Assignment 1

Kattye Gonzalez
Intro to Multilingual Media
Assignment 1

News is everywhere you go: You can read it, listen or see it. Newspapers have been one the oldest forms of media that report about the news. A newspaper can inform people of on national, international and local news. New York City is a diverse place filled with many different languages and cultures. I will be comparing the 3 major newspapers El Dario, New York Daily News and Indian Express. New York Daily News will be the mainstream newspaper. As for El Dario and Indian Express, they will be used as the ethnic newspapers. El Dario is written in Spanish, however the other two newspapers are written in English. All three newspapers have something in common, sections that include entertainment, sports, jobs and other features. However, each newspaper has its own different unique way to deliver the news. All three newspapers have their differences and a different focus. Indian Express focuses on international news, while the New York Daily News mainly focuses on local and national news. El Dario is a Spanish written newspaper and focuses on local, national and international stories. All three newspaper’s is to inform the reader. Every newspaper has a different audience and a method and style to deliver the news. Due to technology expansion all three newspapers can be viewed online.

Indian Express is a newspaper that focuses on international and nationally news. However, the writers focus more on international news it could be because readers are more interesting what’s going on outside of India. Indian Express is more concerned with letting readers know what’s going international, outside of India. Their main goal is to inform readers about international events. However, Indian Express has several columns such as entertainment, technology, and sports. Indian Express does not cover all sports. The writer might only cover the sports that are played in India. However, their main focus is to cover international sports such as soccer, kickboxing and tennis. As for entertainment, Bollywood celebrities are there main focus. Indian Express it is interested on what their readers think of their stories. On the website there is separate column for readers to leave their opinion and suggestion. Indian Express is a very cultural newspaper; it’s mainly for Middle Eastern people.

The New York Daily News publishes in New York City and covers mostly local news. Daily News covers a lot of news, national and international, but its main focus is local news. The Daily News covers a lot of crime that goes on in New York such as robberies and murder. Also, the Daily News seems to cover a lot of entertainment news such as celebrity gossip, although. Their main priority is to report on the tri-state area. The Daily News also has different columns for sports, entertainment, lifestyle and auto. It’s a good a newspaper because it keeps you posted on the latest news in New York. The newspaper does a pretty good job covering majority of the sports. As well as for entrainment, celebrities, movies and technology. The New York Daily News is not really cultural because mostly everyone in New York reads it such as African American, Hispanics, and Italians etc. New York Daily News is very broad newspaper and covers important news.

El Dario is also published in New York and is a Spanish newspaper. El Dario covers local, national and international news. The writers focus on writing article about Latin American countries because of their reader base. Their main goal is to inform those who live in New York about what’s going on in New York. The writer also knows who their readers are and cover stories from Spain, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Ecuador. Besides covering news, the writers cover entertainment and sports. The types of celebrities that are written about in the news are Hispanics celebrities since the majority of the readers are Hispanics.

El Dario and The New York Daily News are different compared to the Indian Express. El Dario and Daily News have a section that speaks about automobiles, while on the other hand, Indian Express does not have this section. The New York Daily News and the Indian Express offer readers a column to express their opinion, but El Dario does not offer that option. The New York Daily News delivers their entertainment news differently I find it more compelling, it gets my attention right away. El Dario has a column “ immigrant reform” keeps Hispanics readers updated. I found that very interesting there are millions of undocumented immigrant who migrate to the United States. El Dario is trying to help Hispanics better themselves with new laws on immigration. New York Daily News and Indian Express do not provide their readers with an immigration column.

Based on my research, it is clear that all three newspapers have something to learn from each other. El Dario should cover more stories about the New York crime since it is being published in New York City. I have also learned that El Dario has a column to help Hispanics look for job in the tri-state area. That is a unique column that the other two newspapers do not offer. Indian Express should cover stories about immigration because it is a subject that is spoken about both nationally and internationally. Millions migrate to the United States from different countries trying to better themselves. Covering more stories about immigration will be a great topic and improvement. Immigration is strong and touchy subject and its needs to be cover locally, national and international. Indian Express and Daily News both don’t cover much stories of immigration. As for The New York Daily News entertainment news should not be as the front cover. It should be news and entrainment news should be on a different column.

Every newspaper has its own unique way of delivering news. Each newspaper has its own voice and audience. It all depends on what type of reader you are and what type of news you looking for. If you want to know what’s going on internationally, the Indian Express does a great job covering those stories. If you live in New York City, I highly recommend the Daily News. However, if you are Hispanic and live in New York City, El Dario will be your best selection. All three newspapers do publish their stories daily. Each newspaper is involved with social networking. On all three websites you can follow each newspaper on twitter, facebook and Instagram. Through out the day you will get updates on news just by following each newspaper on social networking. This is a perfect example of how technology has expanded. You don’t have to go directly into the newspaper website to get updates on news coverage it automatically appears on social networking. As a reader you can also subscribe to your favorite newspaper. When you subscribe to a newspaper you get alerts and notification with the latest news. Subscribing to a newspaper is another great example of how technology has expanded. You don’t have to go to an actual newsstand to pick up a newspaper. Just simply subscribe and have the alerts directly into your mobile device. Having alerts send directly to your mobile device from a newspaper is a great thing. As a reader you don’t have to wait until the next day to read about the latest new.

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First Assignment

New York City is one of the oldest cities in the world, it is an economic, cultural, historical and  architectural hub.  As such, it is no wonder that the city is one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. With such diversity, media outlets cannot always cover what is important to the multitude of different groups, thus a need for more diverse and specific representation emerges. Newspapers are the oldest, and most well-known mediums for informing people about local, national and international news. Naturally, an ethnic group will turn to print journalism to learn and spread important news relative to their group. The New York Post is one of the largest American daily newspapers whereas The New York Carib News is a weekly paper concerned with providing news to Caribbean New Yorkers, and The Filipino Reporter reports news based on the Philippines and Filipinos abroad.

The New York Post is a mainstream paper which reports on international, national and local New York news (with more of an emphasis on national news) daily. In general the paper utilizes sensationalist headlines which are attention grabbing and are meant to attract the public.  The paper is also known for being easier to read due to its simpler language compared to other New York newspapers such as the New York Times.  It focuses most of its coverage on local stories, entertainment gossip, sports, and op-ed pieces.  In particular, the paper’s “Metro” section offers extensive coverage on matters pertaining to the Greater New York Area.  Moreover, the paper’s “Page Six” section offers coverage on entertainment gossip; this section is perhaps the paper’s most well known section as it is cited by gossip blogs, television shows, and magazines worldwide.  Additionally, the paper has a strong op-ed section.  However, this section has a clear conservative/Republican bias; pieces in this section are often highly critical of the Obama government’s policies.  As such, this section of the paper could benefit from the inclusion of more politically diverse perspectives.

The New York Post’s online presence is incredibly strong.  Its website is user-friendly, interactive and well-designed.  In comparison, The New York Carib News and The Filipino Reporter could benefit from a website redesign. The Post’s website matches it’s print version— both print and online versions of the paper have cover pages  with attention grabbing headlines and splashy images.  Although both ethnic newspaper’s websites are user friendly they could gain more readership by making their sites more aesthetically pleasing.

The New York Carib News focuses on the Caribbean community as a whole instead of individual Caribbean countries. The paper’s stories mainly pertain to those living in the  Caribbean islands as well as to those who emigrated from them to New York City. The New York Carib News tends to report more international news due to the fact that its readership hails from a plethora of Caribbean countries, but mostly resides in the Greater New York Area.  While The New York Carib News has a sports section, it is minimal and is dedicated to sports particularly popular in the Caribbean, for example cricket. Additionally, the paper’s entertainment coverage is also minimal, concentrating less on celebrity gossip and more on the achievements of Caribbean peoples in such industries as fashion, food and music. The tone of the articles are less conservatively biased and more objectively and factually reported.

Readers of The New York Carib News have the ability to view the paper’s print edition directly online for free.  The online version of the paper is set up like the print version of the paper – users are able to flip from the cover page to the last page.  The New York Post’s online version is not set up in this way; users have to click onto the section that interests them and then click on headlines within that section in order to read articles.  The online version of The New York Carib News also allows for the advertisements that are featured in the print version to also be featured in the online version.  The other papers could benefit from this innovative feature. 

Furthermore, The New York Carib News includes two sections that the other papers do not include – an education and a health section.  The education section primarily focuses on issues related to the education of Caribbean youths in New York.  This section provides information for students and highlights the achievements of hardworking students in the community.  Meanwhile, the health section reports on health issues affecting Caribbean peoples living in New York.  The other papers could also benefit from the addition of separate education and health sections to their newspapers.  Particularly, if The New York Post added these sections to its paper it would be able to include all residents of New York in its coverage, not only Caribbean residents, and thus be able to spread awareness of pressing issues to all communities in New York.

The Filipino Reporter is a small newspaper concentrating on Filipinos in the Greater New York Area which also includes parts of New Jersey. It concentrates more on international news from the Philippines, with the same simple factual tone of writing as The New York Carib News.  The paper also reports on international news much like The New York Post, except without the sensationalist headings and coverage.   The paper also has a sports and entertainment section.  The sports section specifically focuses on sports popular in the Philippines such as boxing and on Filipino athletes who have made or are making a stride in athletics on the world stage.  The entertainment section is smaller compared to the other two papers.

The Filipino Reporter has  a very unappealing website.  It makes the paper look amateurish. As stated before a redesign to their site would create a more visually pleasing look.  Regardless, the online version of the paper does feature a particularly interesting portion called “Filipinos Abroad”, which highlights the endeavors of Filipinos around the world. The New York Carib News could also benefit from a Caribs abroad section. 

In conclusion, The Filipino Reporter, The New York Carib News, and The New York Post are vastly different in readership, content and sometimes even tone. The New York Post focuses its coverage on all residents of the Greater New York Area, but uses sensationalism and visual aesthetics to gain and keep readers and has a conservative bias.  The New York Carib News focuses its coverage on news about the Caribbean and the Caribbean community in New York and features a distinct sections on education and health.  The Filipino Reporter focuses its coverage on news about the Philippines, with a unique feature on its website about Filipinos living abroad.  Both the New York Carib News and the Filipino Reporter have a more factual and less politically biased tone than The New York Post.

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Assigment #1

Ariel Landron

Introduction to Multilingual Media



Assigment #1


Nowadays technology had given us the advantage to communicate information about what is going on around the word, and our society in a faster, more efficiently, and I’ll dare to say a bit more accurate way. However, before technology, newspaper where the main source of information.  Whenever you wanted to know which were the lotto numbers for that day, which team won the semi-finals, or just wanted to know how violence was affecting the streets of your neighborhood, you made a cup of coffee turn the pages and lost yourself between the lines written on the newspaper.  Still, not all newspapers are same.  Some are directed to and specific ethical group, some are written in a more professional matter. The questions remains, how do newspapers differ from each other? To which ethical or social group is it directed to? And what they could learn from each other?


While I was researching, I came across three newspaper than seems to answer this questions. “The New York Times”, “Listin Diario”, and “El Diario”. According to what I read and was able to analyzed, The New York Times, it seems to be directed to a business/professional community. From what I was able to see, the type of langue use in its publications, is complex which led me to the conclusion that it is focused not to an specific ethic group but to all people with some college education which is most likely “White Americans” and of course the low percent of ethnicities with some range of college education and are involved with topics such as business and economic events as well and international politics. This newspaper extends the range of readers since is gathers accurate information about the events associated with the most popular sports around the globe, the latest technologies, as well as health, science and technology. It takes a more accurate approach to the events that take place daily with in our city, the country, and around the world, which I believe is the reason why it again such credibility, unlike any other local newspaper such as the “New York Post”.


Others such as “Listin Diario” is bit more focus on its local community, in this case the Dominican community. This newspaper takes a really deep approach into politics. Most of its events are related to the how politics affect education, the people as a whole, and, the country’s economy. It does not intent to communicate any international news to the public it is directed to unless it is related and affects Dominican’s politics. I belief that is intended to be like this since politics in Dominican Republic are a topic that has become part of the daily routine. “Listin Diario”, tries its best effort to follow on other topics besides politics such as gastronomy, agriculture, as well as local cinematography, one of the most popular is baseball, since it kind of helps the reader’s forget about politics, and argue about which team is better “Licey” or “Aguilas”. This section is the one that has the most passion since for the people in Dominican Republic baseball is a passion. Another, section that might call your attention is the religious which is about the spirituality and events around the island that are related to the big influence that religion has in the island.


On the other hand “El Diario”, is intended to a wider group of Spanish speaking readers, which is the “Hispanic” community living in New York. It promotes Latinos and how they are getting involve in the community, recognizing them for their effort, and achievements in politics, education and such. It really makes and effort on reporting the events currently happening within tri-state area. While, its local section does a great job on presenting the most this events, it also does a great job to inform its reader about the most important political events in their countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic USA, et, as a way to bring the reader out of its local confront and allow them to learn how the word is been affect and which treats it is facing. This newspaper has one of the most complete sport section I have seem, it talks about soccer, baseball, boxing, and football, which also helps the newspaper reach and wider number of readers. “El Dario”, also talks about the health it gives you tips about how to live and eat, which I believe allows the reader to learn something and take their mind off the routine. It a friendly/relaxing way to present news since it this section gives you advice on how to communicate to with your significant other, how to keep yourself fit, and even how to talk to your children about drugs and such.


However, after reviewing the three of them, I have come to the conclusion that “the New York Times” could learn a thing or two from “Listin Diario”, and “El Diario” as well as they could from “New York Times”. First of all, one thing that I dislike about “El Diario” is that the titles are little bit too exaggerate in order to call readers attention, why not just say what the report will be about like  New York Times does. However, the language use on “El Diario” is simple which allows any type of reader to read reports which is something that the Times could do to earn a more readers. In addition, something else that the “New York Times” could learn from “Listin Diario”, and “El Diario” is the way sports are presented. The Times goes to such a sensational matter while the other two focus on details about each game without them having to be a mayor event. “Listin Diario”, also could learn something from both newspaper since in a sense it is base mostly in politics. I believe they should inform the public about other events within the island that are not relate to politics, such as tourism, international sports and events.


To Finalize, all three newspaper their flaws what in each I found topic of interest. The section on the “The New York Times” really caught my attention since, it is always up to date with the different technologies around the globe. It is also accurate and detailed with the information provided. What I like about the “Listin Diario”, is the way it represents the Dominican culture, it tells how the island politics and religion play a big role in the daily routine. It is impressible to me how this newspaper dedicates a section to religion it shows their readers faith and enthusiasm when It comes to religion. From “El Diario”, the way it gives the reader advices on its section about Health and Live”, about family, love, and life, makes me the reader connect to what is written. It is a great way to bring readers since they feel like they are part of the news.  In a way all newspaper have the same purpose, which is inform the reader.









Assig. #1 (Part 2)

Jhelsy Paula
MMJ 211
Abstract Part #2

In 2014, where technology has reach a level that no one in 15 years ago would have expected, everyone is paying so much attention to television or to their social media that everyone has forgotten about the importance of newspapers. In my opinion, newspapers is one of the most important news sources, even now in the technological era. They provide us specific and lots of information as well as variety of topics. The depth of the news are better, and it’s something that everyone has access to no matter what because is always there. In the following essay, I will compare and contrast the most important newspapers for Italian community , “The Italian Tribune,” Latino newspaper “El Diario La Prensa” and very well known American newspaper, USA Today.

Each newspaper, no matter if they are target to the same community, are different and have different purposes. They will deliver their news differently, focus on different topics, choose different news etc. With this assignment, I was able to study the kind of news each newspaper reports, their type of audiences and what are their main focuses, and much more.

News Papers:

El Diario La Prensa:

This is the oldest spanish-language newspaper in United States, which was created in 1931. It targets Latino audience, democrats (left wing party) and those who have any interest on Hispanic community/news. This newspaper focuses a lot on local news, including top national news. It also brings a bit of the latest on International news, with what’s going in Latin American countries. This newspaper includes both images and words, making a balance between both. Although it is a “Latino” newspaper, it goes beyond that when covering its news, including other ethnicities groups top news. El Diario “La Prensa” has 5 different sections in their print version, which are News, Fashion, Sports, Economy and Political. On their online page, they cover a wider area including all the section in their print version, adding a technology and opinion section. For this newspaper, human-interest stories are very important, and if you take the moment to read this newspaper, you can see how important it is for it’s editor to include the community on their stories, to the point where they even write stories on those readers that in their opinion are inspiring. Something that this newspaper has, that neither has,The Italian Tribune or USA Today, is a Immigration section, where we can find the latest news evolving immigration; another section they have that the other two don’t is one that dedicates only to Women. Although this newspaper is written in Spanish, it also has an English version for those who are interested on Latino Community news, but might not dominated the Spanish language.

Reason why I chose this newspaper was because is one of the most important one in the US for Latino community. It is the oldest spanish-language newspaper and still manages to be on top. A lot of people prefer reading this newspaper because it is exactly what they need, including variety of topics from top local to national news.

The Italian Tribune:

This newspaper was created in 1931, and it is the country’s largest Italian American newspaper. It is not a daily newspaper like El Diario “La Prensa” and USA Today. However, it publishes weekly. It targets Italian audience and those who have a special interest on Italian heritage. This newspaper is printed in English language. As it’s editor said “The Italian Tribune is cherished by its readers as a link to the members of the Italian American community and the heritage of their ancestors.,” meaning this newspaper try its best to connect those Italians who live in the United States with Italy. This newspaper only reports exclusively on the Italian community; everything revolving them will be on this newspaper. Everything that is written on this newspaper is about Italy and few things (almost none) about the Italian community in the US. They focus a lot in traveling, what places are better on “x” thing in Italy. This is very helpful for those who plan on traveling to Italy. Another focus of this newspaper is Italian traditions, especially the Italian cuisine; and although it doesn’t focus a lot of entertainment overall, it does have certain columns dedicated to Fashion.

I chose this one because I like how this newspaper is printed here in the US. However, it doesn’t include much on the American culture, which is the reason why is so popular on the Italian community.

USA Today:

This newspaper was founded in 1982, and it has the widest circulation in the United States. They target the Republican (right wing side) audience, exclusive to the “white community.” As you can see their news, they don’t report a lot of others ethnicity groups. It focus on national news, publishing daily except on weekends. For the print edition, they have 4 sections, which are News, Money, Sports and Life (Entertainment). For Friday’s paper (which is consider the weekend paper), they includes the Life section, which is divided into two part. The first one has Fashion trends, Television and Films review section; the second one has a Traveling and Entertainment section. On the online version of the paper, we can see how they add business, opinion and traveling sections. Although they cover a wide set of different topics, they don’t cover a section dedicated to immigration such as El Diario “La Prensa” does. One of the things that characterized this newspaper is the easiness to read it, since is written in common language and very clear and organized.

I chose this newspaper because although it’s not one of the oldest newspapers, it’s one of the most popular and respected ones in the US. The reason for why it has great response from its audience. Also, this newspaper covers National and International News. USA Today is typically thought of as a “right wing” newspaper meaning that it’s usually biased towards republicans. This newspaper has influenced people since it began in the 1980s.

Each one of these newspapers is unique in their own way; it could learn few things from each other as well. They are the best for each different ethnic groups and deliver the best information in their prospective audience groups.

When comparing and putting together these newspapers, and studying them for certain amount of time, you start seeing their strongest points as well as their flaws. Of all of them, in my opinion, the most organized one is USA Today, in which the way they deliver their news. The reason why I think their readers say it is so easy to read. The Italian Tribune is the only one of these three newspapers that doesn’t have an especial section for sports, and is not broken the same way that USA Today and El Diario “La Prensa” are. This one is also the most unorganized out all of them as well as the only one that is exclusively dedicated to one ethnicity group. El diario “La Prensa” is the only one that has a section dedicated to Immigration and that includes a variety of different ethnics groups. It also is the only one out of the three that includes a section with their main news translate it into English.

All these newspapers are well respected and are where they are right now today due to the hard work they all have perform during the past years. Although they are not perfect, I think they are the best in their prospective audience. While making my decision of which newspaper to choose for this assignment, it was hard because, as we all know,there are thousands of newspaper published in the US. However, I like my selection and learn a lot of the different ways of delivering news.

They all have improved throughout the years, and I believe that they will keep improving to deliver the best to those that have been following their news for a long time, making and giving the best to their perspective audiences.



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Assignment 1-Part 2

News is essential in this world especially in a city like New York, which is famous for its diversity. Therefore, news can be read, seen and heard in almost every language, and everywhere you go. This has become possible due to the advance technology, such as the internet, television and the radio. However, newspapers has been around for a very long time now, and it is still in fact a major source people use to get their current news; national, international and local. For people that left their country of origin is very important to stay connected to what is happening back home. This is why newspapers from different cultures focus more on delivering news that are occurring specifically to their group. However, all newspapers including those of other ethnic groups, seem to follow the same editorial content; from their national, international and local news section. As well as their special sections, including Entertainment, sports, features, food, etc. Looking at the New York Times, El Diario La Prensa and The Jewish Post; we can determine so much. Such as what news are more important to them and in the way it affects them. I choose these newspapers in particular because every ethnic newspaper deliver news in different in different point of views, especially ethnic groups with major cultural differences.
The New York Times is one of the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States. You can find all sorts of information and news (national, international and local). The Newspaper has a variety of sections, such as politics, Business, technology, science, health, sports, entertainment, arts, style, food, home, travel, and etc. And because of its variety of sections the information that they deliver to the public is very accurate; which is one of the biggest reasons why it has been and still is a very useful source of news information all these years.
El Diario La Prensa which is also referred to as “El Campeon De Los Hispanos” is one of the oldest and well known Spanish daily newspaper in New York City. The paper covers local, national, and international news with an emphasis on Latin America. It also covers politics, business, health, sports and entertainment. Looking through the paper you can also find a great deal of advertisements in different areas of interest and other helpful sections as well; such as jobs and help wanted classifieds. When it comes to delivering news they are very fair and detailed when providing the information.
The Jewish Post was established in 1933 in Indianapolis and expanded throughout the U.S. It is an independent American newspaper which delivers news of Jewish interest in the U.S, Israel and worldwide. However, because their print edition is limited in New York they established their own website to communicate with others, throughout Europe and North America. This Newspaper is mostly targeting the religious communities. According to them they are “proud to call for unity between the religions” and as a supporter of better relations between Jews and African Americans. While comparing this newspaper to the other two, I noticed that the Jewish Post does not cover many international stories as they do for national and local. Looking through this Newspaper, other than religious stories, this newspapers covers a lot of political and business news. However, I noticed that The Jewish Post does not cover much information on entertainment, sports or arts.
After viewing and analyzing these three newspapers I came to the conclusion that newspapers of different ethnic groups are always going to have a different approach to delivering news. In addition, every ethnic newspaper has its own way of telling stories depending on their audience. For example, most Hispanic/Latin newspapers are more focused on news that effect or revolves around their Spanish speaking audience. Others, like the Jewish Post is more about news of religion and what occurs within that religion. This is why newspapers should learn to be more open to other kinds of news, not just what occurs within their “kind.” The New York Times is good example of what a newspaper should consist of; it has variety, it has religion sections, it has entertainment, and overall has stories concerning different parts of the world.

Language, A Key To Diversity.

The United States of America is a country filled with an array of diverse languages. Ethnic media impacts demographics and paves a pathway of infused creativity and collaborations. By allowing different individuals to express themselves through their own language we receive insightful information. I will analyze the different styles and writing techniques amongst the different newspapers. Primarily I will be focusing on El Diario La Prensa, Italian Tribune and The New York Times. I will prove how multilingual media also impacts and enriches society. In addition, I agree that competiveness will always arise because information will always need to be delivered to the world in the best matter.

The New York Times is a prestigious newspaper that represents not only New York but also the entire country. This Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper has been published since 1851. To this day it is still considered the largest metropolitan newspaper. Although it is speculated that their arguments are bias, let’s remember their motto is “All the News that’s’ Fit to Print”. Meaning their writing is not directed to offend a particular audience or situation. In fact, there writing is very strong and direct. The writers emphasize certain current events more than others. For example: The Ebola topic is seen in 3 different articles in one New York Times paper. It is seen on the cover of the paper, in the health section and international news. There is an equal balance of national news, politics and entertainment throughout the entire paper. Individuals choose The Times because of it is highly respected reputation. They lean more towards the liberal side when writing their articles. The paper itself zooms in on national news. For instance it has an array of sections that does not only limit to news but also expands into art, real estate, dinning and much more. Individuals can seek information on cars, homes and health within one paper instead of seeking multiple resources. On the other hand the Times is also well known for its distinct Science section. Aside from having informative news that speaks locally, nationally, and globally it is also used as a teaching tool. Having insightful information can help protect, prevent and provide for society.

In comparison El Diario La Prensa, is also one of the oldest Spanish printed news Papers printed in New York City. This paper has been printing since 1913. El Diario is also a smaller newspaper filled with an array of information. Their sections focus on national, international and entertainment news. In addition they provide various sections such as immigration, autos and leisure, which the Times does not focus heavily on. On the contrary El Diario does not focus majorly on politics or the government as much as the Times. The entertainment and sports sections are much more diverse and advertised. The New York Times writing is straight to the point. El Diario gives a relaxed tone to its readers while delivering similar news stories.

The New York Times has an article in the September 9th paper on back to school for elementary students. The article discusses budget cuts, less food options and health problems. In El Diario’s back to school article, it is filled with 8 children wearing this years back to school looks. The writer discusses the latest school fashion and how to make this year “your” year. More importantly, the approaches in both papers were completely different. While one newspaper focused on the importance of student education and health problems, the other paper discussed simply the entertainment aspect.

El Diario La Prensa’s audience has also changed over the decades. El Diario serves the New York Latinos population. As a result, the paper impacts the Latino society because it plays a major role for the Latino community in NYC. It not only gives them something to read in their own language but provides them with a voice in society. The Latino community is very diverse and the paper tries to incorporate each group into the paper. The paper targets demographics and instills a vision for the community. A vision to give the Hispanic community information on success, education and work. Individuals come to this country leaving their homes wanting the American dream. Having an ethnic newspaper also provides many Hispanics with a job in writing, journalism, and reporting. Although we live in a technology era. Many individuals are not as tech savvy, limiting individuals to only a radio or newspaper. For example: my grandmother has lived in this country thirty years and does not know how to work a computer. She’s old fashioned and prefers to read her newspapers in Spanish. This is where the newspapers begin launching creativity and new ideas to keep their audience entertained.

The Italian Tribune is a weekly newspaper that has been published since 1931. It is one of the most influential multilingual newspapers. It serves an Italian American community in the United States. Although it does not provide national and global news like the other two papers; the stories provide typically more local news based in Italy. Each week the paper involves stories on Italian cities, museums, traditions and much more. This paper also features a “people section” which the other two newspapers do not contain. This section highlights important accomplishments of Italian writers, chefs, and etc. In addition it stands out from the other two because its e-paper online offers a section were readers can learn and practice Italian with lessons. It is a beneficial tool for other ethnicities to learn a second language through a new creative approach. The newspaper has also lived through its five family generations. Making the paper also very family oriented. The writing is professional and passionate. The style is very similar to El Diario. The articles are written in a relaxed tone. The Idea behind the newspaper is also similar to El Diario as well; whereas the writer wants to impact the community and keep the culture alive. By keeping the Italian community together individuals can embrace their culture and pride. The Photography within the newspaper compliments the writing very well allowing the reader to embark on a journey to Italy.

In comparison, of the three newspapers the New York Times is definitely the largest. The Italian Tribune is also the less informative and the smallest. Its newspaper is geared more towards entertainment and leisure rather than politics and world news. El Diario La Prensa has come into a lot of organizational turmoil’s while the Italian Tribune is a family owned publication. The New York Times has an influence over society in general because it discusses world wide issues and essential daily news. El Diario focuses on the important aspect of demographics in their immigration section. The immigration section serves as a purpose because it discusses struggles and success stories for the Latino community. The other two newspapers do not focus much on the topic of immigration. The leisure section in the Italian Tribune has articles featuring facts about Rome and Italian heritage. It goes to show you that their technique for their newspaper is to keep their Italian community united with their culture rather than just offering them news about various other countries. In conclusion, language plays an influence in the media because it allows diversity. Furthermore, multilingual newspapers can enrich society and stimulate creativity as I stated above.



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Assignment 1:

While most newspapers follow a template similar to one another including topics such as current events, editorials, and arts and leisure, there are also many differences that can be contrasted. For example, on the topic of current events, one newspaper might report the news in a way that is intended to sway viewers to their own ideology and beliefs.  Another may spend more time on sports or entertainment.  In this essay, I will be comparing the similarities as well as the differences between three newspapers: two ethnic newspapers and one mainstream newspaper.  The newspapers that were used in my research include, The Irish Echo, The Jewish Press, and The New York Post.  I chose The Irish Echo and The Jewish Press simply because of curiosity.  For me, the unfamiliarity of these two newspapers made it interesting to see what exactly is being published in them and just how accurate they are in their reporting.  As for The New York Post, I chose this mainstream newspaper because of its extreme popularity in New York City.  It has become a daily ritual for many New Yorkers to start their day off by purchasing a cup of coffee and grabbing the New York Post.  I wanted to explore this habit and why exactly are New Yorkers so attracted to this particular newspaper.  The research provided will give knowledge on what exactly is being circulated and whether or not the information given is more opinion the news.  Also, I will discuss ways in which these newspapers can learn from one another and be regarded as fair and balanced.  But before I start my discussion on the newspapers, let us first look at the principles of journalism and what in fact allows a good journalist to be called a good journalist. If our job here is to create a fair analysis of three newspapers, then it is crucial we understand what exactly it is that we are critiquing as well as the definition of journalism.

One of the first rules of journalism, and the most regarded by most professionals in the field, is the rule of verification. The trusted non-partisan media site known as the Pew Research Center provides a mission statement that promises to “…assess the state of news and information in a changing society.”  Additionally, this site also provides a yearly report called “The State of the News Media”, where it provides information on a number of issues all relating to the news and the accuracy of information being reported.  According to Pew Research, the first obligation of a journalist is to seek the truth.  They go on to define that it is the journalist’s duty to verify any facts given by a source.  Moreover, they say that a journalist should be as fair and impartial as possible, allowing for the reader or viewer to be able to come to their own conclusion about the topic being reported.  The Pew Research Center also explains to us that journalism is not completely free of opinionated pieces.  However, it does become an issue when the reporter or journalist allows their personal feelings to overpower a story, which then creates bias reporting.  In other words, in order for any medium to be considered credible, in this case newspapers, you don’t want to create an outlet where only the opinions of journalists’ exist.  The newspaper must be well-rounded, consisting mostly of empirical based facts, and objectivity as their number one goal.  If a newspaper or any other form of communication is to be taken seriously, then the editors-at-large should avoid injecting any unverifiable information which can create a reputation of selling propaganda rather than journalism.  Sadly, in recent years, especially with the influx of non-credible online media outlets, this first rule of journalism is being ignored.  Journalists’ have a duty to report the news in an ethical and responsible manner and more often than ever this seems to no longer be the norm.  So, now that we’ve gone over what makes good journalism, let us delve into the pages of the newspapers in question to see if they meet the criteria of what is considered trustworthy journalism and explore what they can do better if they don’t meet the standards.

According to the media kit provided by The Irish Echo, the weekly newspaper was launched in 1928 and now has a subscription in all 50 states within the United States as well as in Ireland.  As of today, the paper has a following of 100,000 readers, mainly Irish and Irish-American, and over 200,000 visitors to its website.  Not surprisingly, the newspaper stays true to its Irish roots, hardly swaying from anything pertaining to its ethnicity.  However, what did surprise me was the lack of current event news which is usually plastered on all pages of other newspapers, whether ethnic or mainstream.  For example, in their national and tri-state section, instead of listing recent political events of the week, they list upcoming events which include topics such as Irish music festivities and honoring Irish Americans.  What is more, at first glance you would think that this newspaper was published in Ireland itself.  Whether it’s the arts and leisure section or the opinion section of the newspaper, much of the stories they cover consisted of topics that would probably be unfamiliar to most.  For instance, a title taken from the news section of the paper reads, “Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston rolls out Red Carpet for Golden Bridges.”  In the article, it talks about Mayor Walsh’s unbreakable bond with Ireland, starting from the moment his parents emigrated from the country to the moment they settled into the Boston, Massachusetts area.  As you navigate through the newspaper, stories like this are recurring themes.  Again, not many stories are available relating to the metropolitan area.  Their topics in sports included stories on Irish or Irish-American athletes in the fields of boxing, golf and football; better known as soccer here in the United States.  After travelling to an Irish dominated section of The Bronx known as Woodlawn, I was able to acquire a better understanding of why this newspaper is so popular with its readers.  It was explained to me that The Irish Echo has become a popular source for 18-35 year old men and women largely because of the classifieds section which offers a myriad of job listings ranging from contracting to concrete laborers to caretakers for the elderly.  Sure enough, as I surfed through their classifieds, a vast amount of job postings were listed.  It is also interesting to point out that the newspaper lacked any section dedicated to fashion or mainstream entertainment.  One could argue that the newspaper stays true to its title and its mission statement which explains that the newspaper’s intention is to provide coverage on all topics relating to anything Irish.  This description of The Irish Echo becomes even more evident when compared to another ethnic newspaper: The Jewish Press.

The Jewish Press was founded in 1960 and is known to target a more conservative audience.  As a matter of fact, according to its own description, the newspaper’s editorial section has become infamous for its “non-political correctness.”  One can make the assumption that the editorials do in fact touch on subjects that would be considered controversial just by reading their titles.  Examples of some of these debated topics include articles titled, “What Part of Iran’s duplicity doesn’t the President Get?”, “Is Mayor De Blasio Too Pro-Israel for Liberal Jews?” and “The President Plays the Race Card.”  As for the sections related to local, national, and international news, the newspaper puts out an equal amount of stories and headlines, even creating sections divided by state, country, and regions.  This innovative approach is very effective when trying to sort out all the different headlines taking place in each corner of the globe.  For example, if a person is curious as to what is happening in Florida, Lebanon, Germany, etcetera , all they would have to do is click on that section and a myriad of stories become available.  It is remarkable how well-organized The Jewish Press presents itself on its web page, considering all the topics that exist.  Along with the typical themes found in a newspaper, it also includes sections such as Judaism 101, cartoons, interviews and profiles, and even archaeology.  What is more, it gives the reader the option to view the printed version of The Jewish Press, mimicking the look of a real newspaper.  Interestingly, their sports section is dominated by stories on anything and everything baseball.  If I had to pick one area where information was lacking, it would be news in entertainment.  Although they do provide material on this subject, it was not nearly as much compared to The New York Post, which brings us to the final newspaper analysis.

The New York Post has been around since 1801, and is the seventh most widely circulated newspaper across our nation.  The longevity of the newspaper’s existence definitely contributes to its long-standing popularity, especially in New York City.  While researching its approach on how they convey their stories to their audience, it also became apparent as to why The New York Post is considered by many to be a trustworthy news outlet.  This exists because their stories are covered in a more fair and balanced style, which truly allows the reader to decide on their own how they interpret the topic being discussed.  When speaking of politics, the newspaper critiques both Republicans and Democrats equally and fairly, which is difficult to come by in most newspapers and other media outlets.  The New York Post definitely caters a lot of its space to local and international headlines, and its fashion and entertainment section is the largest of the three newspapers discussed in this essay.  Their sports section predominately consists of football, baseball, and basketball, which is a reflection of their American audience.

By comparing and contrasting The Irish Echo, The Jewish Press, and The New York Post, it became clear to me that each of these newspapers can learn from one another.  For example, The Irish Echo can broaden its audience by including more relatable topics that are taking place locally and around the world.  Instead of being known for its classifieds section, it has the potential to become a more well-rounded newspaper and less of a “help wanted” news source.  The Jewish Press can be more like The New York Post as far as providing fairness to all sides of politics and other global issues.  The New York Post can add more topics to make information more accessible to all parts of the country.  The way it tackles local news should be the way it covers stories all across the nation.  To conclude, it is hard to find credible news sources in such a fast-changing society, especially with the internet.  It is so easy to google a subject and access an abundance of information on that search.  So how do we know we can trust what we are reading?  This is where the responsibility of a journalist comes into light.  It is the job of all journalists’ and news sites to be ethical and to be held liable for what they publish.  They have an obligation to release fact-based information and we, the people, have a duty to hold them accountable.


Assignment #1

Current Events can be reported through different types of sources, such as; the internet, television, radio and newspapers. Now newspapers come in the form of a publication which is issued daily or weekly. Newspapers tend to include local and international news, advertisements, announcements, editorials, cartoons, sports and television listings. However, readers will find that certain events that were reported on one newspaper, was not published by another. This can be due to the newspapers initial focus on specific subjects, in which the editors might feel to be more significant to its specific target audience. I will compare and contrast three different newspaper and discuss what they can learn for each other. The three newspapers of my choosing are: The New York Times, El Vocero and the Wall Street Journal: Asian Edition.
The first newspaper I came across was the New York Times. There were specific subjects that were listed, such as politics, US, world, business, health and science, opinion, art, real estate, and sports to name a few. Nevertheless, I notice there is an initial focus on specific subjects, such as politics, which can be geared towards a specific target audience, hence American. Some of the headlines I observed read “First Ebola Patient to Be Discovered in U.S. Dies”, “Gay Weddings Put Off as Foes Press Fight” and “White House Monitored JPMorgan Breach With Alarm”. These headlines seems to indicate that the New York Times, gravitates more towards politics, business and U.S news then it would for international news. I looked over the arts section and there were sub sections for music, books, video games, dance, theater, television and movies. I was surprised that they did not really report much on the lives of celebrities, sort of how Star Magazine does. I was also surprised that there was even a section for video games nonetheless.

The next newspaper I looked at is El Vocero. El Vocero is a Puerto Rican newspaper printed here in the United States. It is tailored more to Puerto Ricans who are interested to know what is happening in their native land. This type of newspaper reports on politics, education, economy, sports and international news. Unlike the New York Times, El Vocero focuses on the island’s politics more than U.S politics. One report read: “Pérdida millonaria en fondos federales en la Guardia Nacional”, which translated says “Millions lost in federal funds from the national guard”. I looked over the sports section I notices there was more news on sports than politics for example. Although there were stories in regards to U.S sports, for baseball, basketball and baseball it was very minimal. The majority of sports stories were about Puerto Rican sports and its athletes. One story read “Primer asalto Cotto-’Canelo’” which means “”First assault by Cotto ‘Canelo’”. In Puerto Rico baseball and boxing tends to be a big deal to its citizens, so a story about Cotto, who is a boxer is a big deal to them.
Another newspaper I searched was the Wall Street Journal: Asia Edition. This newspaper emphasizes more on the Asian side of business and economy. This type of paper is directed more to Asian investors, entrepreneurs, business and even to business and finance students, just to name a few. One headline read “North Korea’s Kim Misses Another Event Amid Gunfire at Border” while another read “Asian Shares Drop After Heavy Losses on Wall Street: Falling Oil Prices, Concerns About Pace of Global Economic Growth Weigh”. What I found interesting about this paper first is that there is an Asian Edition of the Wall Street Journal. Hearing on the news as of late, on how the Asian Market is increasing rapidly in today’s global economy, I can understand how they also have a Wall Street Journal. There were many charts and graphs, showing stocks rising or declining. There was a section with percentages showing the increase or decrease of Asian markets, as well as the international markets. There was a section that showed percentages and dollar signs for bonds, stocks and commodities. Unlike the New York Times and El Vocero, there really wasn’t any news in regards to sports or politics to name a few. I am also aware that the Wall Street Journal has the American, European, Indian and Brazil editions as well.
In essence, an important fact I discovered that is relatable in all three papers, is that each paper has a section for business, because “In today’s global economy there are new markets, new regulations and new tactics. As the business world evolves into e-commerce, startups and global conglomerates, there’s a need to keep the ideas fresh and the solutions innovative”.
Hence, the newspaper differentiate each other due to the type of audience they are aiming for. Readers might notice that there is a difference in editorial content or written style. For example, one newspaper might emphasize towards business people and investors. The majority of people who read this source, look for what is trending economically, what to look out for before investing or how well a particular market is doing, might prefer The Wall Street Journal. While another newspaper will focus more on political and international issues, and have great quality reporting material, such as the New York Times. El Vocero, Newspaper will not attract, lets say a broker from Asia. However, this type of newspaper attracts Puerto Ricans and Hispanics who are interested in what’s happening in their native lands. They want to be kept up to date on the countries sports teams or politics, such as that from Puerto Rico.

Therefore, there are different papers that report different news according to its initial focus on a specific target community.Each newspaper uniquely presents different information which may reflect in the amount of press coverage of a particular issue by each news source. Mainstream media can sometimes be unaware of different occurrences that is happening in other countries, the same goes for Ethnic papers. This occurs due to the society in which the media is reporting news on. However mainstream media, by their very nature are less sensitive to the ongoing negotiation of ethnic identity, culture, and race. In making decisions about content, managers of mainstream media have to be more inclusive.
Presenting accurate news of world issues is dire. Whenever media reports on global or local issues, they tend to be censored or biased, which leads to unintentional biased assumptions about a particular culture. In these situations, violations and unaccountability often go unnoticed and suppressed viewpoints become commonplace.Most people get their view of the world from mainstream media. It is, therefore, important that mainstream media be objective and present accurate and diverse representations of what goes on around the world.

Mainstream and Ethnic newspapers will go a long way if they tend not to be too subjective about events or issues, that have occurred in other communities, besides their own. They can obtain information that has been derived from other sources, and combine their research and information, so they can present accurate findings of events to the people.
As we can see, events that have occurred or are occurring tend to have a powerful or meaningful impact on society. News can be reported in the form of a broadcast or a published report for everyone to see, read or hear. There are in different categories one can find in the form of entertainment, sports, politics, business, international or just local news. For newspapers, readers will find that some of the content that was printed on one newspaper, was not published by another. This can be due to the newspapers strategically focusing on specific topics, in which the editors might feel to be more meaningful to a particular audience. Readers who read the newspaper might notice a difference in editorial content or written style. For example, one newspaper might emphasize its news more on business and the economy, whilst another will report more on local news and sports. Therefore, the reader will buy or read a specific newspaper that fits with what they are looking for.
Overall, I learnt that the news content that different news sources report on, is strategically written and delivered in a particular way to suit its community. The news that is reported should be mostly straightforward and accurate, not ruled by opinion from the journalist. Although each paper will focus more on its community than international per say. It will also show more content on a specific subject that is demanded more by the people to appease the people of its community. Nonetheless, there are different ethnic newspapers pertaining to other countries that can be found printed here in the United States. Wherefore the reason is due to the United States being a diverse country. For this reason people can keep up with current news by looking at for newspapers that will best fit their interest. This can be for a specific subject such as politics or business, or it can be for a non-citizen who wants to know what is happening in their country.


Reminder – 1st Assignment Due Today

Your first assignment, 1500 word essay comparing your papers is due today. Thanks to everyone who has already posted their essays to the blog! Looking forward to reading your papers!

Assigment #1

News is only as valuable as society deems it. In order for a media outlet such as a newspaper to be successful it must speak to its audience in a meaningful manner. Newspapers face an even more difficult challenge, as they often have to find a balance between varieties of different stories to cover and they must to stick out amongst the competition to stay not only stay relevant, but in business as media constantly advances online traditional newspaper outlets are failing.

The Washington Post is one of the United States’ most prized newspapers. Their extensive coverage has broken some of the biggest national and international stories ever. From Watergate to the NSA leaks their stories have made their mark on history. The publication covers a variety of relevant topics from politics and international news to sports and small town events.

All papers lean towards certain story ideas and this one is no different. The Washington Post’s strengths lie in hard news and politics whether it is local, national, or international news. Browsing through their front page you can see the top stories are on the Islamic State and the growing support for action against them, Iraq and United States relations, and the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. Also gracing the front page are smaller stories on wrongful seizures by the Police, an opinion piece also on the Ray rice incident, and news of Russia blocking international flights. All of these stories are very political (but isn’t everything?) and of course of significant to a general crowd.

Now being a paper located in our nation’s capitol politics will obviously play a big part. In the “national” section of the paper I counted 10 out of 40 articles having something to do with politics. Being the first week of the National Football League, you would think something besides Ray Rice might be in this section related to football. Not one story graced this page. In the local section the “story” hasn’t changed much.

Articles on murders, Michelle Obama and more shootings maintain a very eye opening experience for D.C. area readers. The paper is littered with stories of doom and gloom. Now news as a business is generally not pretty, as the old adage goes “bad news sells.” Though I felt like the post could use a little more variation in it’s promoted stories.

As big as the Washington Post is a paper this size cannot cover everyone’s interests. Just as important as the large publications, community focused newspapers hone in on what a particular group is interested in. A niche if you will. The Jewish Week provides columns for those who want to follow the Hebrew community in the United States and around the world.

From the front page of the site you can see the clear emphasis on news within the community. The first article I read was about a controversial school board in Ramapo, New York in which an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community has taken over the board despite not having any children within the system. On the international scene, a story of three former Israeli Intelligence officers covers the front page. The three analysts have left the Israeli military in protest to what they feel is an unnecessary amount of spying.

Diving deeper into the website’s articles, long forum stories like Israeli nationals involved with illegal immigrants, Iranians with fake passports getting caught sneaking into Israel, and Jewish weddings in Ukraine provide for some quirky and exciting reading. The tie in’s to the Jewish community continued throughout a slew of different topics. From climate change and the political beat to hates crimes and accusations of terrorist funding by banks.

Media that pivots towards a certain group of people can be very successful. People are always looking for things that preach to their beliefs and ideologies; a major sector of media in the United States is now geared towards the Hispanic community. As the nations largest ethnic or racial minority representing 17% of the total U.S. population (according to the U.S. census bureau), creating media specifically towards Hispanics only makes sense. In Miami, Florida el Nuevo Herald is a publication focused on the Hispanic community.

Splattering across their front page is a heavy influence of international news from Venezuela, Cuba, and around the world. As many ethnicities exist within the Hispanic community, the publication feels like an international paper. As I mentioned previously that is the obvious focus. The top story today, October 1st, is about an Ebola breakout reported by the Centers for Disease Control in Dallas, Texas. Additional front-page headlines address European visa lotteries won by Cubans and sanctions against Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro.

On the national side of the paper the topics varies a Michael Phelps DUI arrest to California ban of plastic shopping bags throughout the state. The national section has no clear focus, which is fine for those who are looking for a variety of material. Locally the news focuses on immigration, civil matter within the city of Miami, and announcements of legal representation for minors in the South American community. This local section places a clear emphasis on the community, bringing what seems relevant to the population.

All three newspapers serve a part of the population; even if you are the most objective journalist in the world, you will indiscriminately leave someone out. Now for niche publications that focus on ethnicity, race, hobbies, and everything else under the sun this is a given. Although what about an esteemed newspaper, like the Washington Post? One may assume that their goal is to appeal to the masses. That may be so, though in it’s current state that is not the case. As I mentioned previously, the Washington Post places a clear emphasis on politics, which is great.

These types of articles provide some insightful reading on all levels of our government. It humanizes and exposes what is going in the political world for the average person reading it on their morning commute. This though can grow tiring. As much as I love reading features, international news, and sports, sometimes one may want to hear about a local artist who is getting some recognition. This is where the Washington Post could take could take a page (pun intended) from the other papers.

It takes itself too seriously and it seems to focus on the hard truth of the world. The Jewish week and El Nuevo Herald have amassed a treasure trove of feature/soft news articles within in their respective channels. Why not throw one of those on their front page? I’m sure Washingtonians would appreciate a story about a Google recognizing some Hebrew holidays, or perhaps shining some light on some great American achievements, like the Nobel prize in physics that was given to an 85 year-old citizen for his hand in inventing LED bulbs.

All news does not have to be bad news, The Washington Post can definitely relax their material, but that is not to say the other aforementioned papers can’t use some sprucing up. The Jewish Week focuses its material on the Jewish community. I get that . . . though I see a few major glaring holes for this publication. The absence of sports news on the website is disappointing at best. There is no sports section at all, and the last article with anything New York Sports related looks to be an article in August of 2013 about Amar’e Stoudemire applying for Israeli citizenship. Not that every paper has to have a sports section, but I am sure there are some interesting sports stories involving people of the Hebrew faith. Even if there is not any Hebrew Athletes (hypothetically speaking of course), I’m sure there are plenty of fans that would like to have that included in their daily read.

  • My other major gripe with this publication is it’s political inclinations. Every other article seems to be a claim of anti-Semitism or Racism. An article debunking support for a Palestinian State on U.S. College campuses the author cites a source that “97 percent of the more than 100 universities tracked during the 2011-2012 academic year reported no such disturbing activity.” The author has this listed under “Anti Semitism.” Being anti-Israel and anti-semantic is not necessarily the same thing.
  • Regardless of the material you are looking to produce, balance is key in the production of your news, el Nuevo Hearld does have plenty of that, though reading through their pages its hard to focus on what their objective for news is. Their pages are littered with articles from every corner of the globe. Which is great, though as the likely audience is someone who lives in south Florida and is Hispanic by birth or decent, wouldn’t they like to hear more about issues United States, and less about the issues around the world.
  • The way the news is displayed is more chaotic than what is actually going on in the world. Instead of just one “world” news section. There is a section for Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, and Latin America and than world. If they’re building all these separate niche sections, why not just have separate websites? Further more the local news is limited to “South Florida” and the United States. Is that not vague? As a subsidiary of the Miami Hearld, one would imagine that their focus would be a little clearer. The paper already made all these separate sections for the rest of the world, would it be so hard to have a separate section for Florida and perhaps metro Miami? The Washington Post even as a large publication has a nice separation of city and state.

The significance of media can be a valuable component to some. The objectives that different media organizations have vary. News is motivated by many factors, from race and gender to religion and geography. The important thing to stay relevant in media is to entice not only your target audience, but the people a little off the board too.














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