while most newspapers follow a template similar to each other, including topics such as current events, editorials, and arts and leisure, there are also many differences that can be juxtaposed.  For example, on the topic of current events, one newspaper might report the news in a way that is intended to sway viewers towards their own idealogical beliefs.  Another newspaper may spend more time on sports or entertainment. In this essay, I will be comparing the similarities and differences between three newspapers: two ethnic newspapers and one mainstream newspaper. The newspapers that were used in my research include, the Irish echo, the Jewish press, and the New York Post. The research provided will give knowledge on what exactly is being circulated, and whether or not the information given is more opinion than news. Also, I will discuss ways in which these newspapers can learn from one another and ultimately be regarded as fair and balanced.








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  1. Good abstract! I think your approach will work well. You should put at least one example of a difference in the papers in your abstract so that it sounds more specific and less generalized. Good start though!

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