In a world where digital resources have virtuality taken over, newspapers are still finding ways to captivate the attention of their respective audiences. In New York City, there are countless newspapers in circulation at any given time that are catered towards many different types of people including newspapers about national issues, specific neighborhoods, nightlife, real estate, hobbies, and ethic groups. I will analyze the New York Times, the NY Carib News and the Italian Tribune and go into detail about the differences and similarities with their reporting and what they can learn from each other.

I chose to write about these three because they each cater towards a completely different audience. At first glance, the two ethnic newspapers publish stories that affect the corresponding ethnic community and the New York Times is a bit more inclusive and includes something for everyone. I believe all three newspapers can learn something from each other and I will be going into further detail in my full draft.


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  1. It will be interesting to see how you can draw more parallels between the papers and what they cover.

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