Although considered to be a dying medium, newspapers, continue to enlighten billions of individuals every single day. People gravitate towards newspapers because of their aspects of relevancy, convenience, and wide array of information. There are thousands of newspapers in the world; and their sole mission is to connect relevant information to a pertinent audience.

Through thorough research, we come to conclude that newspapers often mirror the culture in which it’s content is directed. A newspaper such as USA Today; clones the ideology of the classic “united” American citizen. A person who frequently reads USA Today wants to keep up with the pulse of the whole nation.  An individual reading the Korean Times closely connects with the individualistic tendencies of the Korean culture. Most of the Korean Times articles are focused on achievements or failures of a specific individual. A newspaper such as the Brazilian Voice, is geared toward issues affecting the advancement of the Brazilian people; with critical topics like immigration, education, and family values. Therefore with these three different newspapers, I am able to formulate a conception as to why each newspaper exist through comparison and contradistinction.

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  1. Good that you pointed out that papers are a dying medium – that’s true and they are trying to reinvent themselves by going digital and through the use of tablets, etc…. It will be interesting to see how the Korean paper responds to issues of terrorism, etc since North Korea is usually lumped into the same discussions. I know that the paper you are looking at is from South Korea but it might be interesting to see if any of those biases filter into the paper, etc..

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