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The City of New York has been and still is an important center for Art, Music, Film, Theatre, Comedy, Dance, Classical, Opera, and etc. That is why as a New Yorker you come across to a variety of ads on cultural events daily; in subways and newspapers. However, living in a big and busy city like New York, can be really hard to see the details of certain events, and small ads on newspapers are not always too detailed. That is why having a source covering that latest news of entertainment and arts in New York would make readers feel connected and informed. This is what ATNS (Art That Never Sleeps) will offer to those interested in the arts and entertainments.

ATNS is going to be a weekly newspaper that will bring the latest of art and entertainment events occurring in New York City. It will be printed and distributed every Sunday only for those who subscribe. It will be free of course. I would also provide an online edition of ATNS for those who prefer digital, making it easier to navigate, faster and eco-friendly. Readers will be able to find the latest news and events occurring in the world of art and entertainment. Being a city where art is very popular, filled with many talented individuals and aspiring artists, I want my newspaper to make them feel drawn into the artistic aspects of our city. I also want my newspaper to bring our different ethnic communities closer by informing our readers of events from different cultures. For example, if there is a Broadway or Live music event in Spanish my newspaper will translate that information in English and other languages. ATNS Newspaper will bring to our readers the beauty and the talents that lives in our city. It will consist of 24 pages, and will include of corporate ads and classified section.

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  1. ATNS sounds interesting! Looking forward to your write up! Make sure you contrast what the paper does that is different from existing papers who cover similar topics?

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