Abstract – Assig. #1 Part 1

In 2014, where technology has reach a level that no one in 15 years ago would have expected, everyone is paying so much attention to television or to their social media that everyone has forgotten about the importance of newspapers. In my opinion, newspapers is one of the most important news sources, even now in the technological era. They provide us specific and lots of information as well as varies of topics. The depth of the news are better, and it’s something that everyone has access to no matter what because is always there.

In our city, there are many newspapers. However, for this first assignment, I have decided to choose the most important one for the Italian community , “The Italian Tribune,” Latino newspaper “el Diario La Prensa” and very well known American newspaper, USA Today.

-El Diario La Prensa: Reason why I chose this newspaper was because is one of the most important one in the US for Latino community. It focuses a lot on local news, and it also includes top national news. It also brings the latest on International news, with whats going in Latin countries.

-The Italian Tribune: This newspaper only reports exclusively on the Italian community; everything revolving them will be on this newspaper. I chose this one because I like how this newspaper is printed here in the US. However, it doesn’t include much on the American culture, which is the reason why is so popular on the Italian community.

-USA Today: I chose this newspaper because although it’s not one of the oldest newspapers, it’s one of the most popular and respected ones in the US. The reason for why it has great response from its audience. Also, this newspaper covers National and International News.

I will be going into more details with our next assignment. Although each one of these newspapers is unique in their own way, it could learn few things from each other as well. They are the best for each different ethnic groups and deliver the best information in their perspective audience groups.

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  1. Great writeup and good choice of papers. One thing you should know is that USA Today is typically thought of as a “right wing” newspaper meaning that it’s usually biased towards republicans and has a similar type following as Fox News, etc.. So take that into account when you are writing about. Take a look at how it’s influenced people since it began in the 1980s.

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