Abstract #3

Everybody wants the inside scoop on the latest trending entertainment and sports events. The Bronx has been the epicenter for entertainment and sports countless times over the past century. There is a feeling of magic watching these events transpire in The Bronx. It sometimes feels like you may be watching history in the making. This is the essence that “The Bronx Entertainer” aims to capture.

The Bronx Entertainer is going to be a weekly newspaper that will cover the most popular and relevant entertainment and sports events in the borough. The newspaper will be printed on a weekly basis; and distributed free to Bronxites every Thursday morning. Readers will be provided with the inside scoop as to what is happening in and around The Bronx entertainment and sports scene. In addition, I would like to provide my readers with an online version of the newspaper, being that in this day and age readers like their content to be easily accessible. Therefore I would still be able to have my readers experience that feeling of nostalgia while turning the pages of a newspaper to get their information, as well as evolve with the digital era. The Bronx Entertainer plans on being the amplifier that will give The Bronx the credibility it deserves.

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  1. Sounds excellent! Looking forward to reading your essay!

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