New York’s greater metropolitan area boasts a population with ethnicities from each continent, therefore being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. This diversity is also present amongst print journalism outlets. Newspapers are the oldest and most known mediums for getting local, national and international news. Mainstream newspapers deem what becomes newsworthy for the general public, because of this not all events are deemed noteworthy. It makes the most sense for different cultural groupings to create newspapers that deal with issues and events pertaining to them specifically. 

Comparing mainstream newspapers with more cultural-specific newspapers to highlight the differences and similarities in wording, style, and choice of content within such journalistic genres as politics, sports, entertainment, editorial etc. Most cultural newspapers tend to focus on their cultural groups’ news within the area that they serve. As well because readership would not be as high as mainstream newspapers they’re news cycle is usually longer. 

Specifically comparing the mainstream paper The New York Post, The NY Carib News, and the Filipino Reporter and the differences in reporting on certain topics as well as what they choose to report on. The choice of these three newspapers is important because they serve very different cultural groups, and are different in terms of frequency of circulation, for example the Filipino Reporter is a weekly newspaper with an online presence, so is the NY CARIB News, but The New York Post is a daily newspaper with a website that is also updated daily. Also the articles that have been selected are the ones that made the front page of the website, to illustrate the difference in what cultural group deems important, The New York Post chose to an op-ed piece about their criticisms over Obama, where as The NY Carib News chose write about a Food Chain owned and frequented by people of Caribbean heritage. As well The Filipino Reporter chose to highlight a death within in their small community.

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  1. Good abstract, but you should include the papers you have chosen and why you think they are important to compare / contrast and some details about how they get their stories across to their audiences.

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