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     Newspapers are a primary source of information into the global community. Since its beginning, newspapers have overcome many changes and a lot of challenges within the cyber era. It overcame the advent of the radio, the television and the revolution of the Internet. Newspapers are composed of a printed publication issued daily or weekly containing news, articles, advertisements, and correspondence. However, there is a variety of newspapers’ circulation according the community that it serves. For example, the United States has more than a thousand newspapers targeted to different audiences because of its multicultural population. The circulations include local newspapers, national and regional for different readers and demographic audiences. The publications consist of general news (local and international), political news, business news, regional news, entrainment news, group-oriented news (health, fashion, science, technology), crime reporting, and sensationalism. In contrast, most of these publications are differently edited, but all of them share the same principle, to inform a determined community. For this, I decided to analyze three different newspapers; La Repubblica, El Diario and the Daily News, newspapers that serve a demographic audience into the New York City community.







Broadcasting, Cable, The Internet and Beyond: An Introduction to Modern Electronic Media” 7th Edition  By: Joseph R. Dominick, Fritz Messere

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  1. Great intro to why newspapers are important forms of media. I think you should outline more in your abstract about the things that differentiate the papers you have chosen from each other. What do these papers do that target their intended audiences better than others? What specific sections do they highlight? What is important to these papers to convey in their headlines, etc?

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