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I reviewed the content in the mainstream newspaper, The Washington Post, and the two ethnic newspapers, The Irish Echo, and El Diario La Prensa. I choose these specific newspapers because I was interested to see how these newspapers reported news differently depending on their publishing location and audience that they cater to. Each of the newspapers seems to focus on a specific type of news, whether that is local, national or international news. Although these newspapers seem to have their own individual focus, all of the newspapers seem to report similar content, while still catering to their intended audiences. Based on my research, I believe that each of the newspapers can learn to represent some topics through different lenses other than the one of the intended audience. By presenting varied points of view, each of the newspapers can help in giving the reader a greater understanding of the topics discussed.


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  1. I agree with you that each of the papers gives unique perspectives, but I would like some details as to which of these stood out? Did you notice that one favored any specific biases or not? What would make a reader choose one over another? It’s obvious that these papers give different points of views because they are from different countries, but how would you characterize these differentials? Does one cater more towards immigrants? Does one have a negative or positive view point over similar stories? Please include more info like this in your essay.

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