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Society is surrounded by many different languages around the world. These languages have led to new technology for the media today. Media has made a break way for the new generation of people. I have chosen three types of newspapers articles New York Daily, El Pais, and El Diario, written into two types of languages English and Spanish. Two of these newspapers are separated from different sections. They both express ways of setting up their own newspapers. The New York Daily reports news, politics, entertainment, sports, opinions, and etc. Whereas, El Paris reports international news, politics, economic, culture, social events, and sports. On the other hand El, Diario has less subdivisions such as immigration, international news and education. In my opinion, most of the newspapers today are reporting in their own style of entertainment. Both try to report the best news for their own audience. I feel that ethic or more common newspapers, try to report the news to fit the interest of the people, instead of news itself. If newspapers try to report the news instead of trash then we would have a better of society today. We as people would treat people fair and kind instead of the other way around.

El Diario NY. Impre Media Digital. Web.

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  1. You chose two NY papers and one from Spain. How do you feel the US papers differentiate from the international paper? I agree that they try to fit the interest of the people, but what makes this approach superior to other approaches?

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