Assignment #1 — Abstract and Bibliography.

Assignment # 1 PART 1

Society has been surrounded by the media for many years. The media exists worldwide and in every language spoken around the world since its main purpose is to keep people informed. I have chosen three different newspapers, NY Daily News, El Especialito and El Diario, written in two languages English and Spanish respectively. Two of these newspapers are divided into almost the same sections, but one of these newspapers is much less informative than the other two. The NY Daily Newspaper reports news, politics, sports, entertainment, opinion, living and autos while El Diario has three more sections, immigration, international news and educacion. El Especialito has less section and the information it contains, in my opinion, is not keep the audience informed of news around them and the world, but to give advises as of how to lose weight, save money, have a better life style and of course to target them with their many exaggerated ads. The ethnic newspapers seem to be a media that mostly focus on reporting information of interest to minority groups, in this case Hispanics. On the other hand, the mainstream newspaper does not report news for a specific ethnic group, but acknowledge all their audience as a whole.


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  1. It will be interesting to see if through your research your assumptions about how these papers cover the news is true. You should try to look at a few different issues of the same paper to see if this trend changes over time.

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