online. However, India Times does not allow readers to publish their ads on the website. Majority of the print ads are found at the end of the paper because its readers less concern. I do think readership read both version online and print. Readers find ads in both version online and print.

Advertisement is part of our daily lives. When we least expect it we are being expose to one. Advertisements are everywhere newspaper, streets, driving public transportation, online and commercials. It is something we cant avoid. I’ve learned that advertisements can be differently depending who you trying to target. Every advertisement has a different goal and audience.

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  1. Hi Kattye,
    I liked your very detailed essay. I also used El Diario newspaper as part of my essay and ,just like you, I found interesting the facts that this Spanish written newspaper had some ads and jobs descriptions written in English and also how travel agencies advertise their different outside The United States destinations flights for ‘unbeatable prices”, which is not found in mainstream newspapers. It is very clear ,as you mention in your first paragraph, that each newspaper has their own audience to target therefore their ads and topics in each page are totally different form each other. As prove of this we have El Diario newspaper, which targets the Hispanic community, advertising flights to Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and others outside countries. Also, I noticed that it is not only the immigration section of this newspaper that is ridiculously full of ads of immigration lawyers and lawyers in general, this specific type of ads are found in most pages and also it is surprising seeing that their ads are big enough to sometimes cover a full page. Ads are everywhere. No matter where or what part of the city we go, there will always be at least one ad trying to target us with their interesting eye-catching images and wording.

  2. Thank you, Laura for the warm positive feedback

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